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A Windswept Birthday


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Just 'cause she's taking a semibreak doesn't mean she doesn't deserve a birthday topic (complete with overdramatic title) - happy birthday, -Windrider- (aka literally Kagome!) Hope it's a relaxing, enjoyable one.  now get back here, we miss you


UPDATE: I am now abusing my GM powers to edit this post after it's locked and say you would come back just after I make a topic about you being gone.  Curse you, Elisabeth.  Or congratulate you, I guess.

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Hey: I'm not very active around BZP right now.  However, you can always contact me through PM (I have email notifications set up) and I will reply as soon as I can.

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Happy Birthday Wind you Gemini Gal you. :happydance: SO how many of these :spank: are you going to get?
Your butt is going to feel like this :onfire: by the time we are done.
Here have one of these :hau: it may soften the blow.

"A stranger will always be a stranger unless you give them a chance."

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