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The (Other) Journey of Takanuva

Master Inika

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Takanuva, the Toa of Light, fell through the space between dimensions. He was carrying vital information for his allies, the Toa Nuva, whom were currently fighting in a faraway place called Karda Nui. Luckily, a being named Brutaka wore a rare Kanohi Mask of Power that allowed him to open up portals to anywhere in the universe, or even other universes. Unfortunately, the mask was damaged, and so he was warned it might not work perfectly.


Finally, Takanuva felt his body pass through the dimensional barrier and landed on a grassy plain. He pushed himself up off the ground, and immediately knew he was in the wrong place. Karda Nui was a massive cavern with distinctive stalactites hanging from the top. This place had a sun much like the universe he left, and also clouds, and even birds flying around! They flew close enough for him to get a good view of them. Strangely, they were completely organic. Where he came from, a place called Metru Nui, all life was half-organic and half-mechanical, including him.


“The island of Mata Nui contained life-forms of this kind,” Takanuva recalled. Metru Nui was housed in an underground dome, which Mata Nui was directly above. “Oh, no,” Takanuva said with dread. “If I’ve ended up back on the surface, I’m farther from Karda Nui than I was before!”


Takanuva looked around for some indication of where he was. In the distance, he saw a collection of crystalline buildings on the side of a mountain. Great, a city! Maybe there was somebody there who could tell him where he was and how to get where he needed to be.


“The sooner I find help, the sooner I get to Karda Nui,” he reminded himself as he began walking. Not soon after, though, he encountered a fence blocking his path. It stretched far in both directions. Walking around it would take time he didn’t have. Takanuva didn’t want to trespass, but as long as he didn’t interfere with anything, he didn’t see any problem with cutting through. He stepped over the fence (it was actually rather small) and continued his trek.


He looked at the rows of apple trees as he walked, and realized by their organization that he must be walking through a farm of some sorts. Still, he was sure that, should he encounter the farmer, he’d be able to explain himself and avoid a confrontation.




He saw a tree a ways forward shake as several apples fell from it. It was in the direction he was going anyway, so he ran over to see what the commotion was. He arrived to see the apples falling into well-placed baskets, as well as a small, orange quadruped with a yellow mane and a… hat?


“Um, hello there,” he said calmly, hoping to not frighten the little creature.


It turned around, and looked shocked for a moment. Takanuva saw it had big, green eyes and was female. The animal’s expression hardened as she tightened her stance, snorting out of her nostrils. And then, to his surprise, the animal spoke.


“All right, who are yah, and what’re yah doin’ on mah farm?” she demanded, taking a step forward.


The Toa of Light held up his hands. “I mean you no harm. My name is Takanuva. I’m simply a lost traveler, looking to reach that mountainside city over there.” Keeping his hands up and open, he pointed toward the mountain.


The creature turned around, and then looked back at Takanuva, her confrontational gaze unchanged. “What’re yah trying to get to Canterlot for?”


Takanuva realized that, from her point of view, he must have looked like some kind of monster, with his imposing size and visible Staff of Light showing from its place on his back. “I was attempting to travel a great distance using a certain piece of technology. However, I ended up here by mistake. That city seems like the best place for me to find some way back.”


The orange animal seemed to start to understand he was intelligent and not malevolent. Her body loosened as she said, her voice still suspicious, “What kind ah technology, stranger?”


Takanuva lowered his arms, and when she didn’t react, answered, “It would sound to you like some kind of magic.”


The creature smiled. “Well why didn’t yah just say so? Mah friend Twilight Sparkle knows all about magic!”


“Twilight… Sparkle?” Takanuva repeated. It somehow seemed to fit what he knew about this world, with its bright colors and idyllic feel, but still, he wasn’t expecting such an odd name. And he came from a universe where someone was named Tiribomba. Still, she seemed like his best bet. “Can you take me to her?”


“Ah don’t see why not,” the creature said. “Mah name’s Applejack, by the way. Twilight lives over yonder in Ponyville. We’re in Sweet Apple Acres, just outside ah town.”


He decided the name was no stranger than Twilight Sparkle. “Thank you, Applejack. When do you think we can meet her? I don’t mean to rush you, but I’m on an urgent mission.”


Applejack started walking back to a farmhouse nearby. Takanuva followed as Applejack answered, “Not too long a wait now. Mah friend Fluttershy’s finishing up checkin’ up on some ah mah animals. Then we can get along to Twilight.”


“Agreed,” the Toa of Light said. “By the way, um… what kind of Rahi are you?”


She looked at him quizzically. “Well, ah don’t know what in the hay a ‘rah-hee’ is, but ah’m a pony. Now, how about you?”


“I am a Toa,” Takanuva replied. “A Toa of Light, to be specific. I command the Elemental Power of Light.” He could tell that Applejack seemed confused, so he added, “Um, is Fluttershy a pony as well?”


“Oh, ah course!” Applejack answered. “Everyone around here is. ‘Pony-ville,’ remember?”


The two reached the farmhouse. There were three other ponies waiting outside, which, after their initial shock of seeing an armored giant walking through their farm, Applejack introduced as her family, Apple Bloom, Big McIntosh, and Granny Smith, as they all went inside.


“Fluttershy should be back from the barn soon,” Apple Bloom told her elder sister.


“Thanks, sugar cube,” Applejack replied. Then, she turned to Takanuva and said, “Fluttershy’s a little, well… shy. So, she might get a tad bit nervous meetin’ yah.”


Suddenly, the other farmhouse door opened, and a yellow pony with wings and a pink mane walked in.


“Well, Applejack, I’m pleased to say your animals are all doing just fine,” the pony said in what sounded to Takanuva like a whisper. He heard her, though, when she looked up and shrieked in terror. “Oh my goodness, a-a monster!” she cried, running back out the door.


“Fluttershy, wait!” Applejack yelled as she gave chase. “This here’s, uh, Ticonderoga! He’s mah new friend!”


Takanuva heard the sounds of struggle outside and poked his head out. He saw Applejack finishing up lassoing Fluttershy to the ground.


“Well, Toa, this –” the orange pony took a moment to tighten the knot holding Fluttershy down as the winged pony struggled “– this is Fluttershy, and Fluttershy, this here’s…”


“Takanuva,” he said, getting down on a knee, making him just slightly taller than the two ponies.


Fluttershy made a timid, quiet cry and covered her face, already hidden by her long mane, with her wings. The Toa of Light looked at Applejack for an answer, uncomfortable with the situation.


“Heh, she’s always like this,” Applejack assured. She turned her attention to the pony shaking underneath a shield of her own wings. “Fluttershy, this is mah new friend, Takanuva. He wants to go meet Twilight to talk about her magic.”


Finally, Takanuva could see one of her baby blue eyes through her barrier. “Um, h-hello,” she said, almost inaudibly. “I’m Fluttershy.”


“Hello there, it’s nice to meet you,” Takanuva replied, happy to be making progress. He held out a hand and continued, “I’m Takanuva.”


Fluttershy hesitantly held out her hoof. Takanuva took it in his armored hand and shook it gently.


“Well, now that we’re all friends here, let’s head into town,” Applejack said with a smile.


Takanuva had never seen a place like Ponyville. Once he had gotten used to seeing an entire society run by these strange pony creatures, he was still amazed by the look and feel of the place. The colors were so vibrant, and the ponies themselves seemed so happy. It made him realize just how much of his life had been spent fighting, constantly at war for a peaceful future he and his allies seemed doomed to never see.


His thoughts were interrupted by a sound from above. “Hey, you two, who’s your tall friend?” a voice shouted from above. Quicker than Takanuva’s eyes could follow, a blue pony with a rainbow-colored mane landed on the ground in front of the group, executing a perfect landing.


“Hey there, stranger. They call me Rainbow Dash,” she said, flicking her tail.


“I’m Takanuva. Pleased to meet you,” he replied.


“So where’re you from, Takanuva?” she asked.


“Yeah, I was wondering that, too,” Fluttershy quietly added. Applejack nodded as well. He remembered he’d only told her he was from somewhere far away. He had begun to think he had actually traveled between dimensions. Would they believe that? No, he decided; best to wait to talk to this Twilight Sparkle.


“I came here from a place called Metru Nui,” he told them. “It’s very far from here, only accessible at all by a very specific piece of technology. You ponies might call it magic.”


“Well, if it’s magic you’re looking for, I’m sure Twilight can help you,” Fluttershy said reassuringly.


“She’s right,” Rainbow said, flying a few feet above the group as they walked. “She’s the best magic-user in all Equestria!”


“That’s the place Ponyville and Canterlot are part of,” Applejack explained. Takanuva was about to ask right before she did.


Takanuva admired all the quaint buildings he passed, but one stood out more than any other. It was a grand, elegant structure with two large glass windows, through which Takanuva could see beautiful linens on display. The way the sun’s rays reflected on and refracted through the building reminded him of a Suva, the special shrine maintained by Matoran in honor of a Toa hero.


“That there’s Carousel Boutique,” Applejack explained.


“My friend Rarity owns it,” Fluttershy added.


“Rarity’s nice, but I sure don’t like hanging around there,” Rainbow Dash commented. “I’m more function over form, you know?”


The door opened up as a white pony with a regal blue mane and horn on her forehead stepped out, staring adoringly at the Toa of Light.


“Hello there, do you see anything you like?” she asked, trotting up to the group.


“Your garments look very nice,” Takanuva answered, glancing back at the window.


“Thank you so much, darling,” Rarity said. “It’s really a nice ego-boost hearing that from somepony – well, some-whatever-you-are – who obviously knows a thing or two about fashion.”


That comment confused the Toa of Light. “What do you mean?” he asked.


Rarity gasped in amazement. “You really don’t see the magnificence in your own pure white armor? I think it looks quite knightly on you. You must tell me where you acquired it.”


Takanuva smiled, knowing the answer would only confuse her. “It was forged by expert Matoran crafters from the land of Artakha,” he said. Rarity just looked at him, puzzled, much to Takanuva’s amusement.


“I must say, though, I think you’d look absolutely divine if you’d choose a secondary design that better interacts with your white armor,” she commented. Takanuva knew what she was referring to: His mask, breastplate, and shoulder pads were all a dark, metallic gray, as well as twisted in shape, the result of an attack he barely survived.


“Something like gold would complement it better, right?” he said.


“Exactly!” Rarity beamed.


“The darkened parts of my armor were gold not too long ago,” he explained, “but I was recently attacked by a creature called a shadow leech. I lost my gold coloration, as well as half of my inner Light.”


“You lost some of your Light? Oh, no!” This voice was new. Takanuva turned to see a fifth pony, whose entire coat was various shades of pink and mane looked as tamable as a Kane-Ra bull. The others seemed to recognize her, so Takanuva was content to let her speak, which she did: “I hope you find it soon! I lost something, once. It was a pretty bow I wanted to wear to a party. Can you guess what color it was? It was pink! Did you guess pink? Anyway, I looked everywhere for it! I looked under my bed, and in the closet, and in my drawers, and under the bed again, and you know where it was the whole time? Already on my head! Silly me.”


The pink pony ended her quickly-spoken story with a smile, not even panting. Were Takanuva not friends with the equally fast-talking Toa Lewa, he would have had no idea what she’d just said.


“Pinkie Pie, this is Takanuva,” Applejack said. “We’re helping him on a journey.”


“A journey?” she asked, walking right up to Takanuva and looking directly at his mask. “Where to? Fillydelphia? Manehattan? Karda Nui?”


“Yes!” Takanuva exclaimed, shocked and amazed. “That last one! How did you know?”


“It’s so obvious!” Pinkie Pie replied, much to his joy. “Anypony who’s anypony wants to end up in Manehattan one day. Unless you’re Applejack, of course. Then, you end up wanting to go back home. Did she tell you that story?”


“Pinkie!” Applejack shouted. “Takanuva’s on an, uh, important mission, right?”


“Yes,” the Toa of Light said, thoroughly confuse. “We should continue onward to Twilight Sparkle. Are we close?”


“Just around that corner,” Applejack said, pointing her hoof down the street. Takanuva and the five ponies made their way around to see a giant oak tree with doors and windows incorporated into it. The creative architecture of Ponyville never ceased to amaze the Toa of Light.


The group walked up and Applejack tapped a hoof on the door. Out stepped a purple pony with a well-groomed mane colored a different shade of purple and navy blue, and a horn similar to Rarity’s.


“Hey girls, uh, what’s up?” This pony, presumably Twilight Sparkle, seemed overwhelmed by all five ponies at her door. And looking up to see an armored giant among them didn’t calm her at all.


“What in Celestia’s name is that?” she cried, taking a step back. The others immediately started trying to calm her and explain that he wasn’t some kind of monster. After hearing their defenses of him, Twilight invited them all in. Takanuva just barely made it through her small door.


“So, what kind of magic are you looking for?” Twilight asked, walking across her vast book collection with an eager expression. The others sat around the room.


“Teleportation,” he said.


Twilight stopped mid-trot and turned, centering on a specific area of the bookshelf. “Any specific kind of range or other attributes?” she asked in a helpful tone.


“Just, the farthest teleportation possible.”


“The farthest spell I’m aware of could, hypothetically, land you on the moon,” she said matter-of-factly. “But it’s far beyond my capabilities. In fact, it was only developed as a theoretical spell many centuries ago by Starswirl the Bearded, and even he wasn’t powerful enough to actually attempt it.”


Takanuva took a deep breath. He had hoped to mention the interdimensional aspect only to Twilight, in case the rest would think him insane for it, and it seemed all six wanted to see him off. But they had only showed him acceptance and sympathy thus far (after getting used to his size). “Do you have anything in the way of an interdimensional spell?” he finally asked. “I think that’s what happened. I attempted to take a damaged portal to a specific area of my previous universe, but I believe I ended up here, in another dimension, instead.”


The six ponies all exchanged looks. At first, Takanuva thought he had really said something too outlandish for them to accept, but Twilight’s next statement confirmed that wasn’t their concern.


“It’s certain possible in theory, but I’ve never read about it,” the purple pony said, scanning her bookshelf all the while. “I suppose we could ask Princess Celestia. If anypony knows how to get you home, it’s her.” Before Takanuva could say anything else, Twilight Sparkle shouted, “Spike!”


A small, purple-and-green dragon ran in from another room. He looked up at Takanuva for a moment with fear, but seeing the other ponies casually sitting by him must have calmed the dragon’s nerves. “Yes, Twilight?” he said.


“Take a letter, please,” she ordered. He retrieved a pen and paper and Twilight quickly dictated to him their situation. To Takanuva’s surprise, Spike simply blew on the paper and it transformed into a wisp of energy, and surged out the window.


After a moment, Spike belched, and a new letter appeared before the group. Twilight telekinetically took it and opened it up. Seven slips of paper, which Takanuva recognized as tickets of some kind, fell to the floor.


“It says for us to go to Canterlot immediately,” Twilight reported.


The group made their way to the train station and reached Canterlot in no time, talking and learning about each other along the way. Takanuva was surprised that this society had concepts similar to his home dimension’s system of Light and Shadow, but here those ideas were called Harmony and Chaos. Furthermore, Princess Celestia had once been betrayed by her younger sister, Princess Luna, but was restored to the throne, while Luna was eventually rehabilitated. In his universe, the Great Spirit Mata Nui had been struck down long ago by the evil Makuta, whose plan to eventually kill Mata Nui and rule the world was still being enacted. Takanuva could only hope he would see a happy ending the way these ponies did.


The city of Canterlot was much more familiar to Takanuva, reminding him somewhat of the Coliseum of Metru Nui. A group of armored pony guards escorted them to the Princess’ throne room. For the first time in his entire journey, Takanuva was presented with a pony his own height. Celestia’s horn made her just barely as tall as him, although her graceful and somewhat goddess-like demeanor made her seem somehow taller.


“So you’re our lost traveler,” she said lightly.


“Yes,” he replied, bowing his head, since the others were.


“Come with me,” she said. “I think I know how to return you back.”


When Takanuva and the six ponies attempted to follow, Celestia turned and faced them. “I’m sorry, my little ponies, but circumstances require me to keep what I’m about to show our visitor a secret from you, for the time being.”


The ponies obviously looked sad and surprised, but none argued or protested.


“If you wish to say goodbye to Takanuva, now is the time,” the Princess declared firmly but sympathetically.


One by one, the ponies said their goodbyes.


“Remember to get that gold armor back, for fashion’s sake!” Rarity said.


“And good luck with your mission to reawaken your Great Sprit,” Twilight added.


“Nice meeting you, Takanuva!” Rainbow Dash said, offering her hoof in a gesture reminding Takanuva of the fist-bumping Toa salute.


“Um, goodbye, Takanuva,” Fluttershy managed to get out. “I’m sorry for panicking the way I did when I first met you.”


“Well, ah guess this is it then, Ticonderoga,” Applejack said.


“Guess so,” Takanuva said, struggling to find the right words. Goodbyes had never come easy to him, not with his best friend Jaller back at home, and not now. “Thanks for everything. All of you. It was fun.”


“Totally!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed with a giggle.


Takanuva said his final goodbyes to his six friends as Celestia beckoned him to go with her. She led him down a corridor leading to a small room. Celestia used her magic to turn on the light, revealing only one noticeable item in the windowless room: a purple, well-crafted mirror.


“It’s very beautiful,” Takanuva said, looking at himself and the Princess in it.


“This is no ordinary mirror,” she warned. “The reason I brought only you is because of the threat it would pose if its very existence was revealed. This mirror is a portal to another world. I don’t know if it’s your world, but this mirror is the best hope this universe holds for you to return home.”


Takanuva looked at it, then at Celestia. “Thank you,” he said, nodding his head.


She smiled reassuringly. “Good luck, Toa Takanuva.”


With that, Takanuva crouched down and stepped through the mirror. It felt like there was nothing in front of him at all. Then, before he knew it, he was experiencing the familiar sensation of floating between dimensions, off toward the next part of his journey.

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"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
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I like this, is there gonna be some other one?

Meh, probably not.


Why not?


I'm out of inspiration. If I made myself write more to the story, it wouldn't be as good.

"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


Click here to visit my library!

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Nice, dude-very nice.

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Well, I’m not into My Little Pony and you could’ve have a title called “Takanuva meets Little Ponies” or something, but this is very well written! Amazing, dude!:)


You know, the story makes me think of this: characters in Bionicle always suffered dark times, including the menacing Makuta Teridax. Nice that you have Takanuva as an example of a Bionicle character who sees a life of people so beautiful that Bionicle characters would have hoped that the same would go to them. Thumbs up to your story, still, too!:)

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