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Tamahra and Thanne - Matoran

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Two Lady Matoran. Thanne's the Fe-Matoran on the right with the shotgun, Tamahra's the Bo-Matoran on the left with the grass skirt.




Name: Thanne
Gender: Female
Species: Fe-Matoran
Equipment: Proto-gel Scatter-Blaster (Customized)
Status: Alive
Approximate Myers-Briggs Type: ISTP ‘Handyman’ (Introverted, Senser, Thinker, Perceivier)
Thanne is a Fe-Matoran who originated as a sea-faring scavenger and ‘isolationist’ in the body of water surrounding the island of Yerinn. She, along with a couple of close friends, crewed The Minnow independent from the mainland, staying clear of the others who would hold her accountable, be they the Overguard, Pirates or other scavengers, with ease.

Yet even off-shore in open sea, she was not exempt from that massive explosion that originated from the island. Ash and rubble were flung absurd distances in every direction, and the water around the island in all its immensity was displaced. Without warning, the vessel she resided in was capsized in a surge of water, and her Vo – Matoran accomplice perished as she was trapped within her cabin as it went under. However, Thanne and her Onu – Matoran ship-mate managed to locate and cling to their emergency safe, and together they endured in freezing salt-water for hours on end. 


They would have surely succumbed to their fate, were it not for the timely intervention of the Pirate-Toa Luciei. Upon chancing upon them, she extended the vast comforts of The Wavestrider towards them after a timely rescue. With nowhere else to go and no other option available, both the Onu-Matoran and Thanne took the offer to join Luciei’s Pirate Crew.




Name: Tamahra
Gender: Female
Species: Bo-Matoran
Equipment: Standard-issue repeating disk launcher
Status: Alive
Approximate Myers-Briggs Type: ESFP ‘Performer’ (Extraverted, Senser, Feeler, Perceivier)
Tamahra is a Bo-Matoran who served in the Overguard Scouts, a branch of Yerinn’s Matoran-conscripted military. She has always possessed an invigorated passion for her position that has never left her since her first day in the job, which thoroughly amused and perplexed her colleagues. Coupled with her unwavering aim with the Disk Launcher and her extensive knowledge in fieldcraft, she proved successful in missions that other Scouts would have dropped dead on halfway through.

After surviving through the late island-shattering explosion without suffering any grievous harm, Tamahra was quick to spring to aid whoever she could. After a couple of days, she grouped with Eyrain’s Company, befriending Toa Gretiyra and the Matoran-warrior Ohyan with surprising ease, and continued to serve by completing assignments unfailingly and ever-willingly.




With Ohyan, a previous Ko-Matoran Warrior.



For more pictures and commentary, check out their MocPages page here.

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I like the shaping of these figs bodies; makes me think of Kachina dolls (which really helps keep the tribal theme together).


Also gives off a monster-huntery sort of vibe. Good use of parts!

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this embodies what I loved about original bionicle. Such complexity. If only us ccbs-overload users could learn how to do this. The combination of system with technic and bionicle is just.....clean.


Ahhhh, looking at them warms your heart.



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