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Lewa, Master of Jungle (2.0 version


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I know that I post it here far late, and I know that I have uploaded pics to flickr and submitted to BZPower group in flickr long ago. This is not the most sensible way to do it, post it here late. The reason why I haven't post it here for 3-1 week(s) is that I have been drained and have been busy at college. Most of a time I have time to upload the images to flickr and dA, uploading video takes some time, but posting to the forums takes a lot of time, so my apologies for that. I'm posting now rest of my revamped Toa Okoto, that being, Lewa, Onua and Tahu. I know this may be spamming, but I want post them so that I have my own time to do something else than sitting here and writing stuff.



Hello again people!

My apologies for my lateness, I have been busy, yet again. But now, shall I introduce to you ladies and gentlemen, The Daredevil itself, Lewa, Master of Air ... I mean Master of Weed (Smoke weed everyday)... D'oh! I mean Lewa, Master of Jungle (2.0 version), finally the correct term! 





More pics: https://www.flickr.com/photos/114946327@N08/sets/72157651512729095/


Video review: 


So, here we have him in his revamped form. 


Now obviously, I removed from previous version of Lewa. I removed jungle leaves and other plants, mushroom also, because it didn't catch 2015 Lewa look. Also I changed the feet design, the previous version of Lewa had "high heels", which was too inappropriate. also the loin cloth, dear Mata Nui, it was too inappropriate and people said some PINGAS jokes. So I decided to remove it. Also I painted those #3 armor parts and the stomach area into green, but it''s a bit darker comparing to the lighter green color.


In an end result, this Lewa is much better than pre-redesign version of himself. Mainly it was far from 2015 Lewa version, so the idea was to keep the original look. But I'm still happy that I change the look of it.

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