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Hi, guys!:) I have been wondering about something for a long time since the New York Comic Con 2014, when we witness the return of our beloved Bionicle, and that is this picture:


When you look to the top right of the picture, there is a black face with red eyes. It looks like the Witch Doctor from Hero Factory, but it is black.

When I look at it, I always wonder whose face is this. My guess is Makuta wearing his Mask of Ultimate Power (which would appear perhaps next year or two), Skull Grinder or Skull Warrior. It seems that mysterious face represents the main villain in this year's storyline.

Do you have any guesses?

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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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It looks like Skull Warrior's mask to me what with the eyes, nose, and circle on the forehead. The eyebrows jut out a bit more on the promo image, but the model they used could be a prototype or it could just be off.


Edit: And I guess Skull Grinder uses the same mask mold, so seeing as he (it?) fights Ekimu I think it's probably Skull Grinder instead.

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Yeah, I think it's probably Makuta's face, methinks. Either that or one of the Skull villains' faces, if that's merely meant to represent the year 2015. Of course, given that promotional posters in 2001 heavily foreshadowed the big twist in 2008, I'm more inclined to say that it's the MoUP. 

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Looks like either Skull Grinder, or an extreme closeup of a skull spider/warrior mask



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I don't know, I thought it looked more like a closeup of a black Skull Spider than of Kulta's mask. Kulta has a small nose, while the mask in the picture has the ridge of a hollow - like a Skull Spider. And the eyes don't seem quite the same shape as Kulta's either, but again, closer to those of a Skull Spider.


Which begs the question, why a black Skull Spider? Does Makuta wear one now or something? Or, more likely, it has no meaning whatsoever but is used merely because it looks ominous. :shrugs:


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