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so i made the whole federation of fear crew, and here is lariska. note the un-vortixxyness?[img]http://i123.photobuc...le/SAM_0638.jpg[/img][img]http://i123.photobuc...le/SAM_0630.jpg[/img][img]http://i123.photobuc...le/SAM_0633.jpg[/img][img]http://i123.photobuc...le/SAM_0634.jpg[/img][img]http://i123.photobuc...le/SAM_0636.jpg[/img][img]http://i123.photobuc...le/SAM_0637.jpg[/img]likey?okay, so the coding didn't work....

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i like it! the HF and ben 10 elmentas combine wellactually, for the images, try doing thisSAM_0638.jpgi use the rich text editor buttons

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This is pretty decent. I definitely appreciate her not being a Vortixx, or looking like one. Frankly, while there was obviously no true romantic angle to it, Nidhiki in the very least found Lariska attractive in terms of being athletic, whereas he found Roodaka creepy and unnerving.The primary criticism I have about this model is that it seems very inconsistent. The upper torso is very nice and looks like it could be an actual BIONICLE character. But the head is a bit odd with the bulging eyes, and the Skrall armor shell doesn't flow well with the rest of the head. The lower torso seems to have more armor than is necessary, whereas the legs are about as bare-bones as possible, not helped by the hollowness and gappiness of those Skrall armor shells. The model jumps back and forth between high-texture parts like the Skrall armor, Toa Mata foot, and Throwbot foot and low-texture parts like the Hero Factory shell, Hero Factory bones, and Ben 10 parts. If there were some organization of which parts were high-texture and which were low-texture (for instance, using high-texture parts for her biomechanical parts and low-texture parts for her purely robotic arm), the model would be a lot better.Overall I'm impressed by the effort and the design considerations, but this model just doesn't seem up to the caliber of most official BIONICLE character designs. But then again, the same could be said about many Dark Hunters who didn't appear as sets or official combination models.

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Not how I imagined Lariska, but thats my problem, not a problem with the MOC. I just always imagined her being Brutaka sized. I like the use of crystal pieces as eyes. The obvious alternative to those would be barakki eyes, but I think the crystals probably fit the style of the head better. The upper torso is cool, and the arms that go with it too. The HF parts fit the role of mechanical arm well. I feel the whole thing falls apart a bit when you get to the legs, they look sort of hollow and weedy. Also think there is too much in the colour scheme for a MOC this size, the mechanical arm is obviously going to be a different colour, and thats fine for the eyes as well. Outside of those areas you have Dark Bley, Black, Metru Green and Metru Blue. That seems like too many to me. The bley isn't in abundance particularly, my problem is more that the black, green and blue don't work that well together, particularly on these simple limbs.

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Yeah, pretty good, could use work on the head. I hate that Lariska is officially blue and green, but I can't take it out on this MOC...

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