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Kohnoh, Toa of the Trees

Lemony Lepid

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So I'm doing this over a phone, so the topic won't be as pretty as usual.



This is Kohnoh, the Toa of the trees. He is a gem knight, in a roleplay Arctic and I are doing.


Kohnoh is a slim and nimble archer, probably because he has to be quick and flexible when running and shooting. He is green with the occasional bluegreen plate and wears some kind of fancy Muaka leather in the form of a tunic. He wears an Avsa, the Mask of Hunger, for some reason. Some may say it is a test of his morality. He has equipped with bow and arrows and a small dagger. The string on his longbow has been enchanted to render it unbreakable. The arrows (made of wood) are created by his power of control over plants and the tips can be coated in many plant substances. The dagger is made of vibrating protodermis, making it hot and able to cut very easily through most substances. He wears the Gem Brace, a left-handed armguard that allows Kohnoh to access the full powers of the Gems.

Kohnoh is one of those guys who doesn’t like being still for so long and is very active and sociable, along with sly, and greedy. Kohnoh served in the Ranger’s Guild before he was told that he was the descendant of Elysion, one of the Toa, specifically one of the Big Four, that took down the Makuta. He is also the self proclaimed co-leader of the group.

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