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I can't even begin to list everything that is wrong with this Moc... However, I have to say that the head (which took three times as long as the rest of the Moc to get to a presentable point) is the worst part. Please, ignore the cancerous growth at the back there. I also don't like where the legs meet the torso.

However, I do like how i was able to use a Metru torso very effectively for this. I also like how the Avak spine worked for this. The bow and string also turned out pretty nice.

In any case, feel free to comment however you may wish, as long as you leave some constructive criticism.

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There may not be many entries to this contest, but there is definitely some stiff competition! Great idea for the bow. The head is pretty big, but I can understand how hard it is to make a humanoid head. That's why I just took the easy way out with Kanohi. I'm not familiar with the character, but it looks terrific, if a little disproportional. The Avak spine is fantastic.


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