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Do these islands share a dome?

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Judging by Bonesiii's map, no, but on the official map, entirely possible, if the Northern Continent has a similar- or larger-sized dome than the Southern

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Elemental Rahi in Gen2, anyone? A write-up for an initial video for a G2 plot


I really wish everyone would stop trying to play join the dots with Gen 1 and Gen 2 though,it seems there's a couple new threads everyday and often they're duplicates of already existing conversations! Or simply parallel them with a slightly new 'twist'! Gen 2 is NEW, it is NOT Gen 1 and it is NOT a continuation. Outside of the characters we already have I personally don't want to see ANY old characters return. I think it will cheapen the whole experience to those of us familiar with the original line...


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I don't think we know much about any dome except Metru Nui's.  The rest of the Matoran Universe has always been described as very contiguous, just based on the fact that the various characters who travel from island to island are never seen going through sea gates like the kind Metru Nui has nor is there mention of coming to anything like the Great Barrier.  Now there could be (and probably are) multiple domes, but I don't think we've got a lot of information on what the division is like.

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