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Traveling thought the time streams

Spiderus Prime

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In the Mysterious Island of Okoto, The Protector of Fire used the Mask of Time,and looking up to stars than he close he's eyes and dreams about a mysterious elder with red and orange than Protector says to the Mysterious Elder, “Who are you,and where did you come for?” than all see lose the Elder spoke to him, “I am Turaga Vakama of Metru Nui,and I was a Mask Maker like Ekimu and Your Makuta. My Greatest Creation was the Legendary Mask of Time, than with my Toa Team, The Toa Metru defeating Makuta,The Dark Hunters,The Visorak,Sidorak, & Roodaka. Than I and my team mates used are Toa Powers to free the Matoran than to give us the transformation into Turaga than are light turn to darkness when Makuta infered are Rahi than a Matoran named Takua surrounding the Toa Mata to defeat Makuta they did defeat him,but also the Bohrok Swarms and their Queens the Bagrag,as Nuva their defeat The Bohrok-Kal than Makuta's Returns with the Rahkshi than out of no where Takua,the same Matoran that surrounding The Toa, become a Toa of Light, Takanuva,and he did defeating Makuta that leave us back to Metru Nui,but with bad news of Mata Nui's Dying leaving The Nuva to Voya Nui their they need to reclaimed the Mask of Life,but they got defeating by Ex-Dark Hunters The Piraka so Takanuva's Friend, Jaller with Hahli,Hewkii,Nuparu,Kongu, & Matoro go to Karzahni to get new masks with stuck by the Red Star become the Toa Inika,and they defeated the Piraka,but the Mask traveling down to Mahri Nui where the Evil Warlords,The Barraki wanting the Mask for themselves,but The Toa Mahri go down to the Mutagen Ocean that ultimately Matoro gives he's life to free Mata Nui,but The Nuva with new Armor and help for The Order faces their final battle to faces The Brotherhood,but then Mata Nui finally awakens than didn't last with Makuta take full control of the robot,and Mata Nui's Spirt in the Mask of Life traveling to Bara Magna where the Evil Skrall Empire rules the Agri and Glatoran only fighting,but Mata Nui appears to them,and defeated Tuma. Than he is off to he's search of Bara Magna's Past to found the Prototype Robot,but than Makuta shown up the Ultimate Final Battle between Mata Nui and Makuta begin with Tahu,Takanuva,Glatoran, & Agri faces Armies of Skakdi,Rahkshi of Heat Vision, & Skrall it was a powerful fight,but Makuta was killed by a piece of rock are worlds unit as one for many years to come.” After herd Vakama's story he was glad to bring he's Tahu to he's Island than he woke up when a villager named, Kaparu say “Protector something is falling to sky.” than he knows that Tahu had arrival thanks part of Turaga Vakama of Metru Nui.       

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