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Matau, Master of Air


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My entry for BBC Contest #69: Matau, Master of Air




matau-master-of-air-02.jpg_thumb.jpg matau-master-of-air-03.jpg_thumb.jpg matau-master-of-air-04.jpg_thumb.jpg matau-master-of-air-05.jpg_thumb.jpg


This was an interesting exercise is getting enough dark green integrated into the new CCBS style. I already had plans to build a Matau Metru revamp, so that's the direction I decided to take for this contest. But the MOC got a little too big for my previous project, so now it's just on its own. I was also inspired to use the boomerangs as his wings, and he also comes complete with a gear function.


I think he has some shortcomings, but I won't spoil the surprise so find them for yourself. :P Anyway, yeah, this is what I'm pushing into the contest. Comments and such are appreciated. Thanks for looking!



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Impressive! Definitely captures the spirit of the character. The hips look a bit empty, but the rest of him just about makes up for it. Best of luck in the contest! :D


On a side note, I see you borrowed my wings from my "Guardian of Stone" MOC. ;)

~Your friendly, neighborhood Shadow



~Credit for Avatar and Banner goes to


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V-air-y nice re-imagining of Matau. It looks very solid everywhere, just not in the hips unfortunately. The hips are the only thing that really look meh on the model, perhaps a couple of tires or the vahki hip piece would've looked better. Still though, maybe it's just a homage to the original's thin hips, eh? Anyway, great MOC, I hope to see it go far.


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