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BZPower Sales & Trading Records

Watashi Wa

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Hello again, buyers, sellers and traders!
As some of you may know, the purpose of this topic is to have a central record of transactions, whether good or bad, between our members. The purpose of this topic is NOT to bash anyone in case of a negative trade. The information posted here will simply allow YOU, the buyer/seller/trader, to make an informed decision about who you would like to trade with. In this topic, we have a few rules so that things stay clean and organized. Don't worry, they're terribly easy to follow!

  • You are only allowed one post in this topic to list your transactions. If you complete more transactions after your initial post, simply EDIT YOUR POST to include your new transactions.
  • Be sure to link to the other members' profile.
  • Names may change, but the profile link will remain the same in your post.
  • Keep posts short and simple.

All we need to know is the name of the other trader in your transaction and a description of why it was a good, bad, or excellent trade in one sentence.


If you have an issue with something a member said about you, PM that person and try to work it out. DO NOT POST IN THIS TOPIC DEBATING THE ISSUE! If you have any complaints that cannot be resolved, send the Forum Leader of B/S/T a PM, and they will look into the problem. Just be advised that we may not be able to resolve every conflict, since we are dealing with real world items that have not crossed our path. As a courtesy, we would ask that anyone sending something to save the receipt from your post office, or if you are not given one to ask for one. Also be sure you can scan or take a picture of the receipt, if asked; this will insure that you have sent if you are asked for proof.


Finally, here is an example of an excellent post. Feel free to follow this general structure when you post your transactions!




My Trades!


THE GOOD: Watashi Wa: He sent his items very quickly and in a padded envelope! Great trade!

THE BAD: Watashi Wa: After multiple PMs, he still did not send his part of the deal! I will never trade with him again.

Total trades: 2




Before you start trading, be sure to check out the B/S/T Forum Rules & Guidelines.

Happy trading!


B/S/T Forum Staff

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Good, Bad and Ugly Trades

I would happily trade again with this/these people/person.

  • Taccer~ Quick and easy, very helpful and the comics arrived on time
  • Tazakk~ Very nice person to trade with, very patient considering it was my first trade abroad.
  • Toa Ausar~ Very good deal, was shipped quickly, and in amazing packaging. Fantastic.
  • bionicman27~ Very nice lad, sent over his stuff quickly, didn't mind the delay with my shipping. Account got lost, but has since replied and told me my half got there.




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So here's all of the completed trades I've made. I'll also try to update regularly.Good:-Sidorak- (4 times!) - A very generous member, and sends quick and items are in great condition.Grevious's Malevolence - Standard Trade.Tohunga Lesovikk - Standard Trade.Binary Code - Standard Trade.BleachFan 1 - Standard Trade.Turahk Master of Fear - Bought items from him that came in good condition.da_stabe - First trade ever, so it was pretty good.Black Scorpion Venom - Standard Trade.#1 bionicle fan 2008 - (2 times) - Traded and sold me rare items and parts I needed.Toa Xairos - Standard Trade.Kiba - Multiple Trades.Onewa Hordika 3 - First international trade, was patient and items were in good condition.thardus toa of gravity - Standard trade.Shining Finger - Was an alright trade. For no apparent reason he took a long time to send.=Blur= - Standard Buy.First Strike - Standard Trade.Endaro Mistika - (3 times) Standard Trade.shadowkraata08 - (4 times) Sold me a VMKK in great condition, as well as other items.Vash 08 - (3 times) Great seller, and did me a big favor..:The Great Mata Nui:. - (2 times) Bought a good amount of items from me.Aznat the defender - Sold me some Misprint masks I needed that were in good condition.The Gladiator VBBN - Sold me parts that I needed.Toa Hordika Likeeri - Standard Trade.Screenguy - Sold me a ton of Bionicle: Quest for the Masks cards. Items were in good condition.LordGalewind - Took him a while to send, but the cost and politeness he showed made up for it.~Korhuki~ - Standard Buy.Shine - Standard Trade.Dorek - Sold him parts to make a Sand Stalker.Kongu-guy - Standard Trade.Jeordeon - (5 times) Bought a number of items from me. Also completed a trade.Death Reaper - Standard Trade.Strategic disagreement - First overseas trade. I thank her for her patience and generosity.Kered of the Jungle - (2 times) Standard Trade.Lewa #1 - Standard Trade.de mourir - Sold me a good amount of items at a fair price.Kamroo - Standard tradeRassiter - Sold a well as traded items to him. Sent pretty fast and in good packaging.raver - Items came fast, but a slight mistake was made. An overall good trade.The Dominant Seventh - Sold me a Gold Kanoka Disk. Was very reasonable and sent quite fast.Brickthing - Sent in well packaged box. A good trader indeed.Meca One - Sent fast, and was very generous.-Crossfire- - (2 times)Sent quick and in good condition.Gatanui - A fine negotiator, and sent in good packaging.Ulquiorra - (4 times)Made a fair deal, and when some parts were broken. He kindly made up for it.Icicle - Sent safely packaged.Toatapio Nuva - (3 times) Bought a number of items from me. Sent quickly. Also did a huge favor for me.~{-Spartan-}~ - Sent in good packaging.AlphaSuperion - Standard Sale.InnerRayg - This trade went on for a long time, but I thank for his generosity and keeping in contact.Toa_Ausar - Great negotiator, and sent in a nicely packed box.TAK The Voyager - (3 times)Sent his end quite fast.Gordex - Sent money quickly.Kohila - Sent quick and in good packaging.Ballom - Sent fast and in good packaging.nuhvok campaign manager - Sent in fine packaging.Pekel - Won one of his auctions. His end came quite fast.Lexuk Toa Of Insanity - (2 times) A Standard Trade.Liopleurodon - (2 times) Standard Trade.FruitySmell - Standard Trade.Misprint Hunter - Standard Buy.Face_of_Artakha - Standard Trade.Takanuinuva - Standard Trade.Akamai921 - A little mistake, but it worked out.Zarayna: Power of Sonics - Standard Trade.MBH582 Nuva - Sent a VMKK fast in in great condition.Black Six - Standard Sale..:Shadix:. - Sent fast and in good condition.Flintsmith - Sent in good packaging.Nuhrii the Metruan - Good negotiator, and sent items in okay shape.Watashi Wa - Sold items at a good price and sent in very protective packaging.raver - Sent items quick and in good condition.Letagi - Sent items in good time.Fikou-Man - Sent item in alright packaging.The Big Razlak- (3 Times) Sent his end fast.Tuyo - Standard Trade.thedotwalks - Standard Trade.Jambi - Standard Buy.The Zilla - Standard Trade.Makuta_of_Oz - Standard Sale.Cyrix - Standard Trade.nayrsllim - Standard Trade.LewaMistika - Was really patient with my tardiness.The Mariner - Standard Trade.Click - Standard Trade.Longcat is Long! - Standard Trade.Bad:underoath.matt - Took my check and never returned. Thankfully I don't think he cashed it.Mask collector - Just a bad trade, but it all worked out in the end to an extent.Bluenuhvok765 - A thief. Kept promising to send me my items back, but later said he lost them and would give me items and compensate me for his laziness. He has stopped answering my messages, even though he's very much active in other sites. Worst trade ever.

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Well, I suppose I should contribute my records. Also, for record purposes, I was once called either The Big Razlak, Depeche Raz or George Costanza.GREAT! SUPERB! AWESOME!Bionicle Raptor (x4): Great person to trade with. Always sends packages rapidly and very friendlyClick: It took us a while to work out a trade but he was a pleasant person to deal with. Gopalchicken: Gave me a great deal(Insert Name Here) (x3): Another great trader.Jambi: Pretty straight forward. Received my items surprisingly fast. Jeordeon: Good guy to trade with. Letagi (x3): Nice guy who doesnt rip you offLewa #1 (x2): Some really nice trades with Mr.#1Lord Trionx: Just another run-of-the-mill good tradeMakuta_Of_Oz: Good negotiatorMask Collector: Took a while to pay, but did eventually. Nice guy to work with.Meca One: First trade from off the continent. Went quite well!Nayrsllim (x2): Smooth traderNicotheory (x3): Always a pleasure to trade with him

NinjaDiscoPunch: Rapid payment is never a bad thing. Nice guy too.

Raver: Sent his items fastShadowKraata08: Good trade with this guy. Sent his end fast-Sidorak- (x3): There is no question as to why he is a trusted trader; he's fantasticSir Soundwave: Good negotiator and great parts. Thanks so much!Tahkuta: Fastest trade I've ever done. Yay for being Canadian!Takanuinuva: Another pleasant Canadian trade!

The Mariner: Good trade with this oneThe Mighty Fluffy Skirmix: Threw in some extra parts. Anyone who does that is cool in my recordsThe Stranger: Nice guy who just wanted to get rid of stuff. I was pleased to help himToa Ausar (x3): A master trader. Incredibly helpful and generousToa Omvoc: Finalized a trade a minute after I posted my topic. LovelyTritoa (x2): This guy's stuff is always in fantastic conditionTimGabeToa: Pretty nice stuff I got from himWheeljack: Paid quickly. Good customerXccj: I still can't believe I actually accepted that armless SurgeMEDIOCRELiska47: Sent me the wrong items (he did send me something). He offered to refund my money, but I declinedShadix (x2): Both times he claimed to have "misplaced" my items. After 8 months, he refunded meHORRID! VILE! ROTTEN!Metroid Hunter: Took my money and never sent my items. Quite an unpleasant experienceTotal completed trades: 50

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Good:shadowkraata08 (x2): Trades were great, very quick for international trades, and items were in mint condition. 10/10fifi2004: Quick arrival, item was in mint condition, but a little expensive IMO. 9/10Master Vahi: Lightning-fast delivery, items in great condition. It's Makuta_of_Oz with underscores BTW. tongue.gif 9/10blake1090: Quick delivery, items in great condition. 8/10Jambi (a.k.a. Kex): Fairly quick delivery, items all in mint condition. 10/10Bionicle Raptor: Excellent communication, lightning-fast deilvery, items were in mint condition (apart from one cracked piece). 9.5/10George Costanza: items in mint condition, good communication. 8.5/10Flying Mummy: Quick arrival, items in mint condition, good communication. 10/10Toa_Ausar: Fantastic communication, items in mint condition. 10/10u_no_who999: Excellent communication, quick delivery, all items very well-packaged and in mint condition. 10/10Brickthing: Everything was in perfect condition, items arrived quickly. Couldn't've asked for better! 10/10Refy L.S.: pretty much went off without a hitch except for a listing error on my part. That was quickly resolved, and everything else went smoothly. 8/10shadowonua: pretty much went off without a hitch except for a listing error on my part. That was quickly resolved, and everything else went smoothly. 9/10

~Argentum~: Items were in perfect condition except for one wrong part which was easily replaced. 9/10Okay:TIM-R: Quick arrival, but one item was cracked (but still playable) and the packaging was sub-par (no offence). 6.5/10kheff: My end arrived quickly and in very good condition. Unfortunately I accidentally forgot to package a couple of pieces for his end. But that was me, not him. 9/10MetroidHunter: Items I sent were briefly lost and then returned to me because he didn't give a name. Finally arrived after I resent and we lived happily ever after. And the moral of this story is that we learn from our mistakes. 6/10nayrsllim: Gave more than he received (very generous biggrin.gif), but accidentally gave me one wrong mask. I sent it back and he sent the right one. Only on the Okay list because of that little slip-up, but otherwise highly recommended. 8.5/10Solid Snake: Took just over a month to arrive, but unsure if that's his fault. However he did give me two extra Kanoka disks! biggrin.gif 8.5/10Kongu-guy: Items came from the Philippines to Australia in only 3 days, which is record time for ANY trade! However, many pieces were wrong, and a few I wasn't able to replace. 8/10Wheeljack: It's hard to negotiate for a misprint mask, but I managed. :P The forum downtime made the trade difficult, and we had to rely on social media to get it done. 8.5/10Bad:Captain 'soap' MacTavish (a.k.a .:The Great Mata Nui:.): Items apparently never arrived at their destination. Also asked me to send first when my trade thread specifically said not to. 0/10.

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Trades so far:Bionicle Raptor: Traded with three times. Excellent deals and everything came fastDorek: Traded with twice. Good deals, all came fastCaptian 'soap' MacTavish: Good deal, a pleasure to trade withStrakkfan98: Excellent deals, one of my favorite trades!Toa Ausar: Good deals, traded with twiceBallom Zonvolt: Good dealEndaro the Glatorian: Good dealNova-Niner Krom: Excellent trade, a pleasureLordGalewind: Ok trade, some pieces on all the sets were broken but I got what I wantedHBBG: Good deal, a pleasure to trade withToa Kana: Excellent dealKing Womp: Good deal--Vortix--: Good dealThe Sim: Excellent deal, this trade was quite a while back though lolInnerRayg: Traded with twice I believe, some bionicle stuff for Halo figures. Excellent dealsWatashi Wa: Got a Takanuva from him. Good deal!Tahu Nuva 3.0: Excellent tradeLiopleurodon: Good trade, cards were a little roughed up thoughSo, in my recent trading history I have traded 23 timesWhat People say about me:Dorek - "Good deals, good trader."Captian 'soap' MacTavish - "Items came very nicely package! Hope to trade with again!"Strakkfan98 - "Great trader, mature talker, and great pricer and shipper, item's where in great condition and only one piece slightly broken"Nova-Niner Krom - "Great deal with a great price, very easy to negotiate with, even sent a gold Ja-Kal for free. 10/10"If I forgot to add anyone please pm me so I can add you!

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Here is my Sales and trading records.



  • Seller Kiba bought $200 worth of bionicles 8 titans, 3 canisters sets and 2 matoran size sets. My service with him was really good and he was understanding with the money since the alaska mail system take a while even if your just doing a money order. I would recommend looking at what he sells. First time i bought on bzpower.


  • none so far



Edit: I completely forgot this existed..

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I purchased from Kiba. For $22.00, I got a collection of Silver and Golden Kanohi, Lehvak Va, Pahrak Va, and Turaga Matau. For the entire negotiations, Kiba was very polite and straightforward. His shipment to me was delayed by a week, although this wasn't really his fault. To compensate, still, he provided a Copper Huna, which was a major plus. Overall, I'd recommend trading with Kiba.

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The Good:

  • Golden Kanohi - Really fast shipping, great communication
  • Reya - Items came really well packaged
  • Kanohi Dragon - Fast communication, very understanding
  • ToaLhikanHordika



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  • Electric Turahk x2 - Good communication. Deal went smoothly and according to plan on both occasions
  • Kahu Rider 13 - Standard sale. Everything went smoothly.
  • Toatapio Nuva x2 - Deal was struck within a day. Money arrived quickly. Good deal. Second time I made a mistake but he was very understanding!
  • Mask collecter - Paid me ahead of schedule. Took a while to strike a deal but when we did, everything went perfectly!
  • TurteX x2 - Standard sale. Deal went smoothly. Hope to do business again!
  • Iron_Man5 - Great buyer! Swift payment made and very understandable!
  • Click - Smooth transaction! Deal went according to plan!
  • Pomegranate - Standard sale. I left out something from the package but he was very understandable. Everything went great otherwise!
  • huh - Super deal. Items arrived quickly and in great condition. Hope to do business again!
  • -Sidorak- - Amazing deal! Really helped me get some key pieces for my collection at a great price. Trusted Trader deals are always the best!
  • Turaga of Force - Good deal. Everything arrived safe and sound. Items were well packaged!
  • Shadow Destroyer - Good communication. Payment sent quickly and everything went according to plan!
  • Gonny - Swift payment made. Everything went perfectly.
  • Kayru x2 - My biggest sale yet. She was very patient and understanding which made the deal as smooth as possible. Good communication maintained throughout the deal. Marvelous transaction! Second deal was a standard sale.
  • Master Inika - Good communication. Payment sent quickly and deal went down smoothly.
  • xccj x2 - Deal agreed upon and completed in less than a week! Couldn't have went any better. Gave me a great second deal. Second deal was wrapped up in a matter of days and completed within a week. Great trader!
  • yeow - Payment sent quickly. Was a pretty big deal and he was very patient. It was a pleasure doing business.
  • Makuta Miras - Took a while to get the deal done, but once everything was finalised, the deal went done without a hitch!
  • Jacks - Payment sent quickly. Deal was done and dusted in a week!
  • Vraiment - Payment sent quickly. Took a while for the package to arrive but apart from that it was all plain sailing!
  • Boidoh - Standard sale. Took a while to strike a deal. 
  • LordofBionicles - My side of the deal got lost in the post for about 6 months. Gave him a partial refund which he sent me back once he got his end of the deal. Sorry about that again! Good communication otherwise!
  • Crezdonn - Took a while for his side of the deal to arrive but in the end, everything went smoothly. Great communication throughout!
  • martin2998 - Deal was done extremely quickly. Paid quickly. Perfect buyer. 
  • Rooster Nui - Good buyer. Tough negotiator but in the end, everything went perfectly!
  • 4kocour4 - Excellent buyer. Extremely patient and was unbelievably understanding of my situation. I cannot recommend him enough!

I would like to point out that this is just my sales after the forum reboot. I have around 160-170 completed transactions here on B/S/T. :)

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GoodReya - Good communication, sent fast and all items were in good condition. The trade couldn't have gone better.Bionicle Raptor - I've traded many times with him, and each time the trade has gone well. He is dependable and sends quickly.Anthony_Dalek - I've traded with him two times. The first time was long ago, the second much later. Both times he was easy to communicate with, friendly, sent very fast and the items were all there, in good condition. Definately recommended.Greivou's Malevolence - Sold me a huge lot of cards. Very friendly, sent quickly.

Tazakk - Excellent trade, everything went smoothly.BadMisprint Hunter - Stopped answering to my PM's after I sent the money to him. It was a complete ripoff. It didn't make it any easier to predict that he had the title of a trusted trader!

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Trades conducted on my sale topic: Good: Electric Turahk: Excellent communication, very patient, speedy payment once we got everything worked out. Great trade!TAK The Voyager: Again, very patient, and great communication. Great trade! Click: ​Took a while on my end, but he held in there well. Payment took a few days to receive, but other than that, all's well! Bad:

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Good trades:

(in alphabetical order)

amanda113122: Forgot to send some stuff at first, but made up for it and sent something extra as well.

Argentum: My second time doing international shipping. Very friendly and trade went well.

Bionicle Raptor (2 times): Sent items quickly and in great condition; very friendly and an excellent trader.

Meca One: Was patient even though I was really busy and I got a good deal; my first trade out of the US.

-Sidorak-: Sent very quickly and even included five extra Kanoka disks and a Kraata container!

T.B.O.C: Sent quickly and parts came in nice packaging.

-TD-: Both of us were pretty busy but the trade went well.

Ulquiorra: Took some time to send, but was friendly and gave me a good deal.


Bad Trades:(none so far)

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flying mummyx2 fast, efficient, and easy. definitely would trade again

VBBN: ridiculously fast shipping. though i was a bit late on my payment

.Mylo Xyloto: got myself three awesome masks for $18. and even after we agreed on a price he threw in some shadow leeches for free. most definitely recommended.

Artakha's Nephew: Working on getting the payment through. Timely shipping and very well protected.




makuta_of_oz. not his fault. the forums went offline. made communication nigh impossible






in progress


click: a bit long of a wait. but i'm more than okay with that.

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So here I go.GoodCurly Howard : Good communication, lightning fast shipping, the items arrived in perfect condition. We came to a deal fast! Highly recommanded seller. My first transaction ever on BZPower!Knock Out : Items arrived in great condition. He's kind and concerned. A pleasant transaction.Mylo Xyloto (x3): Items arrived quickly and in good conditions! Got a lot of items I've been looking for a long while! 5 Stars.Toa Lihkan Hordika(x4) : Items arrived in perfect condition! Offers a great customer service and ships fast! 100%NeutralSwindle : Items arrived in good condition. However, it took almost 2 months for the package to arrive. I guest it's not really his fault, but he did not answered my reply during that time. I finally received the package. There was some extras so I think I can't really complain.BadNoneIn progress : Total : 10

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Positive TradesFriend of Fire: Quick trade, very straightforward, no problems.alifie: Very understanding about delivery time and underestimation of shipping price. Great trade.Mask Collector: Two trades. Took a little while to receive payments, but eventually arrived. Trustworthy, if nothing else.Negative TradesNONE-Ced

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Had some trades before the Dataclysm and Downtime, but can't remember/look them up, so this is starting anew.The GOOD!+Bionicle Raptor: Standard Trade. Items arrived quickly and in excellent condition.+Watashi Wa: Standard Trade. Great communication.+Takanuinuva: (x3) Very nice trades that go smooth as can be for him being in Canada and me being in the US.+Kiba: 'Nother standard trade. There was a slight delay on his side, but he kept me informed throughout and sent his side only a few days later.+Wazzup4567: Lightning fast and reliable. Highly recommended.+Click: Items were sent quickly and arrived in perfect condition. Very easy to talk to and negotiate with.The BAD!(ish)=None so far.The WORST! POSSIBLE! THING!-None so far (Hopefully never!).In PROGRESS!~Bionicle Raptor~Bionicle Rules #1-Longcat is Long!

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Good: Toatapio Nuva (needs to update his post.)

  • Upvote 1

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I might as well contribute since I've been going trade crazy lately. :PGoodBionicle Raptor: Very quick to respond, items arrived nicely, and he even sent my extra shipping money back! So kind. Definitely recommended.Joller: He dealt well with my "negotiations" and changing order, but I managed to get a good price for quite a few sets. Little delay, but I can live with that. Recommended trader.Nick Silverpen: He also dealt well with my changes in what I wanted to send, and was fine with a few missing pieces. Little delay on my part, and in the end, I was missing a Piraka Eyepiece, but I blame USPS. :P Recommended trader.Wazzup4567: Yep, I'm indecisive, and changed my order again, but everything turned out great. He even included a complementary Kongu Mahri McD's toy my little brothers had fun with. Definitely recommended.Anthony_Dalek: Lost some money to Paypal and Shipping, but was fine with it. Items arrived faster than the estimate, which I really enjoyed. Definitely recommended.Meh TradersKnock Out: I'm sorry, but he just seems a bit expensive, but that might just be me being stingy. Almost did one trade, and then settled on another that worked out well.BadNone yet!In ProgressToa Kayn: Giving me way more than my trade was worth, partially because he enjoyed my epic. He's negotiating well with my changing agenda, again, and just sent off my side. I would definitely recommend him!Mylo Xyloto: Little slow on response sometimes, but so far, the trade is turning out great. As always, I'm changing what I want a lot, and he's fine with it. I'll post more comments once I'm further along.Wheeljack: An interesting trade, I'm modelling some pieces for him, and he's fine with the wait. He's put up with my endless specifications, and I'm liking the trade so far.Raiden: Toa of Storms: Another custom trade, he's fine with my attempts to remold a piece, as well as wait on another project I'm doing for him. Very patient there.Valendale: Dealing with my desparate attempts to find more missing pieces, and very patient. Hasn't responded for a little while, but I guess that's kinda my fault for not posting much of an update anyways.Total Trades: 11

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Toa Lhikan Hordika: Shipping took a slow route, but his order arrived in perfect condition, and he responded often and kept me updated.

Mask collector: Took a bit to get the shipment out, but handled a very large order perfectly and was very quick to respond and inform me. I put a LOT of money on the line and he came through on it.

huh: Quick shipping, dealt very nicely.

hafu: Quick shipping and was very easy to communicate with. He was sure to correspond a lot.

Reya: Just finished a HUGE order through him. He was great, very thorough, very good at keeping communication and continuing a long negotiation. All of his stuff was in good condition.

UngluedBike: Sent his order very quickly and had great communication.

Munty: His communication has been beyond fantastic and he's very thorough. I got a very large order of sets from him in perfect inventory.



Magnetic Vorahk: He made a 'looking for...' thread, which I posted a few things on his list that I had. He sent me a PM saying he could pay, I made a small offer ($7), and he said he didn't have the money. uhhh...?



Joller: I only bought one smallish set from him, and it arrived with 4 pieces missing. That's just laziness to me. He at least offered to send the rest when I let him know about it. (UPDATE: He never sent the rest. His topic also disappeared. Untrustworthy, unprofessional. I wouldn't ever buy sets from him again.)

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(I only do sales... So I'm reviewing my customers?)


The Good:


Blitzkitteh: Sent him masks long ago, but send out his payment fast and painlessly.

Click: Have Sold to him twice with glowing results. Great buyer.

Omega12: Sold a huge lot of sets to. He sent out his payment fast. Enjoyed doing business with him.

Kopekemaster: Sold him a lot of comics for cheap. No problems with the transaction

Driskull: Best customer so far. Have been doing multiple sales to him and he just keeps coming back for more.


The Meh:


Overmegasixwave: Sold to him with no response back, but did receive the payment he made on time.


The Ugly:


None Yet!

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The Good


-Sidorak- : Great communications, item was exactly as described, and he shipped it fast. If I could give an 11/10, I would definitely do so! (10/10)

Tazakk: Truly a pleasure to trade with. Great communications, item was shipped fast and in very secure packaging, and a very reasonable trade value overall. I'd highly recommend trading with Tazakk. (10/10)

DeeVee: I mean, it's not like I could say anything bad about Deevs anyway... :P But really, what a great trade. Awesome communications, we worked out a great deal, and shipping was fast, even though there was a bit of a mishap with the trade exchange that was completely my fault. (Hope I didn't leave you waiting for too long at Brickfair. :S) (10/10)

Mask collector: Not enough can be said about Mc to do him justice. Definitely one of BZP's top traders, and absolutely deserving of the Trusted Trader title. I've completed two huge trades /sales with Mask collector now, and they've both been characterized by very friendly communications and fast shipping. (10/10)

UngluedBike: Pronto payment, excellent communications, go sell something to him right now. (10/10)

Voxumo: Awesome communications, quick and generous payment. Don't hesitate to trade with him. (10/10)

Toa Lhikan Hordika: A legend for great transactions, and this one was no exception. Immediate payment and fantastic communications. (10/10)

Gonny: One of the best people I've had the pleasure of dealing with! Pronto payment and great communications! (10/10)



The Bad

None have fallen into this category thus far.




The Ugly

Shadix: I really want to believe that there's a legitimate reason why he took my money and ran- I mean, he had other deals pending that he could have similarly taken advantage of, but he seemingly disappeared from the community before even pursuing those further and taking other people's money. I don't really know, and I hope he will come back one day and I can give him a better rating. For now, though, the facts are the facts, and the fact is that I paid him and never received my item, nor did I ever hear back from him again. So it's gonna have to be a 0/10, unfortunately. 

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  • 10 months later...

Good: Polip. he sold me his Trans-Yellow Misprint Kaukau for 30.50, including shipping. Took a little while, but that wasn't his fault. It's confirmed to be in the possession right now of my "reciever", and she'll be transporting it to me soon. I thank him profusely.


Neutral/Bad: giantpurplejerkface. He started that "buy my stuff please" topic, offered to sell me all six of his Bohrok Kal for 30 bucks, plus 10 shipping, and he'd throw in what Krana Kal he had for free. I told him I had to wait for payment, but then he said "send it to me when you can, and when you do I'll send it out." I was messaging him, and he never replied after the 18th of April. It was approaching my birthday and I sort of panicked, especially after seeing his "update" which was last june (I didn't pay attention to the date), and sent him the money, hoping he'd get the message. He hasn't been on in over a month, so no word on the BKs. He hasn't responded to anybody's other queries. I began a process to reclaim my cash through paypal already.

Time is my frenemy. So is money.
May the classics never die and may the future find a new set of Toa.


BZPRPG Character

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I have had one time buying/selling/trading with another user (UngluedBike), and it's still going on. It's not going so well- he hasn't received the money yet and I sent it about two weeks ago. It must be a problem with the mail, maybe because I wrote his address and my own in pencil...

However, I would still recommend him as an excellent trader, as he has great communication and keeps you up-to-date on the trade. It's not his fault the postal service is slow.

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~Pohatu Master of Stone, 2015

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  • 2 months later...


Argentum - Minor shipping delay, but everything arrived alright.

Steve The Squid - Order arrived very quickly with no delay.

Kiba - Order shipped and arrived quickly with little delay.

~GIN~ - Order shipped and arrived very quickly. Minor shipping issue at the end, but easily resolved.


I have an Instagram page where you can see these pictures and more like them! Just click


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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 1 month later...



UngluedBike: http://www.bzpower.com/board/user/111411-ungluedbike/ Sets arrived promptly and well packaged, a few pieces were missing from Brutaka due to an incorrect piece catalogue, but they were sent out quickly and arrived promptly with some Krana as compensation.  10/10

Just completed another purchase from Bike, the Kanohi all arrived in excellent condition and quickly. 10/10

Argentum: http://www.bzpower.com/board/user/104371-argentum/ Sets were delayed a little, but arrived well packaged and in good condition. One was missing a single piece, but it wasn't too major and was easily replaced with a spare from my collection.  9/10


huh: http://www.bzpower.com/board/user/110323-huh/ The Kanohi arrived quickly and in great condition, exactly as described.  10/10


Magnetic Vorahk: http://www.bzpower.com/board/user/45012-magnetic-vorahk/ The Kanohi he sent arrived promptly and in a padded envelope, although he took some time to reply to my PM asking if the Krana I sent in return had arrived. Overall, great trade, and an encouraging first one for me! :D 10/10














[Edit] Yay! 450th post!

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It's about time I got going with this:


The good:

-Munty - Have done two trades with him, he is fast, fair and trustworthy. Also INCREDIBLY patient. 10/10

-Xonar - Bought a VMKK Ca from him, comms was great and so was price and postage speed. 10/10

-Toa Lhikan Hordika - Bought a VMKK Bo from him, great comms, fast shipping and a good price. 10/10

-Doodleloot - Cannot thank this guy enough. He was a proxy buyer for me from Germany. Though he took a while sending my stuff, he did add me a sealed comic #1. Overall I ended up with a full set of euro misprints and Mata masks for under £40! Super trustworthy, I would definitely use him again. 10/10

-Toa Kayn - Sold him six Bohrok, payment was fast and there were no delivery problems. 10/10

-Makuta Miras - I've sold masks to him twice, both times with speedy payment and no delivery issues. 10/10

~GIN~ - Bought a few masks from him, he was fast in shipping my stuff. 10/10

AdaptingChaos - Sold him my Toa Mata Nui for a stupid price, not his fault though, he paid on time and there were no delivery issues. 10/10

Kayru - Sold her six Turaga. Again, fast payment and no delivery issues. 10/10


The meh:

-Mask Collector - I paid him nearly 2 Months ago for a Pearl gold Kraahkan, took around 3 weeks just to get the blasted thing shipped, then told me a few days ago that it had just been returned to him, and that it he wrote the address incorrectly. I have now received the package with plenty of compensation. Worth the wait, but it still impacts his score. 7/10

The bad:

-None yet!



There may be some I have forgotten. I'll add them later. PM me if you believe you should be on this list!

Edited by UngluedBike


Also, if you're a resident of the UK and like Bionicle, go ahead and join

us at this awesome Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BFUK7/


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I am new to BZPower world & I have a ton of Bionicles that I would like to trade for traditional lego sets. Let me know if ur interested & I will send you pics of what I have & what sets I'm looking for: City, Lord of Rings, Star Wars, and older sets. Be gentle I'm new!

Hi there,


Welcome to BZPower! Feel free to make a topic in this forum (Buy/Sell/Trade) posting what you have, and what you're looking for. I'm sure you'll get some response. This topic specifically is for listing trades or sales that went well or that didn't go well, so that members can build up trading/buying/selling reputations.


Also, members are only allowed one post in this topic, so if you have any questions, please PM me, or any staff member, or make a topic in the Q&A forum.



Edited by Letagi
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I haven't done many trades/sales here, but I suppose I'll make a post.


Mask Collector - The items took a couple of weeks to arrive, but the trade was okay overall, however one of my items was missing and I still do not have it. (The trade was back in October/early November 2014)

UPDATE: 09/12/15, still never got that mask :c


Pereki - Very fast payment, everything went very well. 


Konahrik - Fast payment, and I assume it went well. (I didn't get a confirmation message to confirm he recieved his items on time)


Kohron - Good communication, quick payment, a good trade overall.

Edited by -Chronix Master of Stuff-

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The Good

Munty : Made a trade with Munty, very nice guy and easy to communicate with, super fast shipping! +++++

Toa Lhikan HordikaI bought a WMKK from TLH and had a very pleasant deal. Great communication, fast shipping, excellent seller +++++ 

+ Caszutphen : I bought a Mask Pack, the communication was good and he dispatched it fast! +++++

fifi2004 : Made large purchase from fifi and got a very nice deal. The packaging and item description could be improved but the communication was very good and he also added many nice bonuses! ++++

The Bad


Edited by martin2988


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  • 10 months later...

Good Trades:

  • KingLucent Excellent communication; quick shipping; safe packaging; great to work with.
  • InkAlchemist1994 Great communication and easy to work with. Shipped quickly.
  • Shattered Slumber Good communication, pleasant negotiation. Forgot one piece, not the end of the world. :)
Bad Trades:


Edited by Iruini Nuva

Makuta: Consumed By LightRebrick EntryTopic & BackstoryBlog
2015 Sets: 18/18 + 3 • Polybags: 1/2 • SDCC x2, NYCC Clear MoF, Trans-MoF
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  • 1 month later...

I figure it's about time I do some of mine:


Great Interactions

  • Pereki (x2) - Honestly one of my favorite sellers, the items always come in pristine condition. Very good with communication, and overall a great experience. 
  • huh - One of the only people to be able to sell me a huge amount of boxes/canisters I needed, and was amazing with communication. Shipping was incredibly fast, especially for overseas shipping. Definitely recommended!
  • lorak627 - Incredibly fast shipping, good communication. Even gave me an extra thing not mentioned in the original deal. Overall a very good seller!

Good Interactions

  • ZERN - A good seller, quick shipping.
  • H8terFisternator - A very good seller, patient on waiting for money orders and sent a missing part without any trouble. Recommended, although he's been inactive for quite some time.
  • Liopleurodon - Excellent trade, very good communication. Recommended!
  • JohnT - A very good trade, super fast shipping. Recommended!
  • hachiroku - A very good sale, good contact, quick shipping. Recommended!
  • Kiba - Good sale, very good contact.
  • Joller - Good sale, good contact, and quick shipping. Recommended!
  • ShadowBionics - A good trade, although it took quite some time for very valid reasons. However, they kept me notified at all times so the whole experience turned out great.

Bad Interactions

  • None so far!


Just if anyone cares, I made a great one for people that just really worked well. Good isn't worse, good is the standard I imagine most people try for.


 My Brickshelf, please don't copy!

... :t: :b: :m_o: :c:...

Looking for shiny Regirock, Articuno, and Virizion!

(Can trade most any legendary for them!)

My 3DS friend list is full, sorry!

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  • 10 months later...

Did about 20 trades on the forum which all went smooth and nice, so thank you everyone for that! :D


Only one terrible interaction:


Mask collector


Sendet my part of the deal longer then 1.5 year ago now and never got my part of the deal in return.

MC promised me a lot of times that he would sent it and that he would sent me proof of that, but never did.

It has been a few months ago that he has even responded to my last messages, but he's still very activ on the forum.

Please be careful when trading or buying from MC before sending items or money.

Edited by caszutphen
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  • 2 weeks later...

Excellent transactions with both @caszutphen@ and @maskcollector@. Both arrived quickly once shipped, and arrived hassle free.

Ok transaction with @Bionicleforever12@. Communication was a bit off and on, and I never received a tracking number for it, but the item arrived nonetheless. 

Edited by jchavoya
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