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MoLToran Articulation

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As you may or may not know, IXRolloutIX made a great video on adding neck articulation to the Toa Mata and Toa Nuva. You should check out the video (which I've linkd at the bottom of this post) if you already haven't.


When I watched the video, I wondered if you could apply this method to any other sets. It turns out that you can with the 2003 rebuilt Matoran, or MoLToran if you like.



This is Macku in her standard set form, minus the Kolhii stick. Note that her head has neither articulation nor eyes. This modification fixes both of those issues.


You need two additional pieces to do this modification:



A piece of flex tube cut to the length of a standard 3 stud long axle...



...and a Toa Mata head with an eyepiece. In theory, Macku should have a light gray head and yellow eyes like Gali, but I had to work with what I had.



The first thing you need to do is to remove both the Tohunga head and the blue connector pin from the torso.



Next, you need to insert the flex tube into the back of the eyepiece, like so.



Finally, insert the other end of the flex tube into the torso where the blue pin is normally attached.



Put the mask back on and you're done.



Voila! Macku now has head articulation and eyes. The only problem is due to the shape of the Mata head, it is difficult to pose the Matoran looking down. In order to do so, you need to pull the tube out just a little bit.



Hewkii and Macku practice some Kolhii. Although it can't be seen from this angle, Hewkii's flex tube is pulled out just a little bit to allow him to look downward. Now if only, we could articulate those elbows...


In theory, I guess this method could also be used for the original McToran, too. You would just plug the flex tube into the pin on the torso. I take no credit for this method. I only adapted it for the 2003 Matoran. Credit goes to IXRolloutIX's original video:



Thanks for looking at my tutorial. If anyone has any other ideas for articulation and the like, please say so.


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If you trim flex tube to a little bit shorter than a 2-axle -- about 1.5 studs -- you can also do this with McToran. It doesn't do much to improve their neck articulation, but it at least gives them eyes and allows them to bring their arms further forward.

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Using bars to give neck articulation is pretty trivial. I had a MOC made five or so years ago that used a 4-length lightsaber blade on the 2003 Matoran body to a very similar effect, and I'm sure others have done similar things independently. Not entirely something requiring its own topic (let alone a ten-minute video), IMO.


It's also worth noting that the 3-length bar is an existing piece; here's the BrickLink catalog page for it. It comes in a lot of colors too. This avoids cutting tubing, for the purists.



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