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Revamp, Lord of Skull Spiders, with added torso and better abdomen


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Yeah I am going to have to agree. While this is a cool MOC of a Spider-Okotoid. It doesn't really scream Lord of Skull spiders... maybe more of a Skull Spider Soldier/warrior. The Lord of Skull Spiders should be just that, a Spider. This has some nice detail and a lot going on in the butt region, the added upper torso is where it falls apart. Now had you, or if you choose to compress that down into what it should be I could actually see this being a really cool upgrade to the LoSS.

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I think this is a great MOC, especially on that abdomen. Also great work with these gold pieces. My complaint is that it doesn't look like LOSS, which was just a giant spider. This is similar to Nidhiki (just in the concept, the build/appearence is totally different). It doesn't look like a LOSS rebuild, looks like a different humanoid character. That said, I really have to admit: this MOC is very well build, great job.

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