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The Toa Inika: The Story Nobody Saw


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All of the newly-minted Toa Inika had a headache. 'Least, it felt like it. Ever so recently, they had been matoran. But then were struck by lightning, which somehow was from the Red Star. Being struck by lightning also tends to hurt quite a bit! It was kind of rude of the Red Star if we're going to be honest about it: these Matoran had just arrived from a long journey, and then they were disrespectfully struck by the Red Star's lightning! Yet that was not the worst part of it all, neither were the headaches that bad. You see, we're in a nightmare here. Well, it's real, but at least it feels like it's out of a nightmare! Don't judge me.

Jaller's head felt like it had gone on an adventure through Metru Nui's industrial districts on the worst days possible. It just simply wouldn't stop pounding. Pound. Pound. Pound. Pound. Great British Pound. It pounded so bad it almost felt as if it were creating currency inside his head. Obviously, that's illegal, but that was not the worst of Jaller's issues. It was the second worst, because he could be arrested for it. His mind felt like it had an intruder within it. There were some thoughts that felt as if they were not his own. But surely that wasn't possible? There was nobody but the other newly-minted Toa Inika around. He briefly considered eating them as they had been minted, but he quickly realised it wasn't that kind of mint. Of course, he soon realised where the thoughts were coming from.

Hey Jallah, is that yer name?I guess so, it says so here in your memahry. Says ye were simply Jala once too, but had to stop for out of univehse reasons. I know why! Lawsuit probably. Do you want anothah lawsuit? I can get you into anothah by calling yah Jala! It is yah fate! I know this, for I am thah KAHNOHI CAHLIX, MASK OF FATE! I CAN SEE THAH FUTURE!

Jaller was very taken aback by this. This appeared to have been his MASK talking to him via projecting its own thoughts into his mind. Surely he was going crazy? Wait, no. He wasn't. The Calix squelched around on his face, as if to try to and move itself to get a better view of Jaller's body. His mask had just tried to move. He really had to ask to ask the other Toa if their masks were alive.

So Jallah, which I know isn't yah real name, it seems you like that Hahli Toa...

Please don't rummage through my mind, thanks.

"Hahli, Hewkii, Kongu, Matoro, Nuparu, are you all okay? I have a confession to make: my mask is alive and talking to me in my head. Is this happening to anyone else or am I insane?"

The other Toa Inika nodded slowly and turned to each other, making eye contact uncomfortable several times as they slowly realised that what Jaller said was true: their masks were in fact alive. And they had personalities of their own. Rather obnoxious personalities, if I so say myself. Especially the Sanok. Hewkii got up to tell everyone about it, even though nobody wanted to know about it.

"Jaller, I have a problem."

"What is it?"

"My mask won't stop yelling obscenities at me."


We really need to stop looking into Hewkii's mind for what the Sanok says. It's not appropriate for this website. Maybe later, if it calms down. (Here's the spoilery spoiler of spoiliness: it won't.)

"That's ridiculous, Hewkii. Our masks may be alive and slightly obnoxious, but they're just trying to talk to us and befriend us... I'm hoping."

All five of the other Toa Inika turned to Jaller and were not amused. Especially not Hewkii. The masks were definitely not trying to befriend them at all.

"My mask's a mask of accuracy, the Kanohi Sanok. It can't do anything with me but constantly yell at me. Look at... Matoro's lifeless body over there!"


So, you're matora huh?

Matoro, and correct.

I can show you the world, Matorki! We can be a spooky ghost and haunt those other guys you probably hate! From above, from below, from through the walls, even from within them!

Wait. What are you doing?


Matoro did not finish his cry for help as his mask, the Kanohi Iden, Mask of Astral Projection, lifted his spirit out of his body, leaving it to slump lifelessly on the ground as the Iden took him on the journey of his lifetime. Which would sadly be cut short, you know. The Kanohi Ignika just had to go and choose Matoro, didn't it? How little respect for life from the Mask of Life. That sounds ironic, but I'm not well versed in Irony. Maybe there's a mask of irony out there that can help one such as myself understand.

Isn't this fun, Matolpin? We're seeing so much! The mountains, the caves below the surface, the creatures in the water, the spoiler for next year that is Mahri-Nui... ooh, this is interesting! What HAS this guy been eating?


You're such a downer, Maroto.


Matoro struggled with the Iden for the rest of the day. It was not until Kongu and Nuparu located his spirit viewing the 'splendid wondrous wonders' of what it was like to be inside a Muaka that they would return his spirit to the body.


Hahli had a headache. But unlike as with the others, it hadn't stopped. Worse, it was seemingly caused by her very mask. Which was alive, and had FEELINGS and EMOTIONS, so she couldn't tell it stop for fear of making it go on an angry rant about 'Hardfaces' and how 'squishiness is superior'. But against all advice, she told it to stop.

Please stop causing headaches.

What?! How dare you, you ungrateful Toa. I am YOUR MASK and I am responsible for your powers. I can do AS I PLEASE. I am the mask here, you are the Toa. I have my own feelings and emotions! You owe your mask power to me. If you dare ask again I WILL increase the severity of your headaches. Ungrateful little Toa. What's the matter anyway? Do you miss your old inferior hardfaced self? Bah. Squishiness is better. We have feelings and emotions. Krana are our long-lost brethren, also being squishy and having their own LIVES away from you disgusting Toa and Bohrok. But NOOOOO, we're not allowed to squelch ourselves off your disgusting little faces and live our own lives, we're practically glued to your own faces. I hate you as much as you hate me. But you should be grateful to me, because I AM BETTER THAN YOU. You were a hardface once, I was a squishy-squelch from the beginning and you have me to thank for your ascension to squishy-squelchiness. That is also part of why you should be grateful to me. We can even carry out the plans when we get back to Metru-Nui: we seize the means of mask-making, and destroy all the disks used for mask-making. We then gather the materials to produce more LIVING and SUPERIOR squelchy-squishy masks like ourselves. Brilliant plan. Don't interrupt me, I'm better than you. Maybe the Mask of Life can help with the living part? It better, that's why I'm finding it for you and why you're being lazy and relying on me.

But you just said you're my mask... I'm a Toa... of course I use masks...

No, only lazy Toa use masks. I said DON'T INTERRUPT ME. And you interrupted me. That's a severe headache for you. Do not do that again. I hate former hardfaces like yourself, you're so dense. Good thing the name hardface is a warning to that. Bah, I really need to associate myself with better excuses for Toa.

I hope I 'accidentally' lose you at some point. Living with you thinking into my mind is worse than going through Karzahni, and I've been through Karzahni, chronicled the world after Takua became Takanuva, won the Kolhii match championship, rediscovered some of Metru-Nui's 'legends'... what have YOU done, 'Elda'?

I enlightened you about how hardfaces are disgusting excuses for masks and people and must be destroyed so that we squishy masks can rule. That's a good thing. You have been talking back to me far too much. So ungrateful. HERE'S ANOTHER HEADACHE, SO SEVERE YOU'LL BLACK OUT!!!!!

Hahli then blacked out. The Elda.. well, it has one of the more obnoxious personalities. If you had the Elda or Sanok, you'd wish you had a Calix or Iden. At least they had good intentions and didn't hate their Toa for being former hardfaces. A hardface is someone with a Metru or Mata head. Hard masks go on these heads, hence the name and insult Hardface. It is an insult in the six-strong squishy mask community.

Let's see if the Kadin and Nuparu are as severe as this.

Kadin... I just want to fly through the air. Not into that tree. Flying's nice when you've spent most of your life putting things together as an engineer.

If you don't want to go into that tree.. THEN YOU'RE NOT GOING TO FLY AT ALL. Why have you gotta mess with my fun?

Nuparu had been flying in the sky, you see, while the large majority of other Toa were.. experiencing... their masks. He promptly dropped out of the sky, straight onto Kongu.

"Earth-Dude, why'd you quickdrop out of the highsky like that? I pilotedrode a BirdGukko back in Le-Koro, you gotta learn to fast-land."

"It was the Kadin, Kongu. It's alive as your Suletu is alive. "

Now, I really have to ask: why do you think I'm ruining YOUR fun? You are part of me! We are in this together. Hurting me hurts you too, you know!

I'm part of you?! That's the most offensive thing I've ever heard. Nuparu, this is so unbecoming of you. You were a nice respectful engineer up until that moment. My fun is my fun, not necessarily yours. So what if it kills you? I still live. I mean... you were a hardface once, so why should I care about your life instead of mine? I don't die when you die. I can even make myself fly off from your face if you want me to go away forever, which it seems like it right now.

No, I don't want you to go just yet. I still need a mask, I'm an Earth Toa. I'm sorry for offending you but it's the truth, I kinda need you on my face to live. You can abandon me and leave me to die, but then you'd be a murderer and be ostracized by the... squelchy-belchy mask community, if there is one.

ARE YOU MOCKING ME??! That's it, Nuparu. That is just so... shows such a disregard for my life I don't even know what to say about you. I'm going to fly you into the ground until you apologise truthfully for what you've done.

Nuparu was then lifted into the air at rapid speed, the Kadin glowing as in use. It then stopped glowing, and he plummeted back down to Voya Nui. Seven times, in fact. He apologised to the Kadin each time, but it didn't view them as truthful until Nuparu apologised for being a hardface. Meanwhile, Kongu's Suletu had read the whole conversation and was giggling at it.

Twas funny, that, weren't it? Me and you have gotta lay down-low, air-Kongu of the air. We can't let them see-know that I once-was a rock-hardface-front like you. Funny-joy how that works. None of them know their own origins like I do, thanks to your quick-memory. Let's read what that Muaka's doing.

Let's not, I don't want to see whether it wants to do one of the three things Muaka ever do. ...Oh, you already observed-read it. That's revolt-disgusting. I did not want to see that, nor did I want to see what Jaller quick-thinks of Hahli, nor did I want to see the whole Nuparu-Kadin conversation! We can't just go around other people's inside-heads! That's bad-rude. We better give them some obscure-privacy.

Eh... maybe. But it's so fun learning the disgusting things other people do. Hey, is that Gali?

Gali then appeared out of nowhere, having escaped from the Piraka Stronghold a while ago. Unfortunately, it was not Gali. It was a ruse. The Suletu detected this. There was something off about her mask. It felt way too much like a hardface mask. Which was to be expected, I guess. She was a hardface, after all.

Kongu... that's not Gali. Be care-cautious. I've sent out a distress signal, somehow, to the other masks like the Sanok and Elda.

I know. But those two masks? Are you insane? Those two masks will kill Gali for being hard-faced!

Hewkii arrived near Kongu very soon. He was very annoyed that his mask had yelled at him to go find Kongu, or more accurately, the 'freaky-looking mask air one'.

Hey Hewkii, I'm Kongu's mask and I'm IN YOUR HEAD! Very strange feelings for Macku you have there. And... wow, that shame of losing the Kolhii championship! How odd. Better tell Kongu about that. And those thoughts... wow, that Sanok really is dirty. The reason you haven't been hearing it since I intruded into your mind is because I have been suppresing it and feeding it with anti-hardface propaganda. Only way to make it shut up us to agree with it. I'm a psychologist because I can read other people's minds. Yay. Now hit Gai's face with your mask. Try to co-operate with it.

Not sure if that's possible, to co-operate with such a hateful mask, but... okay. Now.. get out of my mind? Please. I already have a headache from the Sanok as it is, I don't need another one.

Hewkii then took aim at Gali's mask. It wasn't a mask, and Hewkii and Kongu soon found out. As Hewkii's axe hit Gali's mask, it fell to the ground. Revealing only the most shocking revelation of them all: Gali was not Gali. The clues had alwasy been there. She was Gali. She was blue.

She was Galidor. She was Nick Bluetooth. The clues had been in her name and colour: GALIdor. Nick BLUEtooth.

All of the Toa Inika gasped. Even their masks did. Their masks may not have been able to co-operate with their Toa for the most part... but for this special occasion, they were able to set aside their differences, with no more hardface vs squishyface woes. Instead, they focused their efforts on only the most grand and pure of all efforts: Destroying Nick Bluetoth and Galidor, once and for all.

And that's how Galidor ceased to be and how the Inika settled their differences with their masks.


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On Bota Magna, everything is about to fall apart.


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