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Nathan Furst Uploads Legends of Metru Nui Opening Score

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Nathan Furst, the man behind the music of the first three Bionicle films, has uploaded a song that BZPower Members will likely find interesting. He posted the Opening / Temple Escape score from the Legends of Metru Nui on

, so head over and give it a listen. Wow, it's been quite a time since we first heard that one!


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It'd be nice if we had a link in the post. 

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It'd be nice if we had a link in the post. 


Yes, but articles make so much sense and they are traditional here.

In fairness writing a single article & letting bots post it here, & wherever else is a fair move ... but making the bots' post make the article redundant (as far as a reader is immediately concerned)?

Yeah happens every now and again... Tradition is mightier than reason;

I'm sure it'll happen in the next 5 years, at least providing BZPower & G2 last more than 3...


In the mean time, more skull-posts than not require a reader to follow a link to a web point one-oh style page...

Tradition, 'stuff culture is arguably made from.

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Yesssss. So happy for this! I can't wait to use it for stuff and things. I love making stuff and things.



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