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Arkham Horror: Ekimu Investigates


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Just a little something I thrashed out the other day. I doubt many other people here play this specific game, but what the heck.Might as well toss it out there. 

Simply put, I decided to transfer Ekimu into the dark and complex world of hobby gaming, as an "investigator"/PC for the Arkham Horror board game (using the Strange Eons 3 design tool. Just so you don't think I did all those fancy borders myself or something). I have no idea what possessed me to do this, seeing as I tried to do this exact thing to Tahu once a few years back, and decided it didn't work. Suppose I just had a hunch that Ekimu would fit better, seeing as how he has fewer overt powers.

I decided to justify his presence as an interdimensional projection while the "real" Ekimu is sleeping on Okoto, which also let me avoid the futility of trying to make a Mask of Creation that was properly balanced for the game. Thus, his main advantages are his signature hammer and a special ability that allows him to "forge" (i.e. draw from a special deck of cards representing) masks, which he can hand off to his teammates or use himself.


For the uninitiated, info on the Arkham Horror board game can be found here:



And now, without further ado:




Investigator sheet: 



Unique Item (Forge Hammer): 



Mask deck, part 1:



Mask deck, part 2:



Gallery (when public):



EDIT: Almost forgot, the Mask of Fire card from the Mask deck isn't as self-explanatory as the others. It gives you a copy of this card:


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I can't say I've had the pleasure of playing Arkham Horror yet, but I want to!


As for Ekimu himself, well, I don't know. The image looks cool, but the investigator sheet link isn't working for me yet. So I can't really comment on it, haha


E: Oh, it's working now. Seems pretty cool! I'll try it out if I ever got a copy of Arkham Horror. Unfortunately board games are really expensive and I have sooo many I want to play =(

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Ok, all I see is seemingly custom Bionicle cards for some game I've never heard of and intrigues me so. I've not played a card game since Yu-Gi-Oh..

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