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Gen 1 - what would you like expanded?

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I was re-reading some of the story serials today and it got me wondering, what other areas of the Bionicle storyline do you wish got its own serial? I always loved that we got to explore the secondary stories in these, what was going on elsewhere alongside the main story being told in the comics and books.


Personally, I would have loved a serial focussing on the Turaga during the Dark Time on Mata-Nui. It could explore how they adapted to lives as leaders of the Matoran rather than their protectors, the formation of the Koro, the Kraata hunts etc.


What little explored aspect of the story would you want a serial of?


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I would have liked to have seen more development about the cultures on the two continents. They've always had too much untapped potential for story content in my opinion, with so much land and possible civilizations.

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Really, what i would like to see developed further is the story: Give me the planned Element Lord stuff and the Great Being Civil War. After that I'd be happy.


Only other thing I'd to see more of other than that is what is above me, more development for the rest of the MU, and maybe other regions of the  giant planet that is Spherus Magna. It'd be cool, but those aren't as important to me.

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Yeah, I would've liked more on the 1000 years between Metru Nui's arc and Mata Nui's arc. I know we got a bit, but it wasn't necessarily on the island the main arc was situated. The story contest 1000 Years Untold really helped to expand that from all fronts.



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