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Metru Nui Legacy: Bordahk 2.0

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Hello there! In the past weeks I've been working on some MOCs: I'm rebuilding the Toa Metru. I started with Vakama and Nokama, and I was quite satisfied of my work. Then I built Wenua. I tried to use some new techniques instead of my usual style. And it went pretty well too. I then built Matau and gave him a ninja-like appearence, and then I started Nuju. And with this MOC I started to have some problems. Mainly because I've few white pieces, but because I don't like his Kanohi too. It limits my imagination, and I really don't know why. Maybe it's his robotic eye, that forces me to give him a cyborg appearence, which I don't like, especially when combined with white pieces. I was pretty annoyed, and I started looking for inspiration on the Internet. I saw a great Vahki interpretation on Google, and I thought: "Wow, it looks amazing! I wanna build a Vahki too!" And because of the fact that Bordahk has always been my favourite one, mainly because of the tonfa-like claws and the nice colors, I decided to start working on him.




The first step was looking at the original Bordahk. It was a small, short set, with simple legs and even simplier arms, but with a great gear function and a Kanoka Disk Launcher. I tried to make it bulky and short aswell, with long arms and short legs.



I don't know why, but I added these Technic orange pieces on the weapon. In the quadrupede form it looks more armored and tankier, but in the biped one they stick out a bit  :confused:


Its back. I attached some random gears to make it look more robotic. There are two on his lower legs too.


I used some little orange pieces to make contrast to the dark blue. On the original set the Vahki was almost entirely covered with grey and blue, and I thought it was a pity to waste that color on his trans orange headpiece.


I really loved the original gear system, but I wanted to create one by myself. I usually don't work with gears, and this is my first Gearbox, but I'm quite satisfied of the result.  



Quadrupede form. I made him some shoulderpad armor to make it look like a bulldozzer when in this form. 


Really don't know what to say about this pose, just liked how the pieces of his legs looked symmetrical and blocky


Please let me know what you think, criticism is also appreciated if it helps me to improve a bit  :D


Sorry for the not so good quality of the photos, also for my bad editing skills and my english  :eyeboggle:

MOCPages post





Edit: Please use spoiler tags for storyline spoilers only.


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I like this, very robotic. I agree with the point about the panels, you could use tile pieces or those circular sliders, or even put in orang studs on the backside of the blue armor to let it show through. There seems to be a great spot to put some hands, and I think you could make them orange or dark blue, even with orange barbs at the end if you wanted (the colors exist).

15037057692_2fb1ce338a_t.jpg     15034366641_d827682ab5_m.jpg     15037424595_cf284dac70_t.jpg


Toa Gali Nuva

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