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A Theory On Karzahni's Death

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I've been reading a bit through the recent Bionicle story and come up with a small theory on how Lesovikk's sword wound up in Karzahni's back. I've never done a detailed theory before, so please bear with me.The destiny of Lesovikk's Toa Team, probably including Lesovikk himself, was to die. Despite surviving the 100,000 years in the MU, his destiny was still to die.Lesovikk was alone in the desert when looking for Karzahni, and that would've made him easy prey for Marendar, the Toa hunter. I believe what happened next was that the murderer found Lesovikk's dead body, and used his sword to kill Karzahni, and then hid Lesovikk's corpse so no-one would find out Lesovikk was dead. By doing so, the murderer would've shifted the blame to Lesovikk, which would've allowed him to commit more murders without likely getting any blame.The fact that Lesovikk harboured such hatred for Karzahni would just have been coincidence: the murderer would likely not have known Lesovikk, and may have seen him as just another random Toa.Lesovikk is one of my favourite Toa, and I'd hate to see him die, but at the same time I realise I have no control over the story, so I'm aware that this could be likely.Feel free to shoot my rookie-theory down.

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