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BBC69 Hordika Nuju


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I like what you tried to do here, but all I'm seeing is a glorified protector of ice with Hordika Nuju's head stuck on.

That's a real stretch of the imagination as the only things this MOC has in common with PoI is it has the same torso beam, is white and trans blue, and has the saw blade from the protector.


Anyway, I really like how you tried to make Nuju's right arm similar to his movies counterpart and it's nice to see people using the gearbox in new and inventive ways. Solid MOC and good luck in the contest.


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Another Hordika Nuju I see :P I like that you went with the bulkier look for the Rahi inspiration, it looks nice. The gear function is pretty cool as well, but the placement seems quite odd' same as the stud shooters. Overall nice MOC though, good luck in this contest!


Akamu, Toa of Ice :smilekohrak: :smilenuju: :smilekopakanu: :smilematoro: :akakunu: :kohrak: :matatu: :akaku: Talk to me about Destiny!

Ask me about stuttering and speech impediments!//Feel free to talk about Dungeons and Dragons with me!

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