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The REAL life of Loganto

Lemony Lepid

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Welcome friends! Friends of friends! Not so friends! Cosmic entities! Anyone else!


This is my comic series, The Real Life of Loganto!


Main series

We need comedy! Part 1!

We need comedy! Part 2!

We need comedy! Part 3!

Serving up some real revenge.

I Snazzed.


Q&A segment

Q&A #1


PGS rules!


Send Via PM!

I need your character's name, his personality, and a Snazzy character sheet!

It's element and gender are not required to be cannon, nor  do they have to be color correct!


PGS list will not be posted.




There are Q&A segments. Send me a PM to ask the cast a question.


Y'all have a nice day now.

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Hey guys... easy on the suggestions, I barely have my house done... Yes, yes, I know what I said. But I'm still grounded. Life of a teenager. yeah, I know.


These comics will be on standby. I just wanted to get at least one comic of the new series out, to keep my promise and not flake on you guys.


Also, if you think that this will be a depressing series, don't. The series will lift out of that zone in a bit.

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Woooooaaaahhhhh! Reality check! What's this? Seriousness? Boo! We need comedy!








What in Mata-Nui's name is this!? This is terrible story-lining! In fact, I don't even think there's a story at all!




Do you really think I'm this dull? How did I even get away with this?




Get this no-good, humor-lacking, terra-bad comic out of here!!




Let's try this again, shall we?




Hello, hello, hello, everyone! Welcome to the relaunch of Loganto the Le-Matoran!

Of course, if you want to re-PGS, you can. Also, for the ones that wanted to PGS in the story, if you want to either opt-out or switch out, feel free!


I know, I know, the REAL life of Loganto would've been fun, but I simply did not want to remake all of Mata Nui. It would've slowed the comic-making process immensely.


Until the next comic!

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I'd like to PGS. Do I have to send a PM, or post here?


All riiight. Now, to cameo rules.


The cameo needs to be:

1. Element natural to Mata-Nui.

2. Must follow elemental colorscheme

3. Must live in a Koro, or in the Po-Wahi refugee camp for Ta-Matoran.

4: must have 2001-2003 mask, unless special case, that I approve of.

5. Must have a Bionicle-ey name, even if it means adding 'to' to the back of it.

6. Can't be in a wahi it's not native to unless it is a Ta-Matoran or a trader.


The cameo will be used in a situation that he/she fits in, they will not be used automatically.

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What software is that?



|EDIT: oh wait, it's paint.net. Nevermind.


|EDIT(again): Goodness, I must have a newer version of Paint.net. It's not working.

be sure that in the paint bucket you have anti aliasing off, fill mode to global, and the fill threshold at 0%


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Let's not get off topic here. I prefer this topic be only about my comics and/or skit ideas for future comics.


If you have trouble, I'm only a personal message away.


And remember, read everything. It will get you far in life.

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We need comedy! Part II!




Let's see what I can draw up here...




Well, we gotta have a TV somewhere...




Bam! add some color!  ...Something's feels missing still...




Slap this on here. Yeah. That fits real nice. Something comfy to sit on with the TV.




Hey look! He comes with the couch! What's this guy's name again? Brutico? Alright, I'm cool with that.




Two of three parts, guys. Almost to maximum revamp!! :D

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New comics soon! Trust me on this!


Also, personal news update: I'm going to Utah for the next school year. So comics will be done there. It's a new computer, new environment, so I don't know how it's going to work. But I will get my comics done.

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Alright bud, we're back in business.


Well! Now that I'm finally ready and prepared, I want to personally say to all of you, hello!

My name, if you don't know, is Loganto. "Loh-Gahn-Toh" is the correct pronunciation.

(I know a lot of people who've said it in all kinds of ways. It's pretty silly.)

Anyway, let's spice up this background work.


Something.... Pixelated. So I don't look so out of place as a sprite. Pretty jarring, looking at me, really.

Try 8x8 pixelation. Match my size to the 8x8.




Hey, this is actually kinda nice, when I bring it down to a comfortable size.

Let's make sure I cast a shadow from now on, so I don't look like a ghost.


Now I'm all comfortable and cozy. Let's spit out a few new comics soon. Maybe starting with a home tour.

Or maybe a guest will show up! Who knows! Let the comedy ensue!


Wow! finally up and running! A little note on my choice of background style.

I've always viewed the sprites in a smooth, shaded world kind of jarring. I'm not saying it's bad, it's just a bit out of place. So this way, the sprites look comfortable in a boxy, but detailed, environment.

This also let's me make backgrounds a lot faster, seeing as how I only have to work with pixelated images instead of hand drawing all of it in a stylistic way. That takes too much time, and it keeps the comics from being released fast enough to please the public.

So that's why I'm doing the pixelated backgrounds.

Another point of news, if any of you remember the Drome Racer line, I'm going to be making a story about it soon. I've always loved the line, and the game(s?).

Did you guys know it took place in 2015? Crazy, right?

Maybe there's a Drome dome in the Sahara, owned by the one and only Dromulus. Nearing completion. O.O

Anyway, have a fun day, everyone. See you on the forums.

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Q&A #1




Hey Loganto. We have enough mail for a comic.


Really? We just started! I was just about to take a break watch Dark709: the Movie again!




Ah well, bring it here. Might as well start.

Here's one from... Lewa the Soaring Champion.


I'll be in my room, reading my Harry Potter fanfictions again.






Q: Is green the best color ever?


A: I think I'm a bit biased. Not the best person to ask about that. But my favorite color is purple, honestly.




Q: If Kongu died, who would replace him as captain of the gukko force?


A: Not sure, but I'd be very happy to find out.




Q: Do you have the mental focus to use Kanohi?



No. I don't think I do.




Q: What's the worst advice you've ever received from Turaga Matau?


A: His advice about furniture. This couch is... The worst thing I've ever sat in. But it was dirt cheap, so I listened to him.

That was the worst mistake I've ever made.




The other letter is from ArcticFreeze17. Let's open it.








And he sticks the landing! Woo!

Hey Loganto! Can I join in on this new comic series of yours?


Sure! I don't mind!

Although next time, just knock on the door.




And that concludes today's comic! Until next time!




Alright guys! First Q&A! I hope you guys got the Matau reference.


Now, for the next inbox wave, let me know which character you're asking. Be it Brutico, Arctic, or me. More characters to come.

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Serving up some real revenge.





You are so going to get it. Man I hate you. Won't even let me go shopping for CrunchieMunchies.

Look at you, all you do is watch TV and lounge on that awful couch. I hate you so much.




Kalah, can I help you? I'm trying to watch Dark709.


The... Oven beeped. So I just wanted you to know dinner will be ready in an hour.

I made shrimp casserole.


Spectacular. Can you go cook up some veggies?


*Sigh* Yes sir.






SHH!! I'm watching my show!


I will have my revenge. Also I hate you.




Yes! Kalarezka is in fact returning to my series, but as a background character.

He hates me, but he cooks my food, so it's okay.

Edited by Kohnoh Toa of the Trees


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Good to see you're back.


Little rough on the intros there, it isn't all that smooth, but it is fun to look at and I'm looking forward to more.

Best Regards Iggy                                                                                 Failure to not recognize this user's awesomeness is punishable by Pikachu

                                                                             "Because some...men just like to watch the world burn"  



Spontaneous Combustions is back, but not in the way you expected.


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Chill, Loganto gets extremely busy all the time.


I'm actually still looking forward to the drome racers line and I want to see this comic take on more old themes like Alpha Team, spybotics or even... Galidor.

Edited by Lewa the Soaring Champion
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If you like Pingu & want to support a good project, click here. Also, I've rejoined the BZPRPG & I have a new profile for a new game. Click here to see it.

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