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Cerberus Forces (Mass Effect 3)


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Cerberus Forces


Cerberus ground troops, including Kai Leng.


Atlas Mech


The heavy mech used by Cerberus, with articulated joints and a canopy that opens as in the game.


That scene on Mars...


"Oh God...he looks like a Husk!"


I just realised I hadn't posted these on BZP yet, so here they are. For anyone who's unfamiliar with Mass Effect, Cerberus are a ruthless pro-human organisation. The protagonist, Commander Shepard, works for them during the second game, but they show their true colours in Mass Effect 3 and become one of the main enemy factions.


On the topic of the Atlas: It's not perfect, since I tried to build it using only parts I already owned: it's a bit blocky, a bit bigger than minifig-scale, and the upper-back needs bulking out. I may make a revised version at some point.


Comments & constructive criticism always welcome :)

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Hi. I'm an adult male and I proudly admit to going "SQUEE!" at the sight of these.


Okay, not really, but as a massive Mass Effect fan, I thought these were great. I knew what everything was supposed to be without needing to see the names, which, from the few custom minifigures I've seen, is not an easy thing to do. I particularly like the Engineer, the Centurion, and the Nemesis. The Engineers Omni-tool is simple but leaves no doubt what it is supposed to be, and the turret looks just like the turrets in-game, just, you know, minifigurish. The Centurion has the proper bulk. I love the Nemesis' single red eye; that figure in particular invokes the fear when that laser sight pops up and I know I only have a few seconds before my shields get shot to tarnation. The rest are great, too.


The only minifigure that I'm kind of "eh" on is the Guardian. The figure itself is great, but the shield... I don't know. It's not bad, but the big handle sticking off the side is a bit, I don't know... conspicuous? Not sure what word to use there. And the vent thing at the bottom... maybe I just don't remember the shield well enough, but it looks out of place. (In case I wasn't clear, I really like all of the figures, but you wanted criticism, and that was the best I could come up with.) The decal is nice, though.


I don't have much to say about the Atlas; you already mentioned the problems I saw with it. The gun is simple but good, and I really like the cockpit. The claw/hand/thingy almost looks too small, but I'm not sure how that could be fixed. My MOCing knowledge is quite small.


The last figure (the one from Mars) is great. The flat, blank expression combined with the horrifying "modifications" make it look quite a bit similar to the soldier in the game (as so handily shown with the screenshot). The only thing, I think, that could make it better is if the coloring matched a little better, but that could have something to do with the light in the picture.


So in case I haven't said it enough: these are awesome. Two thumbs up from me (whatever that's worth).

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Thanks very much! ^^


I definitely know what you mean about the Guardian's shield. I added that handle on the side so that the shield would 'cover' the figure a bit more, and the vent...well, I thought it would look a bit lame if the entire front of the shield was one big decal. But yeah, it doesn't quite capture the shield from the game. The good news is that I know a guy who's making Brickarms-style custom Mass Effect weapons, including the Guardian shield, and he's going to give me some of the prototypes!


Now that I look at it, you're right: the Atlas' claw is too small. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll try and fix it when I bulk out the upper back.


On the topic of the Mars scene: it's the lighting. ME3 is quite shadow-heavy, which makes the Centurion's face look very dark. I'm fairly sure I matched his skin-tone almost perfect: the problem is in how I lit the photo. There's too much reflection off the face decal and the body armour.


Again, thanks very much for your feedback! :)





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