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How would you do G3?

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In a hypothetical situation where several years after G2 ends and Lego has decided to make you the lead writer for the next reboot of Bionicle. The question I am posing is this; what sort of new ideas and changes would you make? 


Some of the things I would do:

-Remove the elements of ice and stone. Kopaka would either be a toa of Crystal or Air. Pohatu would be Toa of Wind, if Kopaka is    Crystal, or Earth, if Kopaka is Wind, in which case Onua would be toa of Iron. Lewa would remain a toa of Jungle, but with powers  focused on plants and no talking to the wind. Overall, there would either be about 10 to 12 elements or only six, but those have sub-  elements like the idea suggested here


-Toa are decided by Golden Masks that choose matoran to become heroes. The toa must sacrifice his/her name and take a new one. Jaller become Tahu, Hahli becomes Gali, etc. And yes, the six main toa don't appear on the starting island at the start of the series, but their golden masks do. On a downer note, Golden masks are the essences of Toa who have died, and all other types of kanohi are merely copies of Golden Masks.


-Turaga  are not Toa who have completed their destiny, but matoran choosen to fill in the role of elder and mystic but a shared conscience between all Turaga when a matoran population does not have enough turaga. They have powers including mask usage, long distance communication and recreating the form of golden masks when one is broken.


- Other races would exist, but since the setting has gone through a major war between the Great Beings and Makuta and the world is trying to rebuild itself, these are few and far between. Makuta is a mysterious, otherworldly evil with unknown goals whose corrupted minions, the rahkshi, are trying to bring back and unleash once more upon the world. The Great Beings are a desperate race who constantly try to build new things or upgrade old objects/races/individuals/places/anything-they-can-get-their-hands-on in a desperate attempt to create the prophetized Mata Nui, the final achievement of their species that they will never be able to out do.


- 50/50 or close to that gender ratios.


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hmm, well lets see what i've got:


On a mysterious tropical island, evil is rising in the form of the Shapeshifter Makuta! This being of pure shadow threatens the virtues and will of the matoran* villagers, and casts his dark hand of shadow over the entire island. Only the six heroes of ancient legend can stop his forces of desolation, their essence bound to the mystical Toa stones. These artifacts have the ability to summon these champions from the past, and fills them with elemental might!


Tahu, Burning Spirit of Fire- With twin Flaming Greatswords, and the legendary Kanohi Mask of shielding, Toa Tahu is brash, headstrong, loud, and aggressive. Beneath all this he is a loyal, courageous, and righteous soul, and a born leader. Tahu is a toa always ready to scorch a path to the heart of Makuta's plans, and burn them to the ground.


Kopaka, Stalwart Protector of Ice- Guarded in many layers of secrets, Kopaka is known to work alone, but when his team needs him, he'll be the first to lend a hand in the fight agains Makuta, He weilds a shield of frost, a glacier-lance, and the legendary Kanohi of X-Ray Vision, with these tools he'll pierce Makuta's weak spot yet!


Gali, Commander of the Tides- A gentle and caring toa, Gali is also a powerful force, and not to be taken lightly. She'll relentlessly defend her friends and allies from injustice, and once crossed, she is not one to forgive easily. She wields twin Hook-Axes and wears the Mask of Filtration to aid in breathing underwater.


Pohatu, Master of the Sands- Blink and you might miss Pohatu, who's speed makes her well known all across the land, almost as well known is her stubborn, but extremely friendly nature, Pohatu won't give up on trying to befriend you, even if you'd rather she did. She's also known for her amazing strength, and will be the drviving energy behind Makuta's downfall! Pohatu wields spiked Gripper Boots, and a matching set of climbing Claws are her weapon of choice, her Kanohi is the Mask of Speed, which she uses often.


Onua, Mover of the Deep Soil- when a job needs doing, there's always Onua. His wisdom, problem-solving, and rock-pushing are near-unmatched, and he's almost impossible to overwhelm, with a very laid-back nature. He weilds two Drill-Talons, which form a Mining-Mail when combined! Alongside his great Mask of Strength, these are his tools against Makuta's dark forces!


Lewa, Tree-Speaker and Wind-Caller- A soul of the jungle with a playful nature, nobody feels as in-tune with their element as this toa, Armed with Air-Katanas that can fold out into wings, and the Legendary Mask of Levitation, Lewa can take to the skies as comfortably as she can walk, some say, even more comfortably! Still this freedom amongst treetops means she's not quite herself in tighter, darker spaces, and she'll have to face her fears to fight Makuta in his underground lair...


These six heroes, six Toa, are the force that will defy Makuta's oppressive grip over the matoran, and free the island from his curse once and for all! or, so the legends say...


sets would feature swinging arm battle-function! and pull-off power mask! as we all expect, and probably each toa, or maybe even their accompanying matoran? would have a Toa-Stone that can lock into each Toa's chest to make them Powered-Up with Elemental Energy! similarly, Shapeshifter Makuta would get a Makuta-Stone, and can combine with his Bestial Underlings to make his Ultimate Makuta form!


obvs there'd be more stuff, maybe even someone specific for Makuta to be threatening ala ekimu/mata-nui? and more about the Bestial Underlings (like rahi probs, down to the "masks" you need to pull off!)




*matoran, for the sake of familiarity.

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-I'd give Lewa back his element of air for starters.

-Their golden masks give them an extra power. E.g. Tahu gets to generate shields, Gali gets telepathy and Lewa gets to control plants.

-Elders are simply villagers who are given a silver mask and a badge of office/weapon.

-There will be no extra species to prevent an over saturation of complex terms, just animals.

-Gender ratios are even. (Gotta include that)!


I also have a few character descriptions:

-Tahu, the flaming protector! He may seem hot tempered, but he is selfless and strives to defend those in need! With his flaming magma swords and katanas, he can cut through evil with a red hot blade! However, Tahu has hydrophobia and refuses to go near the ocean. Look out for set #78354 and become the MASTER. OF. FIRE!

-Gali, the aquatic master! She is the wise and powerful toa of water and finds injustice unacceptable! With her grappling hooks and aqua axe, she can dive and swim with ease and strike evil with the force of a tsunami! Don't ask her to fight during a thunder storm, though, it scares her. Look out for set #78533 and become the MASTER. OF. WATER!

-Lewa, the flying champion! She is the light footed and quick witted toa of air and not only brings new problems to the toa, she can solve them with a clever solution! With her air katanas and axe blades, she can blow away evil with gale force winds! Look out for set #78535 and become the MASTER. OF. AIR!


Every character has a gear function and a mask that can pop off, including the Makuta and animals.

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The Great Cities have fallen!


Scattered to the winds, the citizens of the once-great civilization now live in villages, divided, preyed upon by the legged-serpent servants of the Lord of Shadow. Their villages are safe; but more and more of the Trade Roads fall and are lost. Each of the villages are certain they are the last outpost of civilization. And they're losing ground fast.


The Village of Fire boldly defends their home, the walls surrounded by a moat of lava. Their obsidian knives glisten sharply in the watchfires, and great cats are kept to strike at those who come too close.


The Village of Water is anchored in a quiet harbour surrounded by tall cliffs. Few who live here have ever set foot on the land, instead perfecting their spearwork and training their shark allies.


Deep in the jungle, high off the ground, the Village of Jungle relies on camouflage and great hawks to avoid the serpents combing the forest floor. With their keen vision and fine aim, the Jungle Tribe's arrows hold invaders at bay.


Few find the Village of Earth nestled in the dark tunnels. Fewer still escape the vigilance of the Earth Tribe's crab-mounted cavalry, more that willing to smash any intruders into the cavern walls with their clubs.


The inland Stone Tribe ride lizards as they comb the sand, never setting up home in any one place. Only those who know the oases like they will ever find these masters of staff combat.


High in the whistling mountains, the Village of Ice hone their bodies into fine weapons. Their icy homes are hidden amongst the caves of huge bears, who hardly need the Villagers to keep serpents away from their shared homes.


Yet in the darkest times, one villager dreams of more. The fire villager Takua finds his mind occupied by dreams of the world past. Setting off along the Trade Roads, he visits each of the villages in turn. In each, he is rebuffed, but in each finds a kindred spirit and ally;


From the village of water, the excitable fisherwoman Macku.


In the jungles, Tamaru, who longs for the ground beneath her feet.


Taipu, strong, loyal, bit slow of both body and mind, joins them from the Village of Earth.


The bold coward Hafu finds them in the wind-scored desert. Few of his fellows have time for his boasts, and patience for his true timidity.


At last, the silent Kopeke joins them.


On their journey, they find stones that pulse with power; marked with the signs of their village. Led to a forgotten ruin, they find tools, weapons, and masks that grant them power. They are transformed both through their journey and the power in the stones! They are Toa!


First Year:

Meet our heroes. The Company (small sets) sets out on their travels, overcoming battles with the legged-serpent servants (Rahkshi. Medium sets) and their own faults to find the Old Power that transforms them from mere villagers to Champions of their Element.


Year Two:

The new Champions (medium sets) return to their villages to discover they have become prophesized heroes, though their fellow villagers are still loath to accept the idea of workong with the other villages. The Leaders (small sets) send them to discover the source of the Shadow's power, yet the Shadow now sends out greater servants to destroy this new threat (Large sets. Two or three Rahi/Dark Hunter-esque creatures).


Year three

Having bested the 'Hunters', the Champions lead their villages (armed villager small sets) in an assault on the Shadow's stronghold. Though the villagers cannot break the Lord of Shadow's power alone, their combined power forces the serpent servants back. The Champions enter the stronghold, fighting their way towards the Lord of Shadow's throne room, where they confront him (Large Set.) Upon his defeat, they discover greater tools and Masks of Power the Lord had kept secret (Nuva-transformations medium sets). The peace is restored, and the villages are united; yet greater threats await...


Year four onwards?

... Perhaps an external threat. Perhaps elemental monsters, aquatic warlord invaders... Whatever seems natural from there.


Yeah, I know, pretty generic. I liked the MNOLG, and the Chronicler's Company, so decided to let the first year be a simultaneous 'coming of age' for the heroes and world-building for the setting. Perhaps the next step is to bring other villains in; Vortixx-esque lords who lead Skakdi-like armies on Visorak.

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Elemental Rahi in Gen2, anyone? A write-up for an initial video for a G2 plot


I really wish everyone would stop trying to play join the dots with Gen 1 and Gen 2 though,it seems there's a couple new threads everyday and often they're duplicates of already existing conversations! Or simply parallel them with a slightly new 'twist'! Gen 2 is NEW, it is NOT Gen 1 and it is NOT a continuation. Outside of the characters we already have I personally don't want to see ANY old characters return. I think it will cheapen the whole experience to those of us familiar with the original line...


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Ahh the gender-swapped characters.

I don't think I would do G3 honestly, if I was given the power to influence the decision, I would pull the plug and make someone do a solid ending to G1 . Or make G3 a far in the future G1 story.

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First of all, I'd see what sold in the previous generations, and more importantly, I'd look into why they sold. Hire a bunch of internet trawlers to do research and whatnot.


It sounds callous, but you have to make a story that appeals to both the old and the young. And cool toys, too.

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Gen 2 has barely started and now we are theorizing gen3?

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I think we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves.


Also OP's concept is awful.

You can't remove Ice as an element. Even with water, ice is still visually distinct enough to be its own element. Stone less so but I'm not sure about just cutting it either.

And making Turaga elected Matoran misses the point of Turaga. They have wisdom and experience from the adventures they've had as Toa.


as for 50/50 genders, don't hold your breath. At MOST we'll get 2/6 main Toa as female. It's still a boy's line after all.

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And making Turaga elected Matoran misses the point of Turaga. They have wisdom and experience from the adventures they've had as Toa.


I can understand the rest of your points, but I think there is some confusion with the turaga. My idea is that there is a shared sub-conscience between all matoran, toa and turaga. If there is not enough turaga for a particular matoran population, this sub-conscience presence chooses a matoran, who is the wisest and best leader amongst that population, and upgrades the matoran into a turaga, increasing their size and physical capabilities ( the not as much as a matoran does by become a toa), allow them to absorb their native element, use their mask powers, repair golden masks, build new armour and weapons for toa in dire need, and most importantly, massively increase their base of knowledge and wisdom, both by accessing the shared sub-conscience through meditation and by improve the capabilities of their minds.

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If circumstances were to have caused G2 to end, I'd probably just know when to fold 'em and stop with new iterations of Bionicle, honestly.




Depends on when, I'd say. I really like G2 and think it has a lot of potential, but I don't think any generation of BIONICLE has to last forever, and I certainly don't think a generation ending is reason enough to completely give up on the theme.

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If circumstances were to have caused G2 to end, I'd probably just know when to fold 'em and stop with new iterations of Bionicle, honestly.



Depends on when, I'd say. I really like G2 and think it has a lot of potential, but I don't think any generation of BIONICLE has to last forever, and I certainly don't think a generation ending is reason enough to completely give up on the theme.

Bionicle can be Lego's flagship Constraction line with reboots every decade or so. Other lines can use constraction, not claiming bionicle should be the only line, but keeping incarnations of bionicle circulating could be a decent strategy.

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Elemental Rahi in Gen2, anyone? A write-up for an initial video for a G2 plot


I really wish everyone would stop trying to play join the dots with Gen 1 and Gen 2 though,it seems there's a couple new threads everyday and often they're duplicates of already existing conversations! Or simply parallel them with a slightly new 'twist'! Gen 2 is NEW, it is NOT Gen 1 and it is NOT a continuation. Outside of the characters we already have I personally don't want to see ANY old characters return. I think it will cheapen the whole experience to those of us familiar with the original line...


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Make G3 as a mix of G1 and G2


With Tahu as the Toa of Heat,Gali as the Toa of Liquid,Onua still Toa of Earth,Kopaka as the Toa of Frost,Lewa as the Toa of Air and Jungle,Pohatu as the Toa of Sand & finally Takanuva as the Toa of Light and Hope.


Making Okoto the Island and Mata Nui,Artakha,& Angonce as the mysterious first Toa of Life,Creation, & Time.


Making Makuta as an Evil Overlord with Skakdi,Skrall,Barraki,Dark Hunters,Rahkshi, & Vahki rampaging the island.


The Turaga are Wise Elders who known the secrets about the island and it's inhabitants with Vakama as the Turaga of The Fire Village,Nokama as the Turaga of The Water Village,Whenua as the Turaga of The Earth Village,Nuju as the Turaga of The Ice Village,Matau as the Turaga of The Jungle Village, & Ekimu as the Turaga of The Light Village.


Making Jaller,Hahli,Nuparu,Kongu,Hewkii,Matoro, & Tanma as Captains of their Villages' Elite Guard.


Make the Golden Masks as part of the hiding truths about the Masks of Life,Time, & Creation.

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I wouldn't do G3, I'd let the franchise die already. Sad as it is, if it isn't selling, there's no real point in it.


MLP G3 was near-universally regarded as a joke, even by its target audience. MLP G4 has rocketed to almost memetic levels of success. Your argument is... not entirely valid.

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That was by chance, because some overaged males watched a show about tiny horses.


Alright, even if it's a one-off, Lego has repeatedly recycled their own themes over the years and gotten a pretty consistent profit. Your argument is basically that if one iteration fails, all future iterations will fail. This is simply not true.

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That was by chance, because some overaged males watched a show about tiny horses.


Alright, even if it's a one-off, Lego has repeatedly recycled their own themes over the years and gotten a pretty consistent profit. Your argument is basically that if one iteration fails, all future iterations will fail. This is simply not true.


And, for that matter, it assumes that an iteration ending is the same as an iteration failing. BIONICLE G1 ended, but that doesn't mean it failed. In fact, for several years, it was one of the LEGO Group's most successful themes, and it was profitable until near the very end. Likewise, G2 doesn't have to last forever to be successful.


Also, bronies aren't the only reason My Little Pony G4 is successful. The show has been praised not just by bronies but also by plenty of parents for telling positive stories with genuinely useful life lessons, all without "talking down" to kids. And it owes that to its creators, not to any of its fans. All the fans (adults and kids alike) did is tune in week after week and buy the merchandise, proving to Hasbro that good storytelling is also good business.

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Plot twist! Bionicle G3 is actually Hero Factory G2! *audible gasp*


But in all seriousness, I would probably fuse the elements of Stone and Earth, and instead make Rock. I can understand the differences of them, but it just seems odd to me. It would be cool to see the the Toa Mata as the heroes again, but without Stone or Earth, which Toa would be Rock? Onua or Pohatu? And yes, Lewa would be the Toa of Air again. There would be fewer elements, like removing Psionics, Plasma, and others. But of course a Toa of Light emerges. Gotta love the secret Light villager. 


On the topic of gender, I would most likely make the Toa of Rock female, as the element of Rock for a Toa would be kind of a new idea for Bionicle. And for the entire race of Matoran, they could all be either gender (Male Ga-Matoran, female Ko-Matoran, etc). And love is canon...


As for the story, it would probably be closer to Gen 1. It would be the summoned Toa fighting off the powers of Shadows and mind-controlled animals on a mysterious tropical island. Maybe have a little bit of an arc about time travelling or something just for giggles. That's about it for my ideas for now.

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I quite like the idea of new character names, and a bit of a reshuffle of elements:


Ice (white/blue)

Water (Blue/navy)

Jungle (Green/brown)

Lightning (Yellow/black)

Fire (Red/ orange/gunmetal)

Air (Light purple/silver/pale blue)


For the first year perhaps,then follow it up with a gravity/magnetism/sonics/ etc team.

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First and foremost...I'd get a budget to work with :P


After I have the budget, I will divide it accordingly:


*Make a theatrical film (50% for marketability, 50% because I want to). Depending upon the success of the film, it would become a Pentalogy (5 films); one for each year of story. There would be a book that each movie is based on, but of course the book will have more plot detail than the movies, but these will actually be fairly long books compared to the books we've had; think 300-400 or so pages.

*Make a wave of just the 4 main characters (they would be villagers, elements of Air, Water, and two unique Earth characters) and 1 or 2 larger villain characters (no specific elements)

*The summer wave would naturally have the 6 Toa (Tahu-Fire, Gali-Water, Onua-Earth, Lewa-Air, Kopaka-Sonics, and Pohatu-Magnetism), another villager (fire), and the boss villain of the film.


The turaga would be integrated into the story, but not released until year two.


Major things I would change:


*The island gig is a good year 1 story, but I don't think we've ever gotten a Bionicle Continent as the setting...The movie would end with them having to leave the island because it was destroyed in the final battle or something like that...year 2 would be on a continent where we would meet the turaga, more characters, rahi, and other things.


*No Toa Nuva upgrades. Instead of them growing in power, I'd have the team grow together, grow as characters, etc. It bothers me that they always bickered and never really matured. They teamed up because they had to, but during a time of peace, I doubt Tahu and Lewa would hang out often for example. In fact, a good chunk of year 1 would be the toa struggling to be a team together; the villains get defeated in the end, but the toa struggle more than they're usually portrayed to because they don't have team chemistry.

On another related note, I'd rather save set budgets for more characters in the story rather than having to constantly revamp/remake characters.


*The great beings would still be mysterious, but they would have a much greater role in the story than they have in the generations we've gotten. I really like the idea of the great beings being similar to the Gods of Mount Olympus; We have Lords of each element who represent the spirit/essence of their elements. They have more arguments than the Gen 1 Toa Mata/Nuva did and just like the Greek Gods, they cause the forces of nature to stir when they aren't at peace; ex. Lord of Water's temper causes the seas to become more violent, Lord of Sonics causes sounds to become more annoying/louder when upset, etc. There would be a war of epic proportions, involving the Gods/Lords as well as the Toa and the main villager characters (who become toa later on (shhh spoilers :P )). 


*The masks of power would go back to Gen 1: The toa have an elemental power and a secondary power given to them by the mask. I think I would give these toa the mask powers that the toa metru had because those powers were more distinct to from their elements.


*The villagers from all races could be either gender. Gali happens to be a water toa, the other 5 happen to be dudes; the villagers (as well as future toa) aren't going to be confined to a certain gender.


*During year 3, there would be a contest to design the toa form of the prophecy character that will appear in the final movie (assuming the movies are successful enough to warrant the whole series).

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G1 reboot.


Get rid of CCBS.



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If I was to make G3 as I like, I'd make it like the 2001-2003 years of G1, I really liked that tribal-ish feel. Although there are many small details I'd change.

Either way I'd love a continuation of G1, maybe with a new menace coming from deep space after years of peace on Spherus Magna.

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Personally, I'd have more villains with somewhat unique names. My biggest problem with Gen 2 is that most if not all of the villains have "Skull" in their name somewhere. In fact, when I first heard the name, "Lord of Skull Spiders," I hoped that was a mistranslation or something.

I prefer a Makuta or a Piraka to a Skull whatever.

Also, let's have some new villains and heroes. Maybe have some of the older characters - the Toa Mata or Turaga or something - but not have them be big characters. Maybe have the Toa Mata act as mentors of a sort for some new heroes. The Mata had their day, but now new heroes need to step up to fight a new evil.

My idea here is that this takes place after some battle with the Toa Mata and Makuta, and Makuta was defeated/killed. However, this wouldn't be a battle from Gen 1 or Gen 2; it's its own thing. Anyway, maybe some of the Toa Mata died during the battle, or were injured to an extent that they can no longer be heroes. So, new heroes have to take their place. (By the way, a lot of people are saying that gender shouldn't be based on element, which I do agree with. I'd be fine having a female Toa of Fire or something)

As for villains, maybe have a cult dedicated to Makuta, or villains who were used by Makuta and, now that they're free from being used by him, want to establish themselves as villains in their own right or something, or just new villains who have nothing to do with Makuta.

Also, I'd like there to be a bit more emphasis on characterization. I love Gen 1 BIONICLE, but not really because of the characters. Sure, they're not bad, but there's really not much to a lot of them. So it would be nice to have some characterization.

Plus, I'd like there to be a MNOG type game or something. You know, something to make the world feel a bit more alive.

This story and such I'm suggesting doesn't need to be dark. It can be, sure, but it's not necessary. Maybe ease in a bit to darkness, while having the new Toa mature a bit. As they grow and see that being a hero isn't all it's cracked up to be, tonally the story can get a bit darker.

And have the world grow too. Maybe expand it from an island to multiple islands or continents or something. Maybe go into parallel universes or something, and have cameos from Gen 1 and Gen 2 BIONICLE or something.

Just some ideas.

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I'd keep the same characters and basic formula. Really, I think a re-reboot would be a great opportunity to start a cinematic world for Bionicle, maybe with 1 movie every two/three years or so, and maybe a tv show. It something I've always wanted to see, and now that Lego has a growing on-screen presence, I think it could be done, maybe in BG2, but definitely in BG3. It would just take a lot of forward thinking and planning ahead.


Elements: Good V Bad, Good Wins; Friendship; Teamwork; Fighting for something bigger than yourself.

All the good stuff. Unity, Duty, Destiny, and introducing the Fourth Virtue, Apathy.  :tounge:

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A brief beginning on how I could see G3's story going:


On the island of Mata Nui, a lone warrior is here to save those who cannot defend themselves. Protecting the Islands Villagers from corrupted creatures known as Rahi. He was silent, but intelligent, and even while he seemed cold on the outside, on the inside, his ideals are all for the greater good.

He was clad in white armour, his right forearm printed with KOPAKA-02 in bold, black lettering. He wields a blade as fine as the Ice he controls and a shield giving protection to all that is pure. His name is Kopaka: Guardian of Mata Nui, and with his control over the element of Ice and mask of X-ray vision, Kopaka has defended the Island of Mata Nui for several years.

His origin is unkown to him, unsure of what his previous life was like. But with the guidance of the Turaga, 6 elders whom give the Villagers wisdom and hope, he has overcome these thoughts thus far. On a day like any other however, things will change, as a blazing ball of fire hits the island with an incredible force. Little did the villagers, Kopaka and even the Turaga know that this would mark the beginning of a new age on Mata Nui, an age where heroes will rise up to the element of darkness.


- New theme could contain elements from both construction and constraction (forearms would be made of bricks and moveable fingers could be a possibility).


- Each Toa would potentially look similar in build (similar looking armour) but each would have a different stature, e.g. Kopaka would be fairly tall and lanky while Onua would be a giant in both height and width (like his G2 counterpart).


-Storywise, The Toa's heights are in the following order: Pohatu = 6'7, Lewa = 6'11, Gali = 7'2, Tahu = 7'3, Kopaka = 7'6, Onua = 14'0.


- The Toa would only have a single, core colour (Tahu now being Red with some dark grey).


- Each of the Toa could have their names printed on their right forearms in either Black or white depending on the brightness of their core colours (TAHU-01, KOPAKA-02, ONUA-03, GALI-04, POHATU-05 and LEWA-06).


- The Toa's personalities would be much more closer to their G1 counterparts (Pohatu being the friendly one again) but there could be some differences (Tahu still being aggressive in battle, but he would have more of a heroic personality and having more of a strategic idea of fighting).


- The story could be much more similar to G1, having it's dark moments but blancing it out with humour from characters such as Lewa and Pohatu.


- Genders could now be more balanced in each tribe, like in G2.


- Collectables could be reintroduced (mask packs?)


- Elements could have some more differences (Lewa still being a Toa of Jungle, but Pohatu would now control Air, to relate with his speed and thus making Onua being able to control Stone, but still being called a toa of Earth).


- Masks would give some of the Toa new powers (Tahu = Shielding, Gali = Prediction) but some of the toa would only have power increases (Pohatu = naturally fast but mask power would increase his speed tenfold, same would work for Onua and Gali, Onua being naturally super strong but his mask power would make his 10 times stronger and Gali being able to naturally breath underwater, mask power would make her predictions more accutrate than before).


- Kopaka could start off as the main character, but as the Toa are introduced one by one a short time later, Tahu would take role as leader, making Kopaka envious of Tahu.


- Villagers alternative name is Matoran, but Villager would be used due to being simpler.


- The Turaga are used as smaller sets.


Hope you like this idea.

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I would just continue G1, but I'd make some changes minor changes.

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