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A group of Matoran tentatively approached the gates to the abandoned city, eyeing their options carefully. Beyond the gate, the path appeared to split into two; to the left, numerous Visorak webs were visible, with many cocoons and struggling Rahi still ensnared. To the right, a tunnel leading down into the Archives was visible.


This was Metru-Nui.


Two members of the group elected for the Archives, while the rest approached the path with the Visorak webbing. They had only just reached the webbing when the ground rumbled underneath their feet, sending each of them toppling to the ground; and as the dust settled and they each slowly picked themselves back up, one by one, they all turned back to the tunnel opening.


It was gone. The tunnel had caved in, and their friends were surely dead.


Metru-Nui was a dangerous, unpredictable place. Their journey would contain many choices like this one, and each would be just as risky as the last.



You are one of the members of a small group of courageous Matoran who obeyed an intuition telling you to return to the long lost city of Metru-Nui, where remnants of the Visorak horde still run rampant, wild Rahi roam the streets, and Dark Hunters prowl in the shadows. Your goal: to reach the Coliseum, where it is rumored you might find a Mask of Dimensional Travel that will allow you to escape to a better realm.


Upon each new round, you will be given two options on how you wish to proceed – one option will kill you (and most likely wipe you from existence), while the other will allow you to survive and move on. The choice you make, of course, is entirely up to you.


Should you die by making the wrong decision at the forks in the path, that is it – your journey is over. At certain points in the game, should enough players last that long, surviving players may reach checkpoints that will allow them to revive a certain number of deceased players.


This is, for the most part, an individual game – though of course, alliances may form when convenient.


The last player to remain standing wins the game.



1-BZPower Rules Apply

2-Have Fun

3-Anything else I forgot to mention



Medic x2 - As long as this player remains alive, they can revive one fallen player every two rounds.


Pyro x2 - Once per game, this player can set one path ablaze, forcing all surviving players away from that path. This ability cannot be activated unless there are more than two paths available.


Thief x2 - Once per game, this player can interrogate another player, forcing them to share the correct path with the Thief. The Thief then kills the target.


Literally Everyone Else xWhatever - Make your choices!














12-Shadow Ignited

13-Luroka - winner!








Signups are now closed.

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Clockwork Void spinoff, wee!


Sign me up!


A Clockwork Void was actually me using the Mafia framework to experiment and test out this concept before expanding it into its own game. It just... took far longer than anticipated for that process to be completed. :P


Spot 6 just to break the trend.


Actually QP got Spot 7, so you continued it.

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Hopefully, this goes better than last time. Probably not, but ah well.

Spot #19 please.


Spot 18 please.


Both added in.




I will be adding an additional Pyro, Medic, and Thief into the game since we have almost 20 players. Both versions of all three roles will receive PMs. Otherwise, you will not receive a PM.


Round one will begin later tonight.

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With two of their number already fallen, the other nineteen Matoran slowly made their way through the webbing and into the abandoned streets of Ta-Metru, tinted orange and green from fires and webbing alike.


They had been walking for only a few short moments before the ground shook ominously once more, and several buildings on both sides of the street began to topple to the ground. The group raced forwards, trying to outrun the falling structures; they succeeded, but only just, each of them sliding to a halt before a massive forge, coughing violently in the cloud of dust that followed the collapses.


Their visibility slowly began to return, and with it, they could hear the hissing of Visorak approaching from all sides.


Two choices were now available to them - they could either attempt to hide away within the massive forge standing before them (the Great Furnace, a handy plaque informed them), or attempt to outrun the giant spiders by sprinting down the street to their right, where visibility in the dust cloud remained poor.


What would each party member select?


Option A: Enter the Great Furnace

Option B: Flee down the Street

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