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April is Coming


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Then again, the "we switched Wednesday and Thursday" thing might be a clue. But it's 8:10 Eastern Time and still nothing

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A RUDE AWAKENING - A Bionicle G1 continuation and video-game project(MUSIC COMPOSER)  
special thx to Inary the Gunhaver for my new username. 


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I waited so long... but the joke never came... I am dissapoint.

The joke is our pain to the staff as they laugh on how we waited :P

one day this will contain greatness only the best. But take this with the ocean of salt then you will know what to expect from this

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Who pulled this prank and what was it? By saying this and so you’re building it but they’re breaking it down. By it I mean this topic, and by they I mean hypothetical person that posted in this topic without really being on topic and by you I mean you if this prank actually happened.

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