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Ninjago summer 2015

Gipsy Danger

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Hello everyone!  I am new here and I want to discuss about Ninjago summer 2015.  It looks like their new enemy are Morro(which means hill), and ghosts.  And season 6 is coming out sometime in either July or August.  Please tell me your thoughts.

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and BTW https://screen.yahoo.com/star-trek-convention-000000768.html

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Morro's gonna possess Lloyd, it'll be hilarious.



But I think Morro means hill- not for any story reasons, but metaphorically. 


Hill meaning climax- Ninjago is coming to a close, or is starting to end. What comes after the 'Hill' The 2016 movie.


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well once you are "over the Hill" it all goes "Down Hill" from there. So maybe they are wanting to wrap things up or perhaps we are at the turning point where either Ninjago will keep going or simply end.

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