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THEORY: Plausible connection between Bionicle G1 and G2!

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Wait, friendly to everyone? [:P] Did I miss something here? [:P] Last time I checked, every country hates the other country's guts [:P]


Yeah lets not try and clarify what friendly is relative to, Realpolitik views or not, not really the place for this... even as far as may-mays go uh, yeah... just no. (to that topic in general, not any particular view satirical or otherwise)


Regitnui summed up the topic far to well, although at least ~Haxorus~ was aware of his crimes against rationality, as horrible as it is it does seem to be fairly prevalent, and well awareness hopefully indicates the capacity for moving on so yeah. *grabs flame blankets*


¿evidenceless fundamentalism is fundamentally laughable? :P


Really though, none of the connections look that inviting to me (as a headcanon) because well, it doesn't help answer any of the loose ends of G1, and is doubtful that it will do so satisfactorily, and most of them are so complicated with a minimal payoff, or so simplistic that they don't really say much of interest... (think X units of time in the past future; yeah sure it's a connection, it doesn't really mean anything beyond "yay connection" :L )


Regardless whatever people headcanon is their business,not that they can't share, but presenting it as the canon can be very frustrating, proposing them as an actual theory is kinda interesting if people could actually come up with something not hyper-complicated or utterly shallow.

The online community appears to have been ruminating on the same few set of ideas for a while... :(

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In a decade you might convince maybe a small tribe of people.

In a decade you might also conquer one million km2 of land,

& in over a thousand years you might have over a billion followers.


I like building things. Please don't break the big ones.

& evidential philosophies that dare to extrapolate beyond

an individual's direct experience aren't easily built.

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^Believe it or not, I followed none of the franchises you just mentioned. They aren't in my taste to follow. 


Bionicle is. (Hence: Bionicle is different from all of those! *jumps up and down* )

I mean, I follow only two or three of them, and I'm just aware of others because of aggregate news sites I follow. But I mean, the Spider-Man movies alone are a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR franchise. There's no way you've gone through life just completely unaware of it entirely whilst living in a first-world country.


Awareness of the franchise =/= knowing that its storyline rebooted. If I never watched any of the movies, how would I know? 


I know that that storyline rebooted now, but that's only because I watched the Honest Trailers for it on YouTube after getting into the Marvel movies a little. If you don't ingest TV on a regular basis, the concept of reboot flies over your head. 


Now I know that me =/= the rest of the world. Peers were very eager to drum that into me at an early age, and I've long since accepted the fact that they are right. It makes any "people will react to this this way" arguments I make invalid by default. But for some reason I STILL have trouble NOT making them.


Or at least, any arguments that appear to be based on that in any small way, people will love to turn it so what I'm saying looks like that sort of argument. I know that it is easier for the human mind to handle things if they are in chronological order - I've read psychological research that proves that. I also know that reboots are achronological. It seems straight logic to me.   



^Believe it or not, I followed none of the franchises you just mentioned. They aren't in my taste to follow.

Many of thoae franchises are extremely popular, and films. Do you not live near a movie theatre, fishers?


Yes, I live near a movie theater NOW. That doesn't mean I always have. And being a popular franchise means zip if you don't care for it or have people in your family/friends that do. 

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Or at least, any arguments that appear to be based on that in any small way, people will love to turn it so what I'm saying looks like that sort of argument. I know that it is easier for the human mind to handle things if they are in chronological order - I've read psychological research that proves that. I also know that reboots are achronological. It seems straight logic to me.   



Considering both you and DeeVee enjoy a show known for its confusing and unclear timelines, and in fact such a show gained an enormous following, I find it odd that you somehow think something as "achronological" as a reboot is going to be some huge turnoff.


Plus you're applying something that applies to an individual to a human population as a whole as though it's all reacting as one unit. That fails to account for the fact that most people getting into this Bionicle have little to no actual experience with the previous one (and, in fact, what experience they probably had was being the part of the target audience that was shut out by having to know sizeable amounts information that started accumulating before they were born) and therefore have none of that chronology to feel a disconnect from. If anything, this is far less confusing than when the original Bionicle did two time jumps during a time period with relatively the same target audience. If the human mind loves chronological order to that extent, then the Metru Nui arc (and the following leap back to the "present" with Voya Nui) should have murdered the franchise. If an almost unchanging target audience can handle that, I think it's fair to say a mostly-new target audience can stand "ok, none of what happened before matters for this" and, in fact, it is preferable to "yeah this is the same story. all that happened before and how it's connected is anyone's guess but all that was important."

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You, sir, are a master troll.  Kudos.

Edited by TheGeekIgnika

TheGeekIgnika, the caffeinated cyber-ninja.  Or just some idiot with a computer.  You choose.


If I sounded like a geek in this


post, you are correct.


"Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection.  It means never having to play it cool about about how much you like something.  It's basically a license to proudly emote on a somewhat childish level rather than behave like a supposed adult.  Being a geek is extremely liberating." - Simon Pegg


99% of BZPower has grown out of this pointless fad. If you're part of the 1% willing

to cling to it out of an irrational pseudo-nostalgia, copy and paste this into your signature!


Everybody is entitled to an opinion.  Even me.

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Given the tone of the original post, we haven't really been too worried about posts that poke fun in a similar way. But if you choose to participate in the current discussion, please be mindful and please try to stay respectful.


I think that's it from me. Note that posts haven't really crossed any lines up until this point, but I thought a friendly reminder wouldn't hurt.

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Don't know if this is still relevant or not, but adding in a small connection between new and old BIONICLE I really don't think would bring twelve seas of baggage to the new franchise. It sounds like it's the exact same thing as a simple cameo of one franchise in another (like Fred Flintstone in Billy & Mandy); People wouldn't argue that the Flintstones couldn't take place in the Billy & Mandy universe because of inconsistencies, nor would the baggage of the Flintstones be automatically and definitively added to the Billy & Mandy franchise throughout its run simply because it's implied they might be in the same universe. Not to mention, every franchise connected to the Flintstones would be baggage to Billy & Mandy (like the dozens of Hanna-Barbera shows) and all the franchises connected to those would be baggage and so on. This is what we would have if we overly thought and fought against the logic of fictional universe shared existences in terms of minor connections.

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Pre-forums purge sig kept for historical purposes:

Some cool Bionicles are the combiners. Example: Toa Jovan

I've built a Krahka with 5 Toa Metru & Toa Norik, adding parts I needed to Norik. It needs 11 blue pieces (the ones that have +&O ends) but there's only 10 in all the Toa Metru sets. Do I have to attach her launcher to her arm? Please PM me if you can help me.


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Man all this arguing reminds me of back when I was a kid watching Transformers Armada and found out there were like ten other Transformers continuities and I thought "Oh wow that's cool but I don't have time for all that I'll just keep collecting Mini-Cons and WAIT DID OPTIMUS JUST DIE  WHO COULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMING"


And that was before I even knew "reboot" was a word

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  • 1 month later...


This theory made my head explode. 

Bro. Too much to handle. I'm triggered. Put trigger warnings on, next time.




Bur srsly this theory is mind-blowing. *Inception BWAAA*

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A RUDE AWAKENING - A Bionicle G1 continuation and video-game project(MUSIC COMPOSER)  
special thx to Inary the Gunhaver for my new username. 


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