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Versus 2 Challenge Response

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One day, a skakdi walked into a dentist's office. "Now, just take a seat on this chair." The dentist instructed the spined creature. It merely grunted in response and leaned back on the dentist's chair as it reclined and the skakdi was lying down. "Now, say aaahhhh." Said the dentist as he leaned over the creature's teeth. It revealed its sharp teeth and the doctor recoiled in disgust. "Eww... that smells terrible! Almost as bad as a rotten banana sliding down a slide covered in the slime of a dripping pen filled with lemon flavored ink colored green!" The skakdi took offense at this statement and roared as he lifted the dentist and threw him through a wall, giving the patients waiting outside a nasty shock.

If you like Pingu & want to support a good project, click here. Also, I've rejoined the BZPRPG & I have a new profile for a new game. Click here to see it.

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