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Bionicle-on-Earth concept: Human Toa

Toa Flamedramon

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This was part of the concept I had for a Bionicle story based on planet Earth, once a crossover with an obscure cartoon I watched when I was younger.

These six people were going to be the new Toa of Earth (the planet, not the element of course) in an almost Power Rangers-type style. See if you can guess what their Element would be?




Also, here's Matau as a cat!






Well, Matau as a cat thanks to his Kanohi Mahiki. I had a few concepts about the these human Toa having a Turaga:


  1. Most of the Turaga have either died, or have been left behind on Spherus Magna, leaving one to migrate to Earth carrying Toa Stones.
  2. All six Turaga migrate to Earth disguised as animals, carrying Toa Stones
  3. All the Turaga and Matoran migrate to Earth, living on a secluded street in a human city, with a "Mahiki Nuva" hidden somewhere to give them human (or animal) disguises.
  4. The Toa Mata/Nuva/Mistika/Phantoka as Turaga (which I drew a couple years ago) migrate to Earth with Toa Stones. 

I originally had Matau as a beetle but I think cats blend in better in urban environments. 



One more pic relating to "Toa-on-Earth"; their "morpher"/all-purpose communicator known as the Toa-Comm, formed from the merging of the Toa Stones and the six youths' cellphones. 


This motorcycle  is known as the Toa-Cycle, and it can be augmented with Toa Tools and Kanohi Masks.



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You're not the first person to think of Human Bionicle characters, but hot diggity dang, this is something else.


I like how you've fleshed out the universe this takes place in, and made it very Power Rangers-esque, which I approve! Also, Cat matau is just adorable :3


If this ever gets made into a comic series, notify me, because this concept has potential, I'd like to see where you would go with it.




(I'll do this eventually, I swear...)


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