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IC-Galaxia Eternis/Harami


After a short farewell to Atlas, Galaxia Eternis deactivated her powers as she prepared to depart, Her golden Armour disappearing, resuming the form of Harami. as she picked up her staff, she walked into the teleporter, a light enveloping her, before she found herself on the familliar green plains of her homeland. taking a deep breath, she felt relieved that all that chaos was over.

"It's good to be home..." Harami said, taking a path down to her village, where no doubt her friends and family had been worried sick about her absence. they would undoubtedly be surprised about her sudden appearance after goodness knows how long.

But one thing was certain; Harami's adventures, at least for now, were finished.




Drudd walked into the facility with Draco. He looked at the teleporter, and saw people going to their own home worlds. Twiddling his large thumbs, Drudd turned to his newfound friend, and asked an important question.

"Uhhh... Draco?" He said. "Drudd has no home to go home to. Can Drudd go with you?" Whilst this may have sounded inconsiderate, Drudd couldn't remember his true home, as he'd been a prisoner for as long as he could remember.




Severain landed back at the Bionifight facility, which appeared rather Vacant. Everyone who was still here appeared to be travelling to their own home dimensions, as apparent by the teleporter nearby. Severain sat down on a piece of Debris, and let out a long sigh.



Harami Has returned home. I'm just going to finish Drudd and Draco's interaction for now.

Meanwhile, Severain is open for interaction one last time... perhaps I'll reveal why he Isn't going home at this moment.




(I'll do this eventually, I swear...)


My BZPRPG Characters

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IC: Draco

The question caught me off guard. I hesitate, thinking things through. While it would certainly benefit the Rahkshi home... Would it be the right way for him? I don't know the right answer. Maybe... Maybe he doesn't have to serve... For years, I had thought that being a Loyalist was the only way- or death. But now... Now I wasn't so sure. Perhaps I could go do other things that I wanted to do. It was a thought that hadn't ever crossed my mind... But now... "Sure. Come along. Always a place for a lost Rahkshi..."

Corpus Rahkshi: Shock, Mortsia, Draco,  Dahl, and Carraig 

RPG score card:
Bionifight Infinite


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Uri Shoken slipped through the teleporter to his own home universe without even a goodbye. Not that there had been much of a reason for him to give one; even after the facility fell, he had yet to connect with any of the other fighters. No, this was simply a return home from an odd distraction.

OOC: Others to follow a little later.



On this eve, the thirtieth anniversary of that first colony, many are left to wonder; is the world fast approaching a breaking point?



  Breaking Point: An OTC Mecha RPG


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IC: Korrti / Dio Folle (Korrti POV)

The portal opens up for me, but... I hesitate to go in. My fellow Great Beings would most certainly banish me, so... Why go back to an unfamiliar land, to meet a doom, of sorts? No. As much as I hated to admit it, the City of Fear was my home. And so, I leave the facility, to return to my humble abode. I stroll towards the city, worry free. Maeus was dead, and so were all those who supported them. My old bones could finally rest in peace...


As I enter the city, I hear footstep behind me. Evidently, there was no rest for the weary. "If you've come to bring me back to the facility, I will not go. My only home is on this island, cultist or not. Leave me be." "Oh, I haven't come to bring you back." The familiar, metallic voice rings behind me, and I whirl around, to see the being that haunted my dreams- my creation, Dio Folle. "What- When- How? You aren't a cultist. You can't be! I was here for so long. There was no chance I could have missed you!" "Yes, there's no way you could have missed me- Except, perhaps, when you were rotting away in that jail cell of yours." She says with a grin.


I step back. It doesn't matter now. You could end her hear. No one would miss her anyways. Free her soul. I draw my cards for one final battle. As usual, they levitate, and a one handed sword, as well as levitation and electricity, are drawn. I float upwards. "If you think you can beat me, then you are sorely mistaken. Here, we are on level playing grounds." "Are we really, old man? Are we really?" All of a sudden, Dio seemingly grows, and splits into four beings. The beings then become edges to a box, and I'm closed in, the walls rapidly approaching, ready to crush me.


This isn't real, I think to myself, over and over again. I send out chain lightning to where I think Dio might be, and the illusion fades back to reality- but no sign of Dio. I land next to a pile of rubble. Where was she? Then, the rubble shifts-or rather, shape-shifts- And a long, thick stake embeds itself in my heart. I stagger back, shocked. I feel no pain, only despair, and a bone deep chill. Everything is starting to fade away. The last thing I hear before my last breath is, "Now, you have something I find useful..." Chance had failed me for the last time.


IC: Dio Folle

What a pathetic waste. this gambler had taken a bet he could not win. And now it showed. Now then, to business... my stake cuts him in half, and I remove the top portion of his robes. Jeez, he's ugly. I put on the top half of the robes, and the fabric goes to work, forming around me. I now look like Korrti. I take his cards, and make my way to the facility. The cult had won a small victory in a lost war.

Edited by Sassy Dalmation

Corpus Rahkshi: Shock, Mortsia, Draco,  Dahl, and Carraig 

RPG score card:
Bionifight Infinite


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IC: Miras 


I slip wordlessly back to my home.


IC: Arkie 


I almost hesitate before I go back.


What if this is better than home?


What even is there for me at home?


Sure, the Outsiders- less like friends and more like family- but is it really worth going back to somewhere that dark?


I shake my head.


Whatever there isn't at home, there's infinitely less of it here. At least there, I have people. Not so much here. And anyway, who knows? He might go back to our world and I can kill him there.


I nod defiantly.




I step into the teleporter.


IC: Vorzin


I look at the teleportation system, everyone going back home to be happy. 


Not me.


I'm staying here, I decide in a strange burst of confidence. I am not a slave! This is where I belong.


And so I launch myself into the sky, speeding towards the City of Fear.


IC: Shriek


Yay back home


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Drudd's Spirits lifted when he heard Draco's approval, and at the edges of his face, you could just barely see a wide smile. "Yes! Drudd will go with Draco!" He said, overjoyed. "Drudd will be a Prisoner no more!"

As Draco prepared to go through the teleporter, Drudd's mind was racing about the possibilites of what his knew life would bring him...



Drudd Is going with Draco to his Homeworld. Whether or not his homeworld is good or not probably won't matter to him. Just bunny him along with you when you decide Draco's leaving the game.

Tomorrow, I'll post Severain's final post, and then I'll be done with this game for good...


It's been fun.




(I'll do this eventually, I swear...)


My BZPRPG Characters

Corpus Rahkshi Characters: Kol Arsenal Swarm Amalgamation

Skyrise Characters: Zavon


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Even with the Herald's blessings, he was still losing. The Red warrior was thrown into the wall of the palace at crushing speed, cracking the stone barrier with ease, rolling a couple dozen meters and landing in a heap. His recovery was getting slower with every blow.


What was it that he lacked?


A soft crunching sound came from behind the obscuring dust and shattered stone, the footsteps of his former "teammate." His sword came up, glowing with flames as he prepared. All his energy was focused in alertness, quickness. He needed to be faster than Yellow. He needed speed-


Faster than he could follow, a bare fist slammed into his gut and propelled him yet into in the distance. He was once more a crumbled heap. Standing back up was slower, more painful... The footsteps were slower and more deliberate, much as he hated to admit it, he was losing and it was clear that the other knew it.


"Are you ready to surrender yet, Red? It's time to give up. You've lost." Maccha Yellow gestured to the palace crumbling around them. "The cult has lost, all that's left is to lay down your arms and pay for what you've done."


He almost barked with laughter, the man that never genuinely laughed was on the verge of cracking up! This whole situation was ridiculous! Tuoni had given him a small chunk of his power, the power of a god of death! And he was still losing to this imbecile and his new pet rock... His eyes darted towards Yellow's left hand, clasped tightly around the gem. His own left hand clenched, tightening on the grip of his sword. His legs tensed... What he needed was power, raw strength! In a flash, he was clashing swords with the Yellow warrior, pouring all of his energy into his muscles, desperately trying to turn the other's blade away and cut the hand holding that accursed stone away.


It wasn't enough. Matching his blow with his own, Yellow's sword pushed back against his own. He took a step forward, forcing him back, then another... Below his feet the ground cracked and his legs wobbled... Why was he being overpowered, how was his strength failing him?


He must have muttered aloud his frustration and his confusion, because his enemy responded.


"You're losing because of your selfishness!" The yellow warrior forced him back another inch... "You fight for yourself and no one else, for greed or some twisted sense of entitlement, you fight alone!" His arms shook with the exertion of repelling the yellow ranger's furious attacks. "I fight for others... I fight... For my friends!"


The sound of shattering metal echoed through the room as his broadsword fractured from a final massive blow. Shards of metal exploded, ricocheting across the room like shrapnel as the other's sword, charged with yellow energy slammed into his. He feebly retained his grip on the hilt, looking at it with shock... His mind was slowly beginning to register the simple truth. He was beaten, he was losing.


It wasn't a matter of speed.

Nor strength.

It wasn't that he fought recklessly, or without tactics or that the cards were stacked against him.

He simply fought for himself, he fought like a coward, unwilling to expose himself to pain, loss, failure or sacrifice. Even now his teammate's body was overflowing with the powers of the gem, slowly being burnt away like a wick overfueled by a candle. He had been willing to accept the dangers of pushing himself to the utmost because he didn't fight for himself, he fought for others. For their survival, their happiness.


It was clear why he lost, had he kept a cooler head he would have realized it.


But in the heat of battle, anger and hate and fear coursed through him. He refused to accept it, refused to give in. He refused the yellow ranger's truth for the simple reason that it was that truth that had brought him to his knees and made him feel pain, loss and humiliation. The fire had risen inside him. It was too late to turn back he thought wistfully. Perhaps he could have learned the error of his ways if things had been different, he had had acted with humility and selflessness before, they might not sting him so now.


So, he gathered what strength he had left, a surprising amount welled from within and from without. The last of the death god's power surged through him as he lay crumbled on the ground, one last attack... The yellow ranger was walking away, it was obvious to an outside observer that he had lost. The yellow combatant could see it, that was why he had concerned himself with other matters. Finding and rescuing his friends and getting them out.


"You... It's n-not, it's not over!" His voice was weak, his former friend barely made it out. He stopped, tossing a single glance over his shoulder.


"ONLY I SAY WHEN IT'S OVER!" All that remained of his power flooded out of him, a writhing red eruption of flame and heat aimed at the yellow ranger, meant to take him by surprise and turn him to ashes and cinders. A shot fired at a retreating enemy.


Maccha Yellow wore a sad look as he responded, he hadn't wanted it to end this way... But it was clear there was no other possible outcome. He raised his hand with finality and a torrent of crackling yellow energy exploded from the gem of spirit, guttering out the torrent of fire like a hurricane extinguished a candle. The crackling yellow stream engulfed Red, leaving not an iota of his existence behind.


It was finally over.

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...but close to it

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IC: Dreisen


In the distance, the facility shone. He wasn't certain how many of the fighters - or facility staff, for that matter - were still around. Many were already gone. As for him... he was seated at the edge of a cliff, on the outer rim of the Spine, watching over the facility from afar. His wrench was embedded in the stone behind him, and a familiar gold and black sword hovered at his side.


Vertak was dead.


Knowing of what the Matoran had survived in the past, it was still a surreal thought; one that made Dreisen's pulse race with barely-controlled rage and his fists clench in helpless fury.


He would have to speak with Elly eventually, he knew. With the Queen having not been seen since before the cult struck and the Host still missing (Dreisen was beginning to wonder if the Host had found some other escape), the decision of what to do with Bionifight once the fighters had all gone was in her hands. He would make sure that she destroyed it.


Nothing could remain of Bionifight. It had to become memory.


Shall we return?


The voices of the sword spoke in unison within his mind, twin somber whispers. He sighed and shrugged, before nodding a second later as he stood to his feet. He returned to his wrench and yanked it out of the stone, gripping it tightly as he turned back to the sword.


"Let's go."

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Having recovered his energy, Severain began to think about his home.


Once, he was the ruler of an Empire covering most of Mata Nui, dominator of heroes, and the greatest Makuta on the island. Now, his empire had been torn down, his homeland obliterated, and his powers sealed, leaving him now stranded on this desolate island.


He stood up, looking out at the distant horizon. Surely there was more to this world than this single island. He had nothing left for him here, all his allies had probably left already. and if he went home, he would find himself in an endless sea, with nothing to do except wait to drown.


Taking a deep breath, Severain had made his decision. He was going to leave this island, and explore the world. Maybe, just maybe, he could rebuild his grand empire from the ashes, bigger and stronger than ever before. Even if he flew around the entire world and ended back here, finding nothing, at least he could use the lost souls on this island to start anew.


Extending his wings, The Makuta fixed his sights towards what he assumed was the west. Using the sun, moon, and stars as his guide, he would seek out new lands to revive what he had lost. With an almighty flap, he took off, knowing well and truly that this'll be the last he'll see dry land for a long time.


Below him, the barren, grave-studded plains drifted by, dropping away towards the bone-white wailing cliffs, before nothing but sea laid beneath him. From this moment on, Severain had started a new journey, as a Nomad travelling through unknown seas, seeking to start his life anew. He was unsure if he was making the right decision, flying off into unknown territory, but even if his fate was going to be sealed out there, at least it'll be better than going home, with an empty world to rule over.


As he soared above the boundless ocean, leaving the Island of Saarella Kirottu far behind him, he felt a sense of finality, as if something great had passed. Something was over, but now, a new chapter in his already long life had begun....



Severain Has left Saarella Kirottu.


Until next time, everyone... Farewell.




(I'll do this eventually, I swear...)


My BZPRPG Characters

Corpus Rahkshi Characters: Kol Arsenal Swarm Amalgamation

Skyrise Characters: Zavon


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IC(Ismekne): Ismekne sat on a rock overlooking the ruins of Saputti Kielu. Or whatever this place's name was - she was never much for spelling. She looked over the Wilted Forest. 


It was time to make a decision. Namely to stay on this desolate rock or go home to an even more desolate universe. 


She smiled. There really is nothing here for me except petty vengeance.  And the thought of Hive stuck alone in that hospital for all eternity, it was good enough. 


Indeed, it was time for a real score to be settled, not the petty one cast by this whole experience. Her life was too short to be fighting for petty stakes. And this place had finally brought that lesson to life, gave voice to all that frustration that had haunted her life for so long.


She walked down to the battlefield and pulled a cloak off of a dead cultist. It was black, and covered in blood. Water poured over Ismekne's hands, washing the blood off on the cursed ground. Then she dried it off and tied it around her neck, gathering in the warm folds.


* * *


Pale sunlight shone through the shopkeeper's window as a black cloaked figure stepped though his door. The figure simply walked up to the Matoran's desk, who didn't even look up from his accounts in time to see the warhammer that bashed his head in. When he came to, he found that his KauKau was missing, and that he was still in a dire headache.


* * *


Deep in the middle of the night, a group of sailors were playing cards at their ship as it was in the dock. They were completely unaware as a nasty freak wave crashed into their cabin, smashing them against the walls like toothpicks. All of them drowned.


A few minutes later, the same boat's engines roared to life, shooting across the sea to the North.


* * *


It was dark as the big boat arrived at the wretched wasteland. It was raining. The Toa of Water took off her cloak, only to find that this place was so backwards as to rain sand instead of water. It hurt.


The sea behind her broiled to her will - this was the last time, as she walked into this wretched place, as the massive wave crashed over the coast. Water burst forth from her, finally destroying the wretched land of Karzanhi. Fortunately, the mask on her face allowed her to survive. It was no longer a place that promised false hope and delivered broken friendships. It was gone.


* * *


She lay on her back, cut by wounds all over, exhausted. No sign of life stirred around her. She had slept for a long time.


She wanted to sleep more.


She got up. A wretched howling noise sounded in the distance. A broken castle, pinning a faulty repairman. An extra wave shut him up.


She got on the boat, and stumbled to the wheel. It was cold, and dark, and everything hurt. But inside, everything was finally okay.



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Farewell, Bionifight. You will be missed.

IC: Xara.


Kat went through first. Determined, resolute, just as she had been the last time I’d seen her, back in our world. She looked back before she stepped through, and I gave her a friendly wave, shouting the words “See you on the other side!” as she vanished into the portal. After everything she’d been through here, I was certain she’d be able to handle herself there. She’d killed a god after all, and fought beings with powers and technology we’d never even imagined before our time here. Compared to that, Tridax was nothing.


And then it was my turn. Just like her, I stopped to look back at the crowd – the single toughest group of fighters and survivors I’d ever had the pleasure of working with. Despite all of the horrific things that had happened to us, the friends and allies that we’d lost, there was admittedly a part of me was going to miss all of this.  


But with its Host and Queen dead, Bionifight was finished. There was no going back from here, only forwards. I turned to Glass, “Let’s go home.” He nodded in agreement, and together we stepped through…


…to find Rail waiting for us on the other side, Sand by his side, an extremely unhappy expression on his face. Seems we’ve got a bit of explaining to do…



IC: Dayeth.


The Dark Toa had returned from Maeus lab to watch the exodus. No one noticed her, no one cared. No one, except for Kotak, whose nod she returned with a smile. It was strangely relieving to realise that in spite of everything that had happened, perhaps she’d still managed to make one friend in this place…


She didn’t step into the portal, however. Instead, she returned to Maeus' laboratory, where a veritable treasure trove of technology and information was waiting for her. There was still a lot of work to be done before she was ready to leave this place…



IC: Alisa Dare.


When the Toa of Absence stepped through the rift, she found herself mere moments after she’d left. The battlefield strewn with corpses, the shattered mask of light, the smoke drifting in the breeze. But as horrific as this devastation was, it was insignificant compared to the battlefield she’d just departed from.


A battle she’d never wanted to be part of, as part of a tournament she’d been kidnapped and forced into, a chapter of her life she’d rather forget…



IC: Miril.


“And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why perseverance is a virtue,” I cheered, finally clawing a second stone out of the marsh.


“You do realise there’s no one here but us, right?” I replied, holding up the identical gem to compare it to the one the other me had found. The two stones – moments ago colourless and drained of life – suddenly flared into brightness, crackling with purple-green light.


“I knew we were right to keep digging!” I proclaimed, one of me shouting in jubilation while the other cheered in triumph, “Now I guess I’ve just got to figure out what the heck is does…”


My other self shook her head, and started pulling me back towards the facility. “That can wait. Let’s get off this rock first.” Jump forward twenty minutes later and there I was, back on board my ship, lost in a maelstrom of shouting and cannon fire.


And for the first time in far too long, I smiled. An open, genuine, heartfelt grin. Karz, I’d missed this…A pirate’s life for me…


IC: Falcon.


Bota Magna. Home. After everything Vyne and I had seen and experienced, there were no words to describe just how relieved I was to finally return.


As we stepped through, the drab greys and browns of the cultist’s island were replaced with the enticingly familiar lush, glittering greens of the ancient rainforest. And rearing up out of the underbrush before us… a very big, very angry biomechanical monstrosity. 


“Never thought I’d miss this,” I couldn’t help but grin as the beast bore down on us. We truly were home.



IC: Anguish.


He stood out on Masenna’s Mourning Porch, staring down at the jagged rocks and crashing waves below. It was over, all over. The Heralds were gone, the Gods were gone, even the dead who usually roamed the graveyard at had failed to rise.


There was nothing left for him in this life.


He raised his arm and whipped it downwards, the spiked tendrils of his lash tearing through the glass beneath his feet, sending him plunging into freefall. He closed his eyes and waited for the end, his fate rushing up to meet him as he plummeted into the waves below. 


IC: Hive.


The Cult of Plague was gone. Sairaus was dead. Vitsaus was dead. Even Parasite was dead.


And Hive didn’t give a karz.


The Containment Centre was his, and his alone now. With a substantial number of potential test subjects still locked up inside the building’s sprawling maze of corridors and chambers, and the cult’s teleportation equipment allowing him to fetch more if he needed to, he could continue on with his experiments for as long as it took to achieve the result he wanted. And then, he’d just find some other goal to pursue.


It was all he knew how to do, after all.


IC: Psycho Green.


The Vapautti Sielu was finished – the Heralds defeated, the Cultists crushed, the Pantheon slain – Psycho Green sat alone in the trophy room, surrounded by rows upon rows of relics, retrieved by generations of cultists from the ruins of innumerable realities.


She sat and she stared, watching as the screen before her slowly and inexorably faded into static and blackness as the video feeds of the rest of the island shut down one by one.


In the end, she sat alone in darkness, having no idea where to go, or what to do.


IC: Xara.


The Final Day…


My camera hovered over my shoulder as I approached the portal, recording the faces of every single surviving prisoner and Bionifighter. Despite the terror and turmoil I’d gone through, it had felt like a genuine privilege to be present, to be part of these events. It had given me an opportunity, to ensure that everyone – the entire multiverse – knew of what had transpired here.


I’d made backups of the all of the facility’s archived footage and files, a record of everything that had taken place during the fights and behind the scenes, as well as a few schematics and diagrams that I hadn’t been able to make sense of. There were no more secrets, it was time for the truth to come out. The truth about all of them.


The heroes, the villains, the survivors and the fighters. Those who’d been working together, and those who’d stood alone. The living, and the dead, the lost and the fallen. I would make sure that none of them were forgotten.


And with that silent, wordless promise, I stepped through the portal.


One year later…


I take a deep breath, then push open the door to the head editor’s office and step inside. My camera – newly upgraded – hovers behind me, and a freshly printed document is tucked under my arm.


And what’s all this? Icarax demands, looking up at me as I calmly place the document on the desk before him.


“It’s been almost one year since the Bionifight disaster,” I remind him, “the memorial’s coming up tomorrow, and I was hoping you might be willing to make a last-minute addition to the special edition of the paper the academy was planning to distribute for the event.”


What did you have in mind?


In spite of everything I’d seen and witnessed during Bionifight, and beyond, it was still terrifying to be this close to the Makuta, with his hellish visage, fiery eyes and skull-splitting psychic speech. But I force myself to remain calm; I’d survived far worse than him. “Well, I’ve been doing some research into where all of the survivors wound up, and compiled the results. I was thinking it might make for a nice "where are they now" centrepiece or something…”


I see… The Makuta reaches out and begins leafing through the document, pausing every few pages to focus on some passage or another. I just stand there, shuffling anxiously, reading the upside-down paragraphs and hoping to karz I hadn’t managed to stupidly overlook some glaring error or another.


I’d spent ages working on all of this, and I’d managed to gather a substantial amount of testimonies and records…




XaraWith her boyfriend Glass in tow, Xara returned home to re-join her friend Rail, and pet shallows cat Sand. They spent several more months living in relative peace and comfort in the wilderness of the southern continent, before returning to Nynrah in search of the friends and allies they’d left behind.


KatHaving lived through the horrors of Bionifight and Landfall, surviving the ordeals that awaited her upon her return proved to be no real challenge for this Rahkshi. Reuniting with the remaining members of her rebellion, the group defeated Tridax. Free of the Brotherhood’s influence, they fled Corpus Rahkshi are now living a peaceful life somewhere on Nynrah, where they were eventually joined by Glass, Rail and Xara.


DayethThe dark Toa did eventually leave the island, but she never returned to her home world. Presumably, after everything she’d seen and experienced she no longer believed in the power of her old god, and instead set out in search of a new purpose in life. Making use of the cult’s teleportation equipment and her new fear powers, she has been sighted in multiple universes, killing and destroying whatever she pleases in her insatiable quest for power.


The WyrmThe body of the creature called The Wyrm was eventually recovered from the Wilted Forest and returned to his home world. However, without him to lead them, his people had long since been slaughtered by the marauding Vortixx, and his species has since been officially declared extinct.


Xaeraz/KopenWith no home world of his own to really return to, Xaeraz – taking with him the many spoils he’d accumulated during his time at Bionifight – ultimately decided to accompany the now-Toa Kopen back to her own world, where the two now live together, happily married.


The Puppetmaster In spite of the reports from numerous eyewitnesses, it seemed this mutated Great Being actually survived his time on the island, perhaps faking his death using his ash transmutation ability. He has since returned to his home world to continue with his experiments.


Alisa DareTragically, the stress and trauma caused by the events of Bionifight and Landfall proved too much for this Toa. Unable to cope, she attempted to use her Absence powers to make herself forget the events, and wound up completely wiping her mind instead. Rendered to a near-comatose state, she withered away in a hospital bed over a period of several months.   


SnarlDuring the clean-up of the ruined facility, the decayed remnants of an augmented energy hound – later identified as Snarl – were discovered in the wreckage of the arena. They were returned to the unfortunate creature’s home world, and buried at the foot of Snarl’s favourite tree. 


Terry TerrixThe Tarakava Hunter was not forgotten. In his home world, a statue has been built in his honour, and a new Tarakava sanctuary named after him. Due to the nature of his death, no remains were even recovered, but despite the lack of a proper burial, it is hoped that Terry Terrix has found peace.


DekakoHaving fallen at the hands of another rogue kaita, it was assumed that Dekako was gone for good. However, sporadic reports from numerous worlds suggest that she may be attempting once more to manifest herself on the corporeal plane. If that is the case, this reporter wishes her the best of luck. Not everyone gets a second chance, after all.


BuzzzThe hyperactive insect Toa returned to his home world, where he became a major celebrity, frequently fawned upon by the many multiversal travellers who came to tour his world and visit its twin cheese moons.


MirilThe two gems recovered by this feisty pirate turned out to be linked, acting almost like incredibly powerful radios to allow perfect communication between the two over any distance, even if the two are in different worlds. Thanks to this, Miril’s piracy empire has rapidly expanded, as her twin selves can now coordinate far more effectively. It seems that in spite of the tragedy that befell Bionifight, Miril managed to make the best of things.   


FalconThe Glatorian hunter, with his pet Wyvern beside him, decided to retire a few months after their return from Bionifight. He intends to live out the rest of his days in a spacious, hand-made bungalow nestled deep in the Bota Magna jungles. 


AnguishThe remains of the pitiable creature known as Anguish were located at the bottom of the Wailing Cliffs, shattered on the rocks. He was given no form of last rite or burial, instead being left to decay among the crashing waves. 


ScrivaOriginally assumed dead after vanishing during the prison raid, the Toa of Writing eventually turned up alive and well alongside Berekzo. Having used her own powers to boost his dimensional gates ability, the duo had left the cultist’s island and fled out into the multiverse. Since then, she’s become a travelling writer, drifting from world to world and publishing various books and articles about the best sights and attractions each world has to offer.


HiveOne year on, and the Containment Centre remains eerily silent. It’s entirely possible that the deranged AI remains inside somewhere, still continuing his experiments, unless he’s finally shut down, or moved on elsewhere. With no one having dared to enter the medical madhouse since its doors were locked, the question of Hive’s fate will likely remain unanswered.  


WhisperNaught but bones remained of the Makuta called Whisper by the time her rotted remains were finally found, caught on the upper slopes of a mountainside overlooking the prison. With no home world left to return her remains to, they were instead cleaned up and used as a display piece for a museum exhibit commemorating the events of Landfall.


Psycho GreenWith the black fog of death still hanging thick and heavy around Tuoni’s former residence, it’s impossible to know what has become of this twisted being. Dead, alive or departed, without anyone being able to enter the Trophy Hall and investigate, it’s impossible to discern the truth, or recover any of the thousands of artefacts gathered by the cult over the millennia.






This last one is blank.


“Oh, right…” I stammer, the sudden psychic contact catching me off guard, “…yeah, that one’s mine.”


I can see that. But why haven’t you written anything?


“Because I don’t know what to write. As a journalist, I’m supposed to remain impartial, but it’s hard to do that when I’m the subject…”


You’re one of this school’s best students, Icarax cuts in, You alone sought out this story. You succeeded. You survived. And when you returned, you opened up this humble school of journalism to an entire multiverse of readers thanks to those teleportation designs you brought back with you.


“By accident,” I reply pointedly, “I didn’t know what any of those files were.”


That doesn’t matter. The fact is, you’ve earned more than earned the right to indulge in a little impartiality. He closes the folder and pushes it towards me. This is your article, write whatever you want; I’ll run it by Tridax and then it’ll be ready for publication.


“I… thank you… I don’t even know what to say… I…”


Just hurry up. He interjects once more. You’ll need to have it done in the next hour or so if you want this thing to go to print in time for tomorrow.


“Oh, of course. Will do. I think I know what I want to say.”


I pick up a pen, open the document to its final page, and begin to write.


The events of Bionifight and Landfall are truly tragic. The crimes committed by the Host, the Queen and the Cult are unforgivable, unforgettable. The lives lost are irreplaceable.


But I’m alive. And while the horrors I witnessed, the things I was forced to do, and the things I failed to do, will likely haunt me until my dying day, I won’t let this one small part of my past define my entire future.


The pen hovers over the page as I think over how to conclude. In the end, I settle for a single sentence. A sentence composed of seven simple words, which summarise everything my past year has been leading up to.  


It’s time for me to move on. 


Goodbye, Bionifight.

Edited by Of Australian Origin...
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Embers - A Bionicle Saga - Chapters/Review

Class Is Out - A Farewell To Corpus Rahkshi - Chapters/Review

BZPRPG Characters - Minnorak, Kain, T'harrak, Savis, Vazaria, Lash

BZPRPG Mercenary Group - The Outsiders - Description - History - Base

Ghosts Of Bara Magna - Ash Tribe - Precipere - Kehla, Somok, Skrall, Gayle, Avinus, Zha'ar

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IC: Omega

I knew I had to return.

There was nothing here left for me.

I had to return, to be killed.


And so, I walked through the portal, only to find myself on the ground, Exxan had a strange expression on his face.

I smiled.

"You can do it now."

And then there was black.

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The strange, glowing device hummed, its pulsing almost in sync with the quiet beating of her heartlight. After all the fear and pain, Mata Nui had finally given her a chance. She had been given a chance to escape this ... this dead world. She had been given the chance to return home. To her friends and family. To what was familiar. To her duty. All she needed to do was to step onto that contraption, and it would be done. She would be home.


It was so strange, entertaining that notion again.


She had given up. She had languished in a desolate room, desperately trying to convince herself that she needed to move on, that she needed to realise that her life was gone, utterly destroyed by the forces that had brought her here. It had worked for a time. Except now she was standing in front of her salvation, the new chance of her restarting the life she been torn away from.


If it wasn't so overwhelming, she would have laughed.


A sleek warrior wielding the strangest blade she had ever seen, body as dark as the night, stepped into the device before her, disappearing in a haze of energy. One by one, people were beginning their journey back ... back to their own homes. And yet she, Naona of Po-koro, was just ... just silently fidgeting, hiding in the shadows of a barren tree. She was scared. She wanted to go home. Yet ... she was scared.




Why couldn't she just run straight in? Why couldn't she be that brave?!


"It's okay to be frightened."


Naona jumped, barely holding in a strangled yelp at the sudden intrusion of this ... this familiar voice. She whirled around, instinctively shielding her own body with her arms. She didn't want to fight. She didn't. She didn't want to have to ... she didn't want want want need ----- who? She-.


"Private, calm down."


She wasn't-


No, what am ... what am I-?


To her horror, her right arm had been outstretched, escrima stick mere inches from the other dark-brown Toa's neck. She recoiled, throwing herself back and away from the intruder. What had she nearly done? She had nearly struck somebody; she'd nearly struck; nearly attacked and killed and-.




She looked up, amber eyes wide as she stared at the strange ... yet almost-familial, Toa standing patiently before her. Clad in powerful, battle-worn armour and wearing grey ... visors, the speaker's expression was calm and patient, traits that she knew were in utter contrast to the fear and shock and anger and disgust that were flickering across her own youthful face. In this woman's presence, she felt weird and unreal ... almost as if she was a mere fake.


Yet at the same time, she felt safe.


"W-who are you?" she managed to stutter out, arms shaking as she lowered them. The woman seemed so ... so ... bemused, yet also ... solemn?


Why solemn?


The other Toa shifted, folding her arms across her chest. A slightly wistful smile seemed to cross her mask for a fraction of a second, before disappearing once more to where it whence came. It was at this moment that Naona could clearly see her eyes, those bright and determined yet weary eyes, hidden behind those gray lenses.


"A leftenant, I suppose," said the woman after a few seconds of deliberation. "But would you accept that I am someone who cares?"


Naona stared, utterly unexpecting of the answer. She ... she wanted to know who this woman was. Why she was so familiar. If she was safe or not. But that answer. That answer. That ... that was just being-


"Unnecessarily cryptic?" finished the other Toa.


How did she know what she was thinking? Was the Toa another mind reader? No, that mask ... that mask was a Kakama? Toa of Stone? But what if the woman wasn't a Toa at all and instead ... instead something else? Her fists tightened again. She was scared. Her entire body was shaking.


Her reaction, it seemed, had left the woman somewhat ... fidgety and awkward?


"This is an unsatisfactory course of action, Naona. Formulate another approach, if you would."


"I know exactly what you are going through," said the woman, voice immediately taking on a more professional tone. Naona felt the urge to stand straighter, as if this strange Toa, this ... person from another world, was one of her superiors. But ...


Her next words were full of confusion. "What do you mean?"


"Your entire world has ended but now you have a lifeline, yet you don't think you can, don't know if you can, take that second chance."


"I ... I-"


How long had she been gone? How much had she changed? The words struck deeply at Naona, and the rookie could only stand before the other Toa like a statue, unmoving as thoughts raced through her mind. Could ... could she readapt to it all? See her job and old life ... as ... normal again? Could she really?


She didn't know. She never knew.


"You will excel," stated the other Toa firmly, the powerful voice breaking her out of her thoughts. "I know you will."


The way the woman was saying it ... the absolute certainty ... it was reassuring to Naona. She could try, couldn't she? If ... if this familiar stranger could so easily believe in her ... why couldn't she believe in herself?


"Go forth, Naona. Go fulfil your dream of protecting Po-koro."


Naona nodded sharply. A fire seemed to have been lit in her once more. This stranger ... this stranger had really helped. She didn't even know the person, yet she'd still been given help. Would ... would she be able to be so charitable too?


"Thanks," she said finally, her youthful voice finally brightening and strengthening. "Thank you. I ... I really appreciate it!"


Firing off a gleaming smile (as dazzling as the twin suns themselves), the first she had displayed since she had arrived in this torturous place, the Toa of Stone happily turned and ran towards the contraption that would bring her home. She was free now. Things had changed, but she was going to be fine. She was going home to her job and her life and her friends and it would all be okay.


And there was that Le-koro job too!


Private Naona faded away into the light. She didn't look back.












"Good luck," whispered Lieutenant Naona as she watched her younger self disappear. "You'll be needing it."

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He knew he was too big to just barrel right through the teleporter like that. Up above him, as he groaned and pulled himself up into a sitting position, he was fairly aware of a musical-sounding laugh echoing above him. With another groan, he rubbed his eyes long enough to obscure his vision anew; when it cleared, he saw it belonged to a slim young girl, about his age, with a strong jaw but an otherwise thoughtful, pretty face. A headband was tied around her soft brow, and she wore obscene amounts of boxer's gauze along her knuckles. Out of impulse, he grinned. Mom Zeppelin always taught him to be polite.


Finally, the Toa stopped laughing at him and lent him a hand up.


"Jeeeeeeez. You're a big guy."


"For you." Red groaned and rubbed his head. "Where am I?"


"Well, you're on the MNSS Crucible, buddy. Dock plan we just filed lists me, my team here-" Red looked around to see half a dozen team members with a wide variety of elements and varying degrees of welcoming smiles "-and Mister Tarkus here. But not you. Talk if you wanna stay on the boat."


"Well...I'm Red."


"Look pretty black to me."


"It's a name, smartass," Red groaned, still slightly dizzy. The Toa laughed again.


"All I wanna know is what you did to fall outta the sky. Hey, guys, listen to the mouth on this one. We could use a big guy like this."






"...Who are you, again?"


"Ship's captain and the best fighter in a pinch, despite what firefly over there would tell you. Anything more than that, I gotta get a name of my own, big guy."






"Red Zeppelin."


"Really? I'm surprised anyone let you walk around with a name like that." The Bo-Toa stuck out a hand and gave her most charming smile. "Azura Salvajemono. Hey."






Red gagged, held a hand to his throat, and - bereft of literally any other impulse in his body - jumped over the side of the Crucible. There was a shoreline he could swim to. Maybe if...




"Hey, what the ######'s your problem!?"




O N   T H E   W R O N G  P L A N E T



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IC: Ravyn (Revenant) - Bionifight Facility

Contrary to what Dayeth might have observed before leaving for the City of Fear, there was at least one other who noticed her departure.

The Fe-Toa frowned as he watched her go, instantly preparing himself to tail her when he suddenly found that his body was unwilling to cooperate with his brain. He pondered the revelation for a moment, eventually forcing himself to take a step towards her trail, and immediately felt the emotional equivalent of accidentally kicking a baby Hapaka.

Oh, no. You're not doing this to me right now, especially when we're so close.

Continuing forward for a few feet and noticing that the feeling was still nagging at him, he stopped dead in his tracks, attempting one final time to get his Karz together.

Okay, seriously? What the Karz is your problem, body? Our target is right FREAKING there, going off to do Mata Nui-knows what, and you're freezing up like a child. We should be attempting to bury our weapons into her skull, not doing our best impersonation of a statue. Start moving already.


Oh, come on! Did you suddenly forget what she did in the past few minutes? How she and her pals ransacked Obsidian and reduced it to rubble? The blood she spilled during the battle? The people you had to bury in the aftermath of the destruction? If another Outsider was standing in your shoes, they wouldn't be hesitating like this. If Dad was here instead, he'd be -

Pain burst forth from his abdomen, catching him off-guard for a moment and almost causing him to drop to his knees. If he hadn't known any better, he would've sworn that someone had just punched him in the gut, but as he looked around, his eyes confirmed the fact that he was indeed alone.

What the Karz was that for? Now you're just being unreasonable. We're not going to get another chance like this. If we don't leave now, we're going to lose her trail...

And if you do, you'll be stranded here without any other way to get out of this Karz-hole. You won't be able to return home, and you'll never see anyone you care about ever again.

The voice in his head sounded oddly familiar, like it had been a part of him all along, but for all of his efforts, he just couldn't seem to place it.

If one less psychopath is able to draw breath, then it's worth the risk.

Is it really? So the next time someone comes after your friends - your family - you're saying that it's okay not to be there to protect them, just so you can go out on some suicidal mission for revenge? You were raised better than that, Ravyn!

Was I? I spent my entire life around thieves and mercenaries, learning how to spot an easy mark, running from the guards, constantly watching my back for threats that weren't even there half of the time, and killing people for money. I've been training with weapons since I was six, I've been in more scraps than I even care to recall, and nearly my entire adult life has been spent on the losing side of a war that shouldn't have even begun in the first place! I'm not exactly the best role model on Mata Nui if you haven't noticed, so you can take your preaching and shove it!

Silence again.

Now if you're done trying to convince me otherwise, I have a Toa to go kill.

Straightening himself back up, he managed to get a little bit farther before the voice returned again.

You've changed, Ravyn, and not for the better. I'm not going to try to stop you anymore, so you do whatever you think is right. Before you go, however, I'll leave you with one final piece of advice; sometimes it's better to just let things go and move on.

Sinking to the ground as the words echoed through his head, he punched the earth beneath him as a lone tear dripped down his face, ultimately leaving him completely unsure as to what he should do.


Ko-Koro; the beginning of the end.

The worshippers of the God of Destruction had grown lax in their patrols around the outer wall of the city. With two-thirds of the entire island under their control, the followers of Makuta had practically assured themselves that complete victory was soon at hand. Most of their efforts had turned towards making sure that what little of the village's population that had been left behind remained subdued, and the crowd of people making their way in through the gates had swelled substantially due to the promise of wealth drawing out an even greater number of individuals. Mercenaries with little to no morals now flooded the streets, most acting in place of the local guard out of necessity since the majority of their masters were now stretched thin due to the war effort while the rest occupied their time with the occasional job here and there.

For a city full of trained killers, Makuta-worshippers, and all around psychopaths, in Ravyn's eyes, the had all become a lot sloppier than they used to be.

It had taken him about a month to get everyone in position, but he knew that what his efforts would eventually lead to was well worth the wait. The fact that the enemy forces were letting in every Tamaru, Dosne, and Hafu that wanted a share of their riches for themselves had made it almost too easy to get a third of his own forces into the city without too much of a hassle. If all went according to plan, they wouldn't even know what hit them until it was far too late to do anything about it.

"Ravyn, the scouts have returned, and everyone inside the walls are in position," a familiar voice said from behind him. "Whenever you're ready to give the signal, we'll begin the attack."

Lowering his binoculars and turning towards Xhalia, he gave her a short nod before retrieving the Patero Launcher he had specifically built for the event in question. It was odd seeing her without Minnorak by her side, but he soon refocused his attention towards the task at hand, knowing full well that this wasn't the time for such distractions.

"Hopefully, this thing actually works and doesn't end up blowing up in my face like last time," he mumbled.

"Hey, I only showed you how to build the thing; whatever happens is on you," the Vortixx replied. "If you had just used one from the stockpile like everyone else told you to do, we wouldn't be having this discussion."

"Whatever. It's a special occasion; making preparations to liberate an entire village isn't exactly a common occurance, despite our activities during the past month, so I wanted to bring something equally as special to kick off the festivities with. Sue me."

"More like jinx us with before we even get started," she drawled, a smile slowly creeping across her face as she did so. "Come on; it's about time you gave one of those long-winded speeches you're so overly fond of."

Shaking his head as he followed her back to camp, he soon found the idle chatter amongst his forces grow silent as he made his approach. Looking as many of them in the eye as possible as he spoke to the masses, he did his best to inspire hope amongst their numbers, knowing that many of the faces would soon be lost to the ensuing chaos that was about to occur.

"People of Ko-Wahi! While the fall of your great city was well before my time, I too share your pain! I was amongst the defenders of the cable car station when it fell to these Karz-Heads, and I too was forced to flee from my home as it was reduced to rubble before my very eyes! For too long we have taken refuge behind the walls of Ta and Ga-Koro, waiting for the day that this plague would be wiped from the face of this once prosperous island, but I will wait no more! The fate of this land rests not in the hands of gods, but of people like you, me, and anyone brave enough to stand beside us! The remaining Koros may be willing to hide behind their defenses and do nothing to fight back against this scourge, but what we will accomplish today will expose them for the cowards they have become, and become a beacon amongst the darkness, one that will be visible from all corners of Mata Nui itself! These monsters may have taken everything from us, but I'm going to march on up there and kick their door in, just to show those animals exactly who they've been messing with! Now, who is with me?!"

Cheers erupted from all around him as the soldiers picked up their weapons, causing him to raise the launcher he himself had built before firing off a volley of fireworks into the night. Others followed suit as well, making it painstakingly clear that the time to begin the assault was at hand. A few moments of relative silence had passed as all eyes turned towards the village, causing a few of them (including Ravyn himself at one point) to suspect that something had gone wrong before fire arched its way through the sky and the walls built to keep people out were blown apart from the inside. Fighting had likely already begun by the time they were charging towards the now exposed city, the adrenaline pumping through the Fe-Toa's veins causing him to recall the choice he had made at the end of his previous journey.

Sure, Dayeth had eluded him once again, but in doing so, she had forgotten what was arguably the most important rule of surviving an invasion; never leave your back door open. She could run to whatever dimensions or universes she wanted to, but in the event that things didn't go as planned and she was forced to make her way back home, an entire island purged of the evil of which she had so desperately clung to and its extremely ticked off inhabitants would be the only thing waiting for her. More importantly, however, he was finally able to recognise the voice inside his head as the face it had belonged to flashed before his very eyes, no longer obscured by his hatred for her and her murdering kin.

Thanks, Dad. First round's on me when we eventually meet up again on the other side.


IC: Tarsus The Inquisitor - Bionifight Facility

While originally disappointed that he was unable to meet his end during the battle, Tarsus' stepped towards the teleporter with a renewed sense of purpose as he prepared to make his way back home.

As the doctors were working on fixing him up back inside the medical bay, their report informing him of his injuries included something quite shocking; apparently, upon further examination, they had detected a parasitic organism taking up residence inside his body, which turned out to be the cause of his symptoms all along. Further analysis had revealed that it was the unfortunate byproduct of a mixture of viruses introduced into his system way back when he was still undergoing the physical processes of becoming a Judge. Said parasite was to kickstart the degeneration of his own body after a period of almost a decade had initially passed, though other outside factors were able to  effect the exact amount of time one had before its devastating effects kicked in. Not only that, but it also inhibited whatever powers the host would've developed, implying that he was going to be in for quite the surprise once he was no longer hooked up to the Infinite System.

But what he really found interesting was that the organism wasn't just a mere fluke of nature; it had been purposefully designed.

Teridax had wanted a new breed of soldier to supplement his existing Rahkshi hordes, but he also wanted to make sure that they could never rise up against him and attempt to overthrow his reign over the universe as well. Creating them with a limited lifespan and robbing them of their abilities would almost immediately ensure this, but just to be cautious, he was granted access to his own patient file, just to make sure there wasn't anything else wrong with him that he didn't know about.

Stepping onto the device, he pulled out the vial containing the offending creature and watched as it writhed around inside its container. When he returned, he was going to make sure that his brothers and sisters would receive a similar treatment in secret, and put an end to the cycle before it claimed anymore lives, but most importantly, he was going to make sure that his former master received a taste of his own medicine. A few hours in the library had given him all the information he needed concerning how the Makuta had rose to his position, and even provided a few other revelations as well.

A devilish smile formed across his face as he reflected upon his plans, his hand placing the vial back inside his armor as he disappeared from view immediately afterwards, giving those surrounding him little to no indication of the future chaos he was about to unleash.

Edited by Timageness
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Hero Factory: Contagion

RPG Characters:

BZPRPG Characters

RPG History:

The Asylum, Bionifight Infinite, Year 60,000, Matoran und Panzer, HF RPG 2.0, Wasteland, Corpus Rahkshi, Skyrise

GM Résumé:

Matoran und Panzer (Formerly Appointed Co-GM), Corpus Rahkshi (Former Substitute Co-GM)



Feel free to shoot a PM my way if you're waiting for me to respond to something and I've been taking a while to do so.

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I used to be girly, fam.


Ask the crew currently gathered around the space-time gash I had haphazardly slashed through the air with my new knife, and they'd tell you. Soft jawed, high-cheeked, broody pout. I used to be Mata Nui's prom queen, baby. And I was cold blooded, great killer, but awful to the core. I fought for myself if I had to fight at all; a quick, sneaky kill was preferably if anything. But I grew up. I made some friends and enemies, and a lot of people over the years have been marked off both lists. Some of them, I did myself. But the ones I didn't...they died beside me anyway. And while they did, I grew older. Scrappier. Funnier. 




Learned a lot about myself. How to be a man, and not in whatever toxic way the thinkpieces talk to you about. How to carry yourself through life comfortable with the way you are. 


I learned that you didn't have to have a gaudy blue tattoo to let your emotion bubble up inside you; people let themselves get heated all the time, and you never see them going Super Saiyan. I learned that I was no different - it didn't matter if anyone could see my rage or not, or whether everyone thought it made me more powerful. What I learned was that it made me more powerful. And a tattoo was just a middleman. 


I used to be an awful son of a ###### once, and I'm going to live with that for the rest of my life. Man, does that ###### me off.


But that kind of rage is for the battlefield, not for stewing over in every other facet of your life besides. It took a different roster of people to teach me that, and I was happy to say that every one of them was alive and waiting to be vetted for the ride back to the Kaleverse (okay seriously how about Aggressorverse? Kaleverse is kinda high-and-mighty babe) tonight. We got tossed into a suicide blitz yet again, and we would all share drinks and laugh about it someday. How could I be furious with that to look forward to?


And Liara. Doctor Doom herself.


I'm gonna be able to tell her I love her.


Put it in that perspective, and everything in the world looks sunny.


Krayn and Kale probably have their own takes, and honestly, they're welcome to 'em. We'd all be seeing each other again any minute anyhow. My main worry was the Shaddix-that-never-was, Cipher Compassrose himself, and how to make sure he didn't take an early left through the Matoran Multiverse. Grabbing the Su-Toa by the scruff of the neck, I saluted Kale (blew Krayn a kiss) and half-dragged, half-trust-fell through the portal. We landed with a mutual hard oomph ("Hey, this is Ga-Wahi!") and sat there for a second, reveling in the way we'd just spent the last few...well, in Ciph's case, hours. But in mine?


Days. Weeks of prolonged, survival torture. Thinking about one person in particular. One person with a teasing smirk, a big heart, bigger--




"Don't tell me why you've been out of bed for the last three hours," Liara Cin deadpanned, "or the next one's a hand buzzer to the cheek. The inside of the cheek. And you, Cipher. Encouraging him. I thought you were the mature one."


My partner and I looked at each other and laughed - almost as hard as we laughed a minute later, after Kale and Krayn finally finished posturing to you guys tumbled out after us. 


Moral of the story, kids, is don't be scared of your jawline. Or your cheeks. Or feeling ###### off and lashing out at people. Because I've had my flawless, porcelain, metrosexual perfection, and I've had my rugged beat-to-###### cowboy assassin. Only one of them got me a best friend who tore himself through the universe just to have my back. Only one of them got me a spot on a team that - and if you tell them this you die - I'm happy to be a part of. Or a skilled mercenary, kuudere doctor, and coffee-monopolizing crime boss who can call you her own.


There were a lot of universes represented at that tournament, I thought to myself for a long time afterwards. I wondered how many really earned the right to call himself a man.


Probably, I would decide with a grin and a small snicker, any that survived an RPG run by Voltex.



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"You know I was really enjoying this whole 'become a walking biohazard' thing, but I guess all good things have to come to an end."
For a former police officer slash terrorist ("hey man I could be freedom fighter too") whose cause was utterly lacking ("okay yeah you got me there I was a terrorist then") slash cultist of some disease-ridden corpse of a deity whose followers pretty much did nothing, Aronis Ril was a surprisingly cheery and happy guy. For one thing, he wasn't dead like the majority of all the other cultists that had turned up on this drab excuse for an island. And on another, he had learned that there were a large number of hims in the multiverse, which reassured him of his awesomeness and status as an universal constant blessed by Mata Nui ("nah he's still a comatose robotic body used to power the Legion's entire planet") or whatever deity he prayed to ("not uh, I've completely forgotten who I was working for this time again").
Yeah, he was a pretty egotistical guy.
Anyway, our ... viewpoint character, Aronis Ril, was currently leaning back into what could be described as an 'incredibly comfortable rock', a present he had obtained from that Po-Toa chick friend of that dude he shot a laser ray at. Unlike everyone else, who seemed to be happily heading home to heighten their health and whatnot, he didn't really ... have a place to return to. Nor was he actually a Bionifighter, in retrospect; he was really just a guy who'd joined up with the Cult and now with the cult gone, had absolutely no idea wat he would and where he would go. Stay here? No way. It was so drab and boring and everyone else was leaving too, so it'd be just him, some corpses and whichever of his fellow cultist survivors who felt happy enough to stay as well.
Bit of a conundrum, honestly.
"This is totally uncool."


With a sigh, the Toa of ... well, whatever he was a love of, allowed his eyes to wander the sky, watching the stars make their travels across the vast black abyss. This wasn't a sight he had really gotten back at home, with all the light pollution and all, so it was actually pretty nice to experience it here. At least the scenery was nice in a way. Not nice enough to keep him staying around, but it was nice. Yet even so, it didn't help matters. He was watching the skies because he had no idea what he was doing, after all.


Man, it would've been a lot less complicated if he'd been a War cultists and died fighting these dudes.




"Hey, wasn't Bionifight a TV show? Maybe I can go find where they air that . Attack a radio station. Heard those New Legion dudes did that back in the day."


Not mentioned of course, was the utter failure of the New Legion rebels to do anything to the Solar Legion's public opinion.


Such was the failure of youths.


"I would make a great new Host or announcer or something. I can see it now: Aronis Ril, Oral Connoisseur."


He was certainly fellating his own voice enough to deserve such a name.


"Righty-o then, it's time to find the coordinates for that place and get on with my new career in a world that doesn't have bioterrorists!"


And so, with that final declaration, the Toa known as Aronis Ril finally departed this bleak, grey world, searching for a life that he believed would be far more exciting, awesome and ego-stroking enough for him. Whether he succeeded or not, nobody knows, but if you ever turn on the radio one day and hear some jerk ramble on about viral marketing, it's probably him.




The multiverse is a DARK enough SPACE for stuff like that to happen!

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IC: Amorigiahna and Salera ("Five-Knuckled Sal") - Bionifight Facility

Standing off to the side in what appeared to be the Crowd of Lost Fighters, Amorigiahna was having trouble deciding where she should go from here.

While she in fact did have a world to go back to, she wasn't exactly intent on returning to a place that feared her just because of her island of origin, nor a location in which she knew she would never truly find herself a home. Saarella Kirottu, however, was not much better; just being there had almost immediately filled her with a sense of unease after she had regained conciousness, and it reminded her far too much of Karzahni. She had previously spent some time searching for The Wyrm in order to get his opinion, as he had been the only fighter she had really connected with here, but she couldn't find him for the life of her.

Perhaps he had left already? Hopefully something bad didn't happen to -

Leaning herself to the side as she began to lose herself in thought, she ended up putting her shoulder directly in the path of an oncoming Vo-Toa, one that suddenly reacted by charging herself up with her element upon contact, resulting in a very unpleasant shock that sent her colliding into the ground.


The Toa stopped for a moment, only to look down at her in anger.

"Watch where you're going, twit," she snarled.

Not wanting to start a fight over a simple accident, Amorigiahna's mind raced to quickly defuse the situation.

"I - I'm sorry," she stammered. "I - I was just wondering where my - my friend was, and I lost track of my surroundings. I - I don't want any trouble..."

Way to overreact, Sal. Now she looks like she's going to wet herself.

Looking off in the distance for a moment as she scratched the back of her head, she recalled how Scriva had disappeared on her sometime around their escape from the cultists. Feeling a slight pang of guilt, she soon found herself leaning towards the other fighter and holding out her hand in an attempt to offer to help her up.

"No use lying around on the floor, then. Come on; time to get up."

Amorigiahna looked at her hand for a moment, hoping that she wasn't about to get zapped again before eventually taking it and letting herself be pulled back up to her feet. A few seconds of brushing off her cloak and trying really hard not to stare at the Toa's mohawk later, and it was like it never happened.

"You - you haven't seen him around by any chance, have you? He's green, covered in spikes, and about this tall...?" she said, measuring his approximate height with her hand.

"I'm one of the newer arrivals that just recently escaped from the cultists; I haven't exactly had the chance to get a good look at everyone here."


Having been mostly unconcious in the medical bay throughout the entirety of that ordeal, she didn't quite know what to say to that, and ended up looking down dejectedly at her feet.

"Well... thanks anyway..."

Feeling sorry for her as she watched her turn back towards the crowd, she reached out and grabbed her shoulder in order to stop her before she disappeared.

"Look, just because I haven't seen him doesn't mean I can't help you look. It's not like I'm going anywhere anytime soon, either, so I've got plenty of time on my hands if you want an extra pair of eyes."


Emerging from the medical bay a few days after everyone else had left, Amorigiahna began making her way back towards the teleporter with Salera not too far behind.

"Are you...?" the Vo-Toa started to ask, stopping herself only because she already knew the answer.

"I should've known better. Only someone with my luck would finally find someone that I could honestly call a friend, only to be taken out of commission and be unable to help him when he needed it most."

"You can't keep beating yourself up over something that wasn't your fault. I've been there, and all you'll ever end up doing is causing yourself more pain."

"You don't get it! All my life, I've been chased out of villages, spat upon, and straight up attacked, just because people thought I was some sort of monster. Once they learned that I originally came from Karzahni, or they figured out what I could do, any hope I had of leading a normal life just up and vanished. Even back in that accursed place, I was the only one of my kind, so I've been alone for as long as I can remember. And just when I encounter someone who can look past that, I wake up, only to find them dead. I - I literally have nothing now."

Salera sighed, leaning herself up against a wall as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"I was on my way to the Metru Nui of my universe to help fight a war when I was shipwrecked off of the coast of Zakaz. After my mentor died, I spent years fighting for my life, dodging both homicidal Skakdi and all manner of wild Rahi. When I did finally escape and make my way to the city, I was imprisoned in an asylum where a creature of the staff's own making had free reign to disembowel everyone inside and feast on their entrails if it didn't kill us with our own powers first, and there was quite literally nothing I could do to stop it. After that, those Karz-Head cultists invaded, destroyed my universe, and took me prisoner so I could fight for their amusement. Trust me; those ignorant Brakas' you're so used to dealing with wouldn't know a real monster if one jumped out of their closet and bit them in the rear, and besides, you still have me to watch your back, so even though you're hurting right now, things aren't all bad."

Amorigiahna turned back to look at the Toa, her eyes begining to tear up.

"You - you mean it...?"

"Of course. Now come on; we still have to figure out where we're going exactly. It's a safe bet that the people running this place will make sure your friend is brought back to his world as well, so we've got no reason to stay any longer."

As the pair stepped onto the machine, Salera began scrolling randomly through the available universes, only to be interupted as her companion embraced her in a hug, something which the Vo-Toa wasn't entirely used to.

"Thank you, Sal," she whispered, her face buried deeply into the folds of her armor.

Silently patting her on the back, the Toa of Lightning activated the console one last time, causing them to finally disappear and cementing their departure from the Bionifight Tournament.


Though the duo seemed to obtain one of the happier endings out of the surviving contestants, one look at their destination showed that the feeling would soon be fleeting at best:


Universe Number: 567-864248-C

Location: Caelum Insula

Planet: Bara Magna (Pre-Reformation)

Lifeforms: Varied

Terrain: Varied

Current Rulers: Unknown

Threat Level: Unknown

Technological Progress: Unknown

Last Visited: Never (Previously Blacklisted; Contact System Administrators Immediately)

Listed Contestants: None

Items of Interest: None Within Pre-Established Parameters

Other Notes:










Abandon all hope, those who find yourselves here.

Edited by Timageness
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Hero Factory: Contagion

RPG Characters:

BZPRPG Characters

RPG History:

The Asylum, Bionifight Infinite, Year 60,000, Matoran und Panzer, HF RPG 2.0, Wasteland, Corpus Rahkshi, Skyrise

GM Résumé:

Matoran und Panzer (Formerly Appointed Co-GM), Corpus Rahkshi (Former Substitute Co-GM)



Feel free to shoot a PM my way if you're waiting for me to respond to something and I've been taking a while to do so.

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After weeks of death-trip tournaments, crazed cultists, actually dying, and Falcon's sense of humour, I'm going to admit that the ending to my story is going to reek of romantic-comedy levels of the warm fuzzies and could be Oscar-nominated for Most Sentimental Bull###### of the Year, but hey.


Sometimes you don't get everything quite the way you want it.


Way that I'd probably have wanted it, I'd have been able to save Phan-Metru, keep my wife and kid with me through all these years, not been sucked into an intergalactic cluster###### and ... well, okay, that's about it. But I'd say that that's a pretty extensive list. Point is, a lot of stuff in my life's gone wrong. Probably never gonna get it all right back on track. Not to say that that's not a realization I haven't had before -- and when we say before, we're talking pre-Bionifight.


In other news, I can't believe that now I'm organizing my life pre- and post-Bionifight. This is weird.




This is a realization that I'd had before, but, now, I think I'm okay with it. Y'see, back in the day, I kept fighting against. Thought I could do it all: save the world, get (back) the girl, ride into the sunset. Now, suddenly, I'm realizing that maybe you can't have it all. You have to choose the most important things, the things you really can't live without, the things that make life worth holding on to, and you have to cling to those things like their the only things keeping you upright. Which, most of the time, they are.


And lemme tell you something: those weeks on Valhalla Sexton (or whatever the that island was called), it wasn't the thought of Phan-Metru that kept me going.


I'm punching in numbers at a phone booth.


I'm balancing my briefcase on my upraised knee, fumbling with the latches.


Dial tone.


Come on, come on....












"Hey. Hi. It's me," I say, then, thinking, add, "Antiro."


I'm flipping through the papers in my suitcase.


"Anti-- Oh Jesus, Antiro, what the ? There've been reports about you missing for weeks and now-- Jesus."


There's an envelope in here. I grab it, let the suitcase fall to the ground.


"Glad to know everyone was missing me," I say, fingering through the envelope. "Any good theories on where I was?"


"Oh my God, you're impossible. Do you know how worried I've been?"


Okay, that one surprises me.


"... I'm sorry," I say, and I mean it. I'm holding a photo between index and middle finger, phone jammed right under my chin, cradling my cheekbone. "You're honestly not gonna believe what happened."




"Does Aro know about this?"


"Not really. He's been out of school for the time being -- private tutor now, strict instructions not to let him know about it. I've tried to shield him from the worst, but he's smart. He must know something's wrong."


I almost say "Was wrong," but I can't really say that anything's stopped being wrong. Just because we've reached post-Bionifight doesn't meant that stuff is gonna be any more right now.




Worth a shot.


"Listen, Baria," I say, "You're really not gonna believe what happened."


"This had better be good, Antiro."


"Please," I say, a smile creeping up on my face, first smile in a long time, it feels like. "It's me. 'Course it's good."


So I start off my story, all the while staring at a photograph that's been with me to and back. Just three people in it.








Outside the phone booth, beyond the conversation with the woman I love, Phan-Metru is crumbling apart.


But hey.


Sometimes you don't get everything quite the way you want it.



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The fight against the cultists had been pure chaos. Once Yusanora's rampage had finished, Aeila Teumessia had been required to intervene more directly. The oncoming hordes apparently had not been deterred by the spectral dragon that had torn their forces to shreds. She had not minded; such situations were what she was meant for, and protecting what she cared about was more critical than anything she had ever done.
That was not to say that the end of the fight had not left her utterly exhausted. Meant for it or not, constant use of her abilities had taken its toll. That had passed, however. The threat was gone. It was time to return to her own world.
There remained, however, one important task before she did. One that pertained to the Dasakan princess she quietly approached. "Desdemona?"
The Rora had grown pale as the end of the battle drew near - both of exhaustion and of the mild nausea that had set in as she realized she was going to be ripped right back out. Landfall had been no picnic, and Bionifight before that even less so, but there had been constants there. Not restraints, like the virtues of Sado. Constants. Something that was always within arm-wrapping distance. 
She was speaking right now.
Forcing down a panicked breath that might have turned into a sob if it had escaped, Des looked up and grinned as crookedly as any mercenary at Aeila Teumessia.
"Hey there, hero."
"If you insist on using formal, and inaccurate, terminology, I will be forced to start calling you Rora."
The princess laughed and shook her head, standing up and advancing back into the distance where she felt most comfortable.
"Don't you dare."
"Then do not refer to me as 'hero'." The ProtoToa said seriously, wrapping her arms loosely around the Dasaka. "It simply is not relevant."

The princess hugged her hero back and rested her cheek on the ProtoToa's ornate shoulder armor. 
"Heard they fixed the teleporter. The Enforcer is shuttling everyone back."
"I know. That is why I needed to locate you, and quickly."
Des cocked her head, staring up into the emerald, serious eyes of the ProtoToa with an inscrutable look. Slowly, it broke into a warm, but deeply sad smile.
"Oh, Aeila." She stood on her tiptoes - the only way to achieve the height height that even the exceptionally willowy Dasakan princess needed - and lightly kissed her protector. "Don't worry about it. Whether you admit it or not, there's going to be a world that needs something like you. I killed the last Rora. The only thing they need me for is a good nightmare to tell courtiers in a few thousand years. 'The bloodthirsty stick princess roaming the halls, wailing for her dead sister' or something. I...I love you."
"But I'm not worth the thought anymore."
For a brief, brief moment Aeila had looked almost angry. The faintest hints of emerald fire hid behind her eyes, and her arms tightened around the Chojo almost protectively. 
"That simply is not true. You are always worth the thought. However, you misunderstand why I am here."
Des bit her lip in shock and clung to Aeila more tightly, tilting her chin up to rest it atop the other woman's shoulders.
"What's up, then?"
"I want you to return with me."
The princess blinked.
"To...your world?"
"...You...really want to be stuck with me?"

"The connotations of 'stuck' would imply that your presence would be negative. Nothing would be further from the truth." The ProtoToa put her hands on Des' shoulders and looked down at her, without a hint of levity in her expression. Aeila was serious, almost somber. As though whatever in her head was weighing heavily on her.
"I have already spoken with the Enforcer. She will send us both back, if you agree. If you insist on going back to your own realm, I cannot stop you." More than a hint of worry was creeping into her tone. "But I beg you not to. If not my world, then any other. Just do not return home."
And she broke.
Instantly, the sniffles started to come on, followed by skinny arms wiping away the tears that spilled furiously down her cheeks. When they refused to stop falling, Des lifted her legs off the ground and swung, like a pendulum would, forward and around Aeila's waist. 
"I don't wanna die," she confessed quietly. "It's been eating me up since the battle ended. Thinking about going back. Being in that cell, waiting for my own uncle to come and...and..."
She fought down a wail and set her chin, hard, in a determined look. Slowly, she shook off as many loose tears as she could.
"Only because you begged. You sound scared to freaking death." Her tightly pursed lips grew into a smile. "Yeah. If any planet out there has room for the two of us together, of course I want to go there. Of course."

"I am. Protecting myself is simplicity itself. I have done it for so long that little holds fear. Protecting others is much the same." Aeila wrapped her arms tightly around Desdemona, squeezing her gently and resting her chin on the top of her head. "However I cannot protect you from another world. The idea, the concept, of being unable to keep you safe pains me. Losing you terrifies me."
"So... Thank you. I swear I will make the decision worth it."
"You have."
"Not yet, I have not."

"If you hold yourself to normal people standards, and not Miss First of Her Name standards," the princess joked, grinning wider and kissing Aeila's cheek, "then yeah you have."
After another gentle squeeze, Desdemona sighed.
"Don't be terrified. I can take care of myself...and I'm with you. There's nowhere else in the universe I'd be happier to be, so...don't be terrified. Don't be hurt. Let's just go home. And we'll figure ###### out from there. Okay, sweetie?"
"... Alright. I supppse I can do that." The warrior said, after a moment's consideration. She let her face break into a smile, and kissed the top of Des' head. 
"I suppose it is time to go home."

"I think it is, too." Des smiled and, with one more quick bounce on the tips of her toes, pecked Aeila back before turning around in the direction of the Enforcer's teleporter.
"Hey Aeila."
"Yes, Desdemona?" She asked, following behind her at an even, steady pace. Even now she was looking around, as if both on alert and trying to take in her surroundings one more time.
Des Umbraline grinned wider and wiped away the last of her tears. Even now, Aeila Teumessia was proving her point. She stopped mid-step and refused to go again until her girlfriend was directly beside her, then wrapped one arm around her waist and used her other hand to tilt the ProtoToa's head directly forward, towards the teleporter. The home stretch.
When she moved her hand, Aeila's head started to tilt again. So the hand had to go back.
Despite the deadpan absurdy of it - probably because, actually - Des giggled as the teleporter came into view.
"A girl couldn't ask for a better protector."
"If you insist, Lady Desdemona."
"AEILA! Stop it!"
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The jig is up; this game's come to a close,

and now we lay to rest the tales we told.

We leave behind the soldiers and the beasts;

we leave behind the lovers and the lost;

we leave behind the heroes: those who died

and those who didn't - we will not forget.

For ev'ry story's bound to make an end,

and ev'ry world at last comes crashing down.

The stars in ev'ry sky will burst and fall;

the writer's pen runs dry - or so I'm told.

So go and make your way beyond this place,

beyond the drums of war and dreams of peace.

But as you leave this world behind, look back,

and lay your eyes upon the things we made.

The stories grand, the legends that we wrote:

we leave them here, to rest, but never die.


Topic closed.

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