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Here is the submission from team SHM:


 The Interior Design Game


The host will post an empty room (i.e a hut on Mata Nui, a Ninjago dojo, inside of Sentai Fortress) along with pictures of various items, some LEGO-related, some not. Players will then have an amount of time determined by the host to edit the items onto the background in a way they see fit, to be judged by the host. The winner of each round will post and judge the images for the next round. If they are unable/ don't want to do so, the original host will.

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And here is the submission from Team Mega-Orb :dazed: :



The Story So Far
Welcome, fellow weavers of extravagant tales of Bionicle lore. The Bionicle story team has convened all of you to write the next Bionicle story.
Unfortunately, there is a catch. The story must be typed out in sections, and each of the continuing sections must be voted on by the entire group.
Part 1: Submit your continuation
In this part of the round, any member who stops by this topic may type up a paragraph to continue the story after the The Story So Far (see below). Your paragraphs may be serious, wacky, comedic, or anything else you want them to be - the sky is the limit!
You will have 24 hours to submit your paragraphs. 
Part 2: Vote on the submitted paragraphs
After the paragraph-submitting portion of the round has ended, you will have 24 hours to vote for which paragraph will be added to the The Story So Far. Evaluation of the paragraphs and providing reasoning behind your vote is encouraged!
---Has to be a paragraph, so it has to be more than just one sentence, but not be something fifteen sentences long.
---Has to be written as a story, so no role-playing. Characters, if any, do not belong to anyone.
---Cannot simply disregard previous stuff without a good explanation.
---Don't be a sore loser.
---Don't plagiarise.
The Story So Far: 
The Toa who had no name stepped onto the final jutting rock of the ledge, looking out over the plains of Po-Wahi.
They had no name because they had left it behind, abandoned it because they no longer deserved one.
They were merely a traveller, now, an observer of the way things went on around them without participating themself. That was the plan, the intention. To observe, but not to interfere. It had been so long since they had last acted they had forgotten most of themself, now reduced to a mere observer. They heard the wind breeze over the sand, they saw the sand move along with the wind, they felt the sand flying into their body as it was carried by the wind. A sandstorm was coming. It was time to move, to travel onwards. 
They jumped off the ledge and landed lightly, flattening the dried shrub below them with a soft crunch.
What will happen next? Go!
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MrPerson has been eliminated by a vote of 3-1-1.



Each team has three days to come up with an idea for a multi-chapter story starring players from VERSUS 2, and write a prologue to said story. The story idea/summary and the prologue must be posted in VERSUS 2. Whichever I feel is more interesting or looks better will win. The losing team must eliminate a member.


You have 72 hours. Begin!

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Prologue: Once upon a time, Valendale, Kapura, Madu Cabolo and Ghidora were on a team in a game. They had to write a story.


"Oh no the deadline is in one hour and we've done nothing!". exclaimed Valendale.


"Neither has the other team. Let's just put something up and we'll win by default."


"Okay let's do it," chimed in Ghidora.


"Not so fast," said a myserious voice in dramatic fashion.


"..." said Cabolo.




Summary: Our heroes overcome various challenges and the orher team to nearly win the game. Then they have to give up winning and ally with the other team and the host to use the powers of laziness and procrastination to stop an evil and ancient monster from consuming the universe. They then are given the victory anyways because of their saving the world and then promise to not procrastinate so badly for the next challenge.

Want to solve an exciting murder mystery? Try Murder Mansion II, a new game in Games and Trivia! 8 Spots remaining!


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"A long time ago, or a not so long time ago - we forget, sorry - the Great Voltex abducted us from our homes. They turned most of us, those who would be known as the team of MEGA-ORB, into fish. We weren't exactly pleased with that, but our attempt at protests by flopping around on the floor were met with an enraged host. Not that we knew what we were doing, mind you, being fish and all. That's not even the weirdest thing about this story. 


To prevent us dying in the domain of Voltex, which was effectively an endless realm they ruled, we were placed into a tiny and cramped pond. All of us, except for Fishers. She was very experienced at fishing. It was her name, after all. She fished us out as she had managed to avoid the curse of the fish. Which had only been applied to the team that would become Team MEGA-ORB for some reason - probably because it amused Voltex. Once we had been fished out of the pond that then inexplicably disappeared - probably due to Voltex' will - we learnt that the realm we were in had no escape. We had to fulfill tasks for Voltex. If we didn't please them the most, one or even two of our team members would die. We weren't the only team - there were Team CHUMMS and Team SELFMADE HARDCORE MAFIAAAAA. 


Team CHUMMS was the first to be experience the wrath of Voltex. It did as they asked at first, but later they grew too ambitious and arrogant. They thought they could shirk the tasks Voltex gave them. They're more or less now corpses that still haven't been buried. Except for their robotic Unit, that managed to escape the wrath and join us.


Team SHM, on the other hand, was a lot more dangerous. They were much more competent and much better at living up to their name. They were exactly as mafia-like as the name implied. They killed three members of our team (Vrokorta, JiMing, Liuth) and assisted in the extermination of Team CHUMMS. They were very dangerous.


We, Team MEGA-ORB, worshipped the MEGA-ORB for luck. We did as the tasks asked, except when we didn't. We were Fishers64, Pulse, Kopekemaster, ShadowVezon, Unit, Liuth, Vrokorta, and JiMing. Most of us were fish, but that didn't make us useless. We eventually escaped - whether through the darkness of death for the less fortunate of us, or through the light of return to where we had been plucked from for the most fortunate of us. 


Team CHUMMS still rests in pieces, and Team SHM, nobody knows what happened to them. Still with Voltex, we think. Doing his bidding. Winning isn't always the best thing you can do.


That isn't the whole story of course - there's a lot more details we've left out. That's just the basic gist of what happened."




"I told you, it's not really a big deal." fishers said. The three Captains were waiting outside Voltex's office, trying to curb their anticipation at being allowed to pick the teams for Voltex's latest fighting game. "We know what Voltex is like. He does fighting games."


That was, of course, an understatement. While the class Voltex taught was technically entitled "The History of Modern Warfare," everyone knew what it really was - an excuse for the professor to pit the students against each other in various games. Students had been killed and revived in various gruesome games of Mafia, Hitman, and now this new type of game. Rumor had it that he was even hosting an inter-dimensional fighting tournament in the basement.


"It's time," Voltex said, ushering the three captains into his office. The room was dimly lit, showing off a disturbing scene - three groups of fish hovering in three orbs of water. Worse, were the fish talking among themselves?


To Be Continued...

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