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Bionicle Park Tycoon 2

Hewkii Inika

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"Welcome, new Park Manager, to Bionicle Park Tycoon," - Mata Nui, President of Bionicle Park





What is "Bionicle Park Tycoon 2?"


Well, as you may have guessed, it's a sequel to the first one I made a few years ago (link to it provided below for nostalgia's sake) but as well as that, it's a theme park building game set in the old Bionicle universe, so out of the canon that it wouldn't be too out of place to put some of the 2015 Bionicle stuff in it as well.  :PYou start out with a set amount of widgets and get building, either in sandbox mode where you start out with 100,000 widgets and go crazy or in one of the scenarios where you usually start out with less money and have goals to complete in a set period of time. Currently the scenarios aren't up yet, but all the sandbox maps are in the demo below.


What is currently available in the most recent demo?


Like I said, all the sandbox maps are available. The first tutorial's base map is up, but it doesn't work as a tutorial yet, lol. Also the Zakaz Zooms and Super Shadows scenarios are available too, but again, they're just to show off the map, so they don't work as scenarios yet either. But Super Shadows is still fun, I think!  ;) As for the other stuff...



- Teri-Go-Round

- Krana Koaster

- Rocking Rockoh

- Piraka Party

- Ussal Karts

- U.D.D.

- Gukko Ride

- Roller Rahkshi

- Karzahni
- Visorak Web


None (however, there is a Shoot the Mighty Tuma one seen in the first tutorial just to give you a preview, lol)


- Mukau Burgers

- Bula Batches

- Liquid Proto


- Fern

- Pine Tree

- Lightstone

- Kanohi Statue

- Brick Wall

- Stone Wall


- Bohrok (janitors)


What are some other features?


Well, there's a day/night cycle, there's weather (rain for most of the maps, snow for the Snowy map, and no weather for the Volcanic map), and there's clouds that I think look really cool. They use some perspective tricks to add some fake 3D-ness! You gotta see it to really know what I mean, but trust me, I'm quite proud of these clouds, lol.


When will it be finished?


Whenever I stop being lazy.  :P For encouragement, however, I started really working on this as soon as Bionicle was announced to return in 2015, and I haven't had long breaks from it since. Based on that and my current progress, it might be completely done by the end of this year. Here's to hoping!


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4


Demos and Such

Bionicle Park Tycoon 2 Demo 1 (windowed) - In case you don't like fullscreen

Bionicle Park Tycoon 2 Demo 1 (fullscreen) - In case you DO like fullscreen

Bionicle Park Tycoon 1 - The one that started it all. Again, for nostalgia's sake (I'm kinda embarrassed by the graphics, but hey, it was years ago)


So, what do you all think? Feedback would be nice: I'm meeting with some indie game developers near where I live and I'm hoping to show them what I've got on this so they can see what I can do (I can't sell it obviously, what with trademarks and all...) So yeah, let me know what you think!  :D

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