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My Bionifight Infinite Characters

Nato G

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Over on the RPG forum, I'm known as that guy who makes excessive numbers of characters for every new game that starts up, and the Bionifight Infinite RPG - where beings from all over the Bionicle multiverse are abducted into a huge fighting tournament - is no exception. 


I've gotten a lot of positive comments about my LDD MOCs of my characters from the other players, so I decided to create a topic and share them all here (a word of warning, the images are pretty big; my fault for not making smaller versions). 



First up, we have Xara, a favourite character of mine that I brought over from Corpus Rahkshi. A Rahkshi of Chain Lightning, she's come close to winning rounds several times in the tournament, but always seems to fall just short of victory - a source of endless frustration for her. 


Next we have the Dark Toa Dayeth, an alternate universe version of one of my Matoran characters from the BZPRPG. Although she's supposed to be evil, Dayeth's done little more than be a nuisance to every one and thing in the facility. 


My next character - The Wyrm - is from an alternate universe where the GSR died, condemning most of its denizens to a slow demise in darkness. Descended from the rahi who escaped onto the island of Mata Nui, The Wyrm had been in the middle of fighting a guerrilla war against invading Vortixx before being abducted into the tournament. 


The Puppetmaster is a Great Being who - after experimenting on himself - wound up with a form identical to that of a Glatorian, albeit with translucent blue skin and a severely damaged psyche. His desire to build and create is gone, replaced with an insatiable lust for destruction and control... 


This next character - Terry Terrix, the Tarakava Hunter - started off as a joke in the Bionifight Skype chat. Yet somehow, despite having treads for legs and his only weapons being a pair of boomerangs, he wound up winning the third round. 


Snarl is an energy hound who, due to being experimented on by the Order of Mata Nui, wound up with several new powers and Matoran level intelligence. The problem is, since he can't talk, most being dismiss him as a mere mindless animal. Of course, they soon learn how wrong they are....


Alisa Dare comes from a backwards universe where the Brotherhood of Makuta are the good guys, and Order of Mata Nui are a band of chaotic anarchists. A loyal servant of the Makuta, Alisa very nearly died in the process of defeating the evil Toa of Light, Takanuva.


Where do Kaitas go when they're no longer needed? Dekako knows. Another character I carried over from Corpus Rahkshi, Dekako was left to be forgotten after her component beings decided to refrain from forming Kaitas. Through sheer force of will, she found a way to manifest herself on the corporeal plane, thus becoming a living being in her own right, no longer dependent on the actions of others in order to exist. 


The reformation of Spherus Magna allowed the forests of Bota Magna to be explored for the first time in thousands of years. Among these explorers was the Glatorian Falcon, who rescued and raised a young wyvern named Vyne to help him with his primary occupation: hunting. 


Finally, we have the renowned pirate Captain Miril from the so-called Halkenverse. A newcomer to the tournament, she's seen broadcasts of previous iterations of the game, and - being a huge fan - is honoured to have been selected for this one. 

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I find it interesting to note how these MoCs are so markedly different from my own visualizations of them. I must say that the Wyrm was close, although I pictured him as slightly more reptilian. 


Terry Terrix is the most different - I thought he was more teal and had treads like the Tarakava in MNOG. 

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