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This is Kezek. (description in gallery)




If you like this than check out Rick Slasher.

What do you think?

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I find the lack of CCBS interesting given that the Tags call this a HF villain. That aside, I'll echo similar concerns with the lack of Armor on the arms.the neck is interesting, and I do like the sort of hunched over look it gives him.


I also believe a more dynamic pose could do it some good. (It takes time in LDD, but its doable, trust me.)

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I agree Chumpu about the hunched look, the main thing I really don't like is that it use a Glatorian neck which makes the neck too skinny which was something I hate about the 1.0 villains (too bad you can't put a tire on it in LDD).

Also speaking of 1.0 villain, Chumpu, you do know that this is obviously meant to be a 1.0 style of villain right?

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