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Birth of a Legend


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"I have slept for so long. My dreams have been dark ones. But now I am awakened. Now the scattered elements of my being are rejoined.  Now I am whole.  And the darkness cannot stand before me."




Thanks to the hard work of Xiron, Garry's Mod and Source Film Maker finally have a ton of LEGO models to play around with, without having to resort to work-arounds such as my earlier Toa of Light.  I'm hoping to make some big pictures with these new assets in the future, but for now, I wanted to celebrate the birth of this new GMod era with a homage to another era's birth.


This is a recreation of the full-page splash panel of Kopaka from the very first BIONICLE comic drawn by Carlos D'Anda, using models from BIONICLE: The Game, Half-Life 2, and the "Legend of the Toa" Skyrim mod on the GM_BigIsland map.  Of course, the BIONICLE: The Game model for Kopaka doesn't hold a candle to the sheer legendary awe invoked by D'Anda's work, but unless/until custom Toa models come out, this is the best that we can use.


Also, even though I'm aware that a much higher-poly version of the Kanohi Akaku was released for GMod (modeled, if I'm not mistaken, by the same person who modeled the "Legend of the Toa" weapons), I stuck with the BIONICLE: The Game Akaku because it better fit the artstyle of the rest of the model.  Again, if a whole high-poly Toa Mata was released, then I'd change my mind, but until such a day...


Still, despite the graphical limitations of the model, I tried to spruce it up a bit with some dynamic lighting and glow effects to better recreate the original image.  Everything you see here was done directly in GMod, since I don't have access to Photoshop on this computer.  If my computer didn't vehemently despise Source Engine water effects with a passion and crash GMod every few minutes on this map, I'm sure I could have done even more.  Nonetheless, I'm very satisfied with the end result.


Once again, big thanks to Xiron for making this possible.


I hope you enjoyed this journey back in time to the beginning of BIONICLE.  Comments and constructive criticism are appreciated.

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Grr! it won't load all the way! The picture keeps stopping with half of the mask. From what little I see and the info you ahve given, it sounds/looks pretty great! I can imagine that it would have taken a long time to do this, good thing that porting the model from the game saved you some time.



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We are all but grey specks in a dark complex before a single white light

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Grr! it won't load all the way! The picture keeps stopping with half of the mask.


Really?  Hmm, this is concerning.  If it's a problem with the host website, then perhaps this Brickshelf reupload will work better for you.  If it's a problem with file size, then maybe the smaller preview image will load for you (though you'll have to deal with grainy JPEG compression as a result).  Please let me know if either of these options are viable.

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