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BBCC #69: The Shadowed One, Ruler of the Dark Hunters


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"I dislike a traitor, but I despise an incompetent one."

- The Shadowed One



Entry Picture

The Shadowed One (BBCC #69) by DARKSIDERZ, on Flickr


Ever since I saw the contest title, I knew exactly which character I wanted to build, and the more I found out about him, the more I actually liked him. This guy is a baddie through and through, and his attitude towards treason makes me respect him a lot :P


A little back story


As the people of Okoto look to the horizon, they spot a fleet of ships approaching their homeland. And since they had never come across outsiders before, they are inclined to greet the newcomers. Little did they know, however, that in doing so they would be greeting their own demise. For The Shadowed One and his armies of Dark Hunters have arrived, seeking control over Okoto, and in search of the Mask of Ultimate Power!




Features a custom gearbox for cool punching motion and action poses, and the Staff of Protodermis with a launchable Rhotuka spinner.


More pictures on here


As always, constructive criticism is appreciated, and best of luck to my fellow contestants! If you like this MOC please upvote it :) Thanks!



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"Welcome to Valhalla, Warrior."


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I saw this thing on Brickshelf last night, and couldn't wait for you to post it so I could give it some feedback! :D


Amazing work, as usual! Flows well, and I love the take you've put on him. Everything from his head to his toes. ;) The staff is great, and I love how you did the shins. 10/10 from me!

~Your friendly, neighborhood Shadow



~Credit for Avatar and Banner goes to


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Okay now this is amazing! I just love every part of this creation. I have such high praise for this. Well done this truly shows how one can use CCBS in a great way.


-Onvermel- :pakari:

"I believe in certainties. The strength of my limbs, the power of my mask, the sharp edges of my blades — that is what I build my plans around. Trickery, deception, complex strategies, they are for the weak! If you want power, and another has it, you get it not by outwitting him — you get it by stepping over his corpse." Makuta Icarax


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I dare say this is an improvement on the original. Well done!

:r: :e: :g: :i: :t: :n: :u: :i:

Elemental Rahi in Gen2, anyone? A write-up for an initial video for a G2 plot


I really wish everyone would stop trying to play join the dots with Gen 1 and Gen 2 though,it seems there's a couple new threads everyday and often they're duplicates of already existing conversations! Or simply parallel them with a slightly new 'twist'! Gen 2 is NEW, it is NOT Gen 1 and it is NOT a continuation. Outside of the characters we already have I personally don't want to see ANY old characters return. I think it will cheapen the whole experience to those of us familiar with the original line...


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