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So I have the Jetrax T6, one of my favorite Bionicle sets ever and actually still have it put together after all of these years (it is quite dusty). I have been curious about making it's alternate model, the first wheeled vehicle in MU history and built by Avak, the Destral Cycle (i bet it was previously called the Odina Cycle), and today/yesterday (it's about midnight here) I decided to sit down to try and build it. I have a bit of a problem though: I love this set, I think it is just too cool, and I wanted to know if the motor cycle of sound was worth tearing the aerial vehicle apart over.


Anyone have some advice? :confused:

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I completely forgot that this existed.  :o


Anyways, I haven't built this alternate model myself. But I will say that it looks cool IMO. My only advice would be that if you really want to build it, then do so. And if you find that you don't like it, then take it apart and rebuild the Jetrax T6. I can't offer you anymore advice than that.

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It's a fun building experience, but I think the Jetrax tops it overall



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TheOneVeyronian has just finished building the destral cycle (sans wheels!) and I think she bricklinked the parts for it. Of course if you were only planning to build it temporarily there's not much point to it but if you really didn't want to take apart your Jetrax then it's a valid option! Alternatively... The Limited Edition Jetrax is an even cooler set than the standard blue one. If you get yourself one of them then perhaps you won't feel so bad about taking apart the original :D

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I'll admit, I've had the Destral Cycle built since shortly after I bought the Jetrax and the Instructions were released. While it lacks any of the unique functions that the Jetrax has, I feel it makes up for it in sleek design and just generally how Bad*** it looks. I'm a huge fan of it, though I've also made a few minor changes/additions to the base design over the years.


Though with everything above I would be lying if I said it was perfect. Building it I ran into a few issues, primarily the wheels, front and back. The connection points for them tend to be too stiff, causing them to not turn like they should. Of course this is a simple fix if you leave some minor gapping in the connections, so they they have room to wiggle and turn more freely.


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I'm pretty sure I bought a second Jetrax T6 (or third, if you count the yellow one) to build the Destral Cycle. Then again, this was back in 2008 when the set was still readily available. At this point, if you like the Jetrax T6, but want to build the Destral Cycle, it's not worth taking apart the Jetrax or buying a new one. I think your best option is to buy the necessary parts off BrickLink. It'll probably be cheaper than buying another Jetrax.


Myself, I'm pretty sure I own every set, including both Jetrax versions, and every combiner for 2008 excluding the possibly never-released European promos. But I was just an obsessed fan who wanted everything, so that meant buying more than one of any set that was used in a combiner. It's quite understandable that not every fan is like that.

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