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Skull Scorpio, rebuild to humanoid form

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I wasn't fan of Skull Scorpio, and after building Uber Grinder, I decided to rebuild Skull Scorpio to humanoid form.


Gallery: http://imgur.com/a/m9B4C#5




- tail now can grab things (masks),

- added bohrok eyes to shield,






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While those axe-like pieces make a surprisingly good shield, this guy feels a bit lacking. Could you maybe work some of the leg pieces from Skull Scorpio onto his back or something to give him a bit more of Skull Scorpio's distinctive look?

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Formerly Lyichir: Rachira of Influence

Aanchir's and Meiko's brother

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Reminds me alot of Vorox.

"I am Skull Vorox. Beware my skeletal stinger tail."


It's not a revolutionary design, but it does a good enough job at making a humanoid, and at least now he can blend in better with the other Skull minions. I do like that shield design, and will probably use it too once I get those pieces! The tail, on the other hand, is woefully thin; I think it needs some beefing up. Some more trans neon green on the model couldn't hurt either, although I'm not sure how it could be easily pulled off.



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