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Mr. Giggles


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Everybody loves clowns, right?

So I've picked up some parts a couple of weeks ago and made the tiny orange clown, later dubbed Mr. Giggles. I've had a lot of people tell me he turned out really creepy, so I decided to make an intentionally scary looking counterpart, a sort of a Jekyll/Hyde thing. Note the size difference in the group shot.

The result is what you see here. I'm not entirely satisfied with the monstrous version, mostly because I no wish I had integrated more color into it, I went a bit overzealous with the black, under the influence of a recent Alien quadrilogy marathon. I also think the first one is still more scary :v

Anyway, thanks for taking a look! Any comments and feedback you might have would be greatly appreciated.
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That is a Clever use of

Vakama's Noble Matatu

2 Lehrak Kraata

Rubber Band

Also the First Mr. Giggles is Adorable, and Terrifying.


The second does look Like some Demented monster you would see in a horror movie splitting its chest open and Releasing Shadowy arms

and now I just Planted that Image in your Head. Probably.

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