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Sardrox: Will of Makuta

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Front View

Back View

Leg Construct

Torso Construct (Back)

Sardrox's Laser Claws

Sardrox's Warhammer

Size comparison w/ Lazzix and LOSS!

Size comparison w/ Tahu, Onua, and Kairyn!

Brickshelf Gallery (when public)

Theme Song (Power-Hungry Fool: Fire Emblem-Path of Radiance)


It is unknown who Sardrox is, where he came from, or how he came under the employment of Makuta. What is known is that Makuta established a special link with Sardrox: If something went wrong and Makuta fell asleep, Sardrox would know, come to Okoto, and awaken him. After the Mask Hoarder used his Mask of Ultimate Power, he fell into an endless sleep. Just as planned, Sardrox knew, and came to Okoto in secrecy. For centuries he has been meticulously planning his master's awakening. Now, the Toa are on the island seeking the Masks of Power. It is unknown at this time how they will fall into his plans...


Primary Colors: White, Lime Green

Element: Unknown

Favorite Environment: Deep in the secrecy of his lair, in the Ancient City

Mask: Unknown

Powers: Disguising, Short-Range Teleportation

Weapons: Laser Claws and Warhammer

Signature Moves: Slash of Secrecy and Jet Rush

Key Traits: Cunning, Adamant, and Power-Hungry


So, at long last, here he is: Sardrox,my Self-MOC: New and Improved for the Okotoverse! I've been working on him since about December, so I really hope you enjoy him! Feel free to leave any comments and criticism you may have! Thanks, and enjoy my birthday present to you guys! :D




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