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Here Comes the Flash!

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The Scarlet Speedster. The Fastest Man Alive. The Crimson Comet. The Streak. You might know him better as the Flash!




I had to. Just for the pun utilizing the mask.


I had quite some fun building him. He'll be debuting at Bricks Cascade this weekend as part of the Super Hero convention-wide theme.


16140003693_2d088b04ac_m.jpg 16572380078_94f9f175f7_n.jpg


More pictures can be found on my BrickShelf.



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Awesome. He's not Jay Garrik or Kid Flash, but this will do. I feel indifferent about the lightning bolt. Since you've done this, can you make a Professor Zoom?



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Great MOC! At first I wasn't all that interested in the way the colors were distributed, but after looking at it for another minute or two it has grown on me. It's a very nice representation of the character!

As for the lightning bolt, it's the only amount of golden-brown on the MOC, but I understand why. It is still a nice addition, especially in the way you integrated it.


Oh, and I hope you have fun at Bricks Cascade!


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Sweet, great job! Flash was by far my favorite DC hero, and this certainly does him justice!


Hope to see him this weekend at Bricks Cascade!

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