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Gali and Skull Grinder


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I’ve been struggling to come up with designs for the new versions of the Toa, but then I finally got inspired. They're Mesoamerican-inspired instead of Polynesian. (Except for Pohatu, he's an Aborigine)


Gali's chestplate pattern is now on her necklace, and I made the mask into an eagle warrior-style helmet.The spikes on the kaukau reminded me of an axolotl’s gills, so her helmet and armor is based off of one.

All six Toa have a gauntlet on their right hand. They can use it to summon their armor and weapons for battle so they don't have to carry them around all the time. Convenient.


Also I just realized that everyone but Kopaka is barefoot. Maybe the Toa need to be connected to their element, and shoes can block the absorption of natural energies? Sure let's go with that.


As for Kulta, I imagined him as a sorcerer type.

Once an Okotan high priest who oversaw burial rites, Kulta now uses his necromancy for selfish gain and refuses to let the departed rest.
The face paint he wears is made from powdered bone, this is why he is known as the Skull Grinder.
Though his army is formidable, the souls he commands are trapped in weakened, decaying forms. He desires the mask of Creation so he can use its power to form new bodies to place his bound souls in.


Though he commands a skeleton army, he is not undead himself (or at least he looks less decayed). I still need to come up with a full body design, but for now here's his head.


The black and orange skin is what he might look like after absorbing the power of too many elemental masks.

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headshots of the Toa Okoto. I tried to give them differing faces, though I realize Lewa and Kopaka are still too similar.

A few people complained that my Onua was too dark-skinned for someone who lives underground so I made him pale here. (maybe he’s an albino?)


They all have face/body paint but I'm still not sure what patterns to use.


Fun fact: when a Toa’s mask gets stolen, their hair turns gray.

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