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Bionicle Mafia: The Sinful Fifteen

Let's Henshin!

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BIONICLE MAFIA: The Sinful Fifteen
Welcome, my brothers, to my sad tale of woe, one that I hope will serve as a warning for those that still live. For our foolishness is something I would not wish upon anyone. We were consumed with greed, ambition, and other selfish desires. Unable to ever rally together and stand up to the evils both within and without. Perhaps that is why were always the target of those consumed with rage and bloodlust, for what easier target is there than those who can never unite.
Apologies, I got ahead of myself without even bothering to introduce myself. I’m a simple observer one who has seen our foolishness increase through many long and bloody battles, if you must call me by a name then call me the Watcher. For all I ever do is watch and listen. Time and time again I have seen the mafia tear us apart from within, hysteria and paranoia would run rampant and in the height of our naiveté we developed a system. The mafia were creatures of the night so we became fighters of the day.
Every day we would band together and vote. Trying to decipher which of our neighbors was the culprit of the heinous crime. As you might expect, this did not end well and all too often we found ourselves prone to committing even more atrocities. It didn’t matter what we did. Suspect lists, Lloyds, even the slaughtering of the null family, none of it prevented our ambitions from killing each other.
So we ran, from village to village, leaving only carcasses in our wake. I don’t know what possessed us to think that this time would be any different. For while it may have been peaceful for a few short years, the mafia soon chased us down, followed shortly thereafter by more mysterious characters. Some came to our aid and others to enjoy and partake in madness. However our greatest threat was one entirely of our own making. A vengeful being determined to avenge its family for we were the sinners who had killed them.
I am the Watcher and I saw how the sinful fifteen acted out another saga of bloodshed.

  • Standard BZP Mafia Rules
  • Voting remains open for 48 hours, players are allowed to null vote which will indicate that they do not want anyone to be hung.
  • Similarly each night will last 48 hours or until every role has PMed their actions. If a role does not wish to partake in a night activity they should indicate so via PM in order to save time.  
  • Role revealing screenshots or quotes are not allowed.
  • Each Night will have one suspect list for all deaths.
  • Be polite and have fun.

Village: They win if all roles hostile to them have been eliminated.

  • Matoran (x15): Vote during the day.
  • Guardian Toa: Can choose to protect or kill one player each night.
  • Secret Role A
  • Secret Role B
  • Secret Role C

Mafia (x7): Vote to kill at night, they win if all roles hostile to them have been killed.
Neutral Roles: Win conditions vary.

  • Mimic: If targeted by a role at night they gain those abilities. They can ally with either side or choose to remain neutral.
  • Secret Role D
  • Secret Role E
  • Secret Role F

Player List: 

  • Grochi
  • Quisoves Matoran, Lynched on Day 4
  • Manducus
  • Underscore
  • Voxumo Mimic, Killed by Mafia on Night 4
  • Lucina Matoran, Lynched on Day 1 
  • Toa Chuck
  • Fishers Matoran, Killed by Mafia on Night 3
  • Valendale
  • habrfadtuegwtdlml?
  • You Have 24 Hours
  • Dragon.star
  • Unit#phntk#1
  • ToaKapura1234
  • Ehks Matoran, Killed by Mafia on Night 1
  • Hina Kagiyama Matoran, Lynched on Day 3
  • ineverlikedfelt
  • Jag18
  • Taka Nuvia Executioner, Killed by Mafia on Night 5
  • Major Maes Hughs
  • Shadowhawk NULL, Lynched on Day 2
  • o0ODarkCloudO0o
  • Tyler
  • 27135 x 10Luroka RNG, Killed by Toa on Night 2
  • Rahkshi Gurahkk
  • Slider of Slikanalo
  • Neo ShadowVezon Matoran, Killed by Toa on Night 3
  • Perplexed Matoran, Killed by Toa on Night 4
  • Burnmad
  • Tiragath
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Everyone added. 

Cool! So this is a BIONICLE/X-Man Crossover?
Or a Doctor Who/BIONICLE crossover?

See I debated using that name because of those characters, but then I realized I was too lazy to come up with alternatives. 


>fifteenth sidegame has the word "fifteen" in the title


A reason why I'm very happy I snagged the 15th game. 

Edited by Sora Tryon


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EDIT: okay now that I know there are enough spots: 

Spot 25 please, thanks. =P

Edited by Rahkshi Guurahk

-Rahkshi Guurahk
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