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Here's the Toa Bota, created by the powers of the mad Great Being on Bota Magna.


Kapura wields two Flame Catch Swords and has a Mask of Confusion. He still possesses his ability to move incredibly fast and is the deputy of the Toa Bota.


Hafu is armed with two Chisel Picks and wears the Mask of Focus. Hafu will often quickly chisel chunks of stone into powerful weapons, such as huge spikes or blades.


Taipu continues to have his incredible strength and arms himself with a Pickaxe, Mining Ussal, and a Mask of Endurance.


Macku is armed with a Kolhii Staff and Kolhii Shield, and wears the Mask of Waterwalking. She continues her close relationship with Toa Hewkii.


Tamaru holds two Air Elemental Launchers and wears a Mask of Airwalking. Tamaru continues to be afraid of heights, but thoroughly enjoys gliding through the jungle.


Kopeke is the official leader of the Toa Bota, and wields an Ice Elemental Launcher, Chronicler's Icestaff, and a Mask of Foresight. Kopeke continues to be silent, using his mask to hopefully identify his team's destiny.




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