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Petewa's BIONICLE: Tale of Heroes


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“One day, on the island of the chronicler, Takua Nui, seven heroes arose,”




“One from the ashes of a maskmaker,”


A golden wave of light whacks someone in the back of the head, they are working on forging a huna, the wave knocks their face into the mask, a Ta-Toa cries out in agony.


“One from the depths of the sea,”


A diver gets hit by the same light, and falls into the mouth of a shark, a Ga-Toa screams like a young female matoran.


“One from the great jungles,”


A hunter is stalking his prey, the light hits him and he falls out of the tree, a Le-Toa groans.


“Another, from the untold land,”


A matoran is placing a lightning rod in the ground when they get electrocuted, the light hits and a Vo-Toa states “ow”


“One from the mountain ranges,”


A matoran jumps off a cliff, the light hits her, a Ce-Toa lands at the bottom.


“One from the shell of a Bohrok,”


The light comes to wasteland, the eyes of a bohrok without a krana begin to glow, it unrolls and soon, its plating falls off, an Av-Toa is reborn.


“And lastly, me, the glorious one, from the monument of heroes, the Takua Suva,”


A Toa Suva explodes, sending a ring of golden light through the island, when the dust clears, a Po-Toa with a giant hammer is standing in place of the Suva he speaks, “YOLO!!! WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS MOKUII DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? AND WHAT THE FRAG IS A MOKUII?”

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What in Mata Nui's name...

Takua's, everything's named after Takua here, Takanuva may or may not have me at gunpoint at this very moment,


*clap clap clap*


Good job so far!







“Those of our heroes who were clever, namely, everyone but Lekajhu, went towards the Takua Suva after escaping whatever predicaments it had put them in,”


“Hello there,” the Ga-Toa spoke to the Le-Toa who was feasting gracelessly on a living rahi,

“Another one?” the Ta-Toa spoke,

“Another what?” Lekajhu chimed in,

“Another tall idiot,” at this, Taranu had finally gotten himself into trouble, the trouble he deserved.


“They settled their differences like Toa and came to the place of my creation, the Takua Suva…sadly for them, I was not there at the time, for I had decided to roam the city of Takua-Metru in search of something edible,”


“Hey Mukau, are you edible?” not realizing at the time that rahi couldn’t speak, he continued to sweet-talk them into becoming his first meal, “No answer means yes,” he mumbled, and he was about to eat the kau, before he was stopped by a white and gold Toa by the name of Aveinu, “Who are you?” the idiot of stone asked of the lady,

She responded by asking him a question of her own, “What in karzahni do you think you’re doing?”

“It’s okay, it gave me permission,”

“Really? Because that looks more like a Pakari and less like a Rau on your face,”

“What’s a Rau?”

The Av-Toa brought her hand to rest on her face, “I have a journey, I’m looking for people like you, and something called a Suva, have you heard of that?”


“Can you take me to it?”

“I think it blew up,”


“Bang, kerblamo, gone, not there anymore,”

“Take me to see this,”

“What, why?”

“Take! Me! To! See! This!”

“Okay, fine, fine, it’s that way…do you know if there’s anything around here I can eat?”

She brought her hand to her face again,


“And so the heroes had each embarked on their journeys towards the Takua Suva…or at least what little remained of it,”

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”These brave heroes gathered together and became a new Toa team with a terrible team name,”


“Hello, and welcome to the first ever meeting of the Toa Takua,” The Ta-Toa Spoke, “I am Taranu, and I will lead this team,”


“Why you? Of all people, why you?” The Ga-Toa questioned,


“Because I am Taranu, and red sets sell better,” The Ta-Toa pleaded, fist on his heart, right leg entirely straightened out, left leg bent at a ninety degree angle so that he was standing heroically,


“How come I don’t know any of your names?” The Po-Toa finally brought up something important,


“I am Lekajhu, hero of Okoto,” The Le-Toa spoke with pride,


I stared down at him, shaking my head in distaste,


“I mean of Takua Nui, of course, why would I say Okoto? Does such a place even exist? The world may never know,”


“Ooohkay then, I am Kantuna, Master—I mean Toer—I mean, Toa of water,”


Why did Gen2 have to be their introduction to bionicle? I wonder to myself, slightly out loud,


“I am Vetahki,” The Vo-Toa spoke, voice electrifying to the sound…forget I said anything…


“I’m Ceresa. And I see into your soul, Doctor!”


“Okay lady, any more quotes in this chapter and you’re fired!” My voice exclaimed from the heavens, or at least the place where the lighting rig is kept,


And that was all she spoke.


“And I am Aveinu, zombie Bohrok of Light,” The Av-Toa spoke, colour scheme changing continually,


“And I’m Batman.” The Po-Toa gleamed, grinning ear from ear,


“That’s taken, I’m calling you Petewa,” Taranu killed the young one’s fun,


“But why Petewa? Can’t I be Nightwing or something,” The Toa with debated name inquired,


“Demanded by the gods it is!” Jar Jar explained,


Ceresa shot JarJar in the face. and that was all I wrote.

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