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BZPower Turns Fourteen

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Almost a decade and a half ago, Dimensioneer decided to create a little place on the Internet for fans of this new LEGO theme called Bionicle to talk about all the things going on with the line and to share their creations with one another. Fourteen years later and we're still here, talking about Bionicle Gen 2 and sharing MOCs, stories, artwork, playing games, and all sorts of other fun each and every day. It's humbling to see the passion and support from our community and I thank you all for sharing that with us. Today marks the beginning of our anniversary week, where we'll have some fun stuff to share (which we already started) and cool swag to give away. We'll be keeping a running tally in this news story, so make sure you don't miss a thing


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Congratulations BZPower and here's to many more years of fun!

Steam Name: Toa Hahli Mahri. Xbox Live Gamertag: Makuta. Minecraft Username: ThePoohster.

Wants: 2003 Jaller (from Jaller and Gukko), Exo-Toa, Turaga Nuju, Turaga Vakama, Shadow Kraata, Axonn, Brutaka, Vezon & Fenrakk, Nocturn, ORANGE FIKOU.

I got rid of my picture, are you happy?




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Happy birthday, BZP! You are the best! I am super-glad that you stood very strong ever since Bionicle ended in 2010 until it came back in 2015! I am proud of you! It's very nice to be a member! Man, it's so old that you are a freshman in high school! I can't believe that!:D

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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First things first:


Fourteen years. My goodness, who would have thought?!


I have seen a Bionicle Rex post!! I never thought that I would see the day!


Second things second:


Congratulations to BZPower for making it this far.


Now, time to go find Hubert and admire his post rank image.




E: I can speel I swear

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I was on this site in 02, and lurked until I joined a few years later. Wish I joined earlier, but I've been here through every major change BZP had since then. Happy birthday BZP, and a huge thank you for all you awesome staff and mods for keeping it going



Bionicle: ANP aims to create narrated versions of all the Bionicle books, with voice actors for each character, and music taken from various media to enhance the story. Check here if you're interested in voicing a character, and here for the chapters that've already been released!

Formerly: Tahu Nuva 3.0

Looking for a Bionicle Beanie. Black one with the symbol on it. Contact me if you are willing to sell

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When I had found BZP in 2008, and joined 2 years later, I wouldn't have expected it to last this long after bionicle died, and then came back with full force.

Here's a birthday to BZP, I hope the next one is even better.

-Rahkshi Guurahk
GENERATION 3: The first time you see this, copy it into your sig on any forum and add 1 to the generation. Social experiment.
If I actually tried putting all the stuff I like on here, the sig would burst.



(This banner is created by http://www.bzpower.com/board/user/59020-onaku/ )

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Holy cats, fourteen years (and two generations!) Even if I can only honestly say I've been here for seven of them... uh, actually, never mind, that's actually still a pretty long time.  Yikes.


Anyway, love ya, BZP.  And we're working on things to make the site even better, even if some of said things wound up missing the anniversary.  (At least one of those things you'll be able to blame me for the delay, so don't worry - when the time comes, you'll know exactly where to direct your tomatoes.)

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Hey: I'm not very active around BZP right now.  However, you can always contact me through PM (I have email notifications set up) and I will reply as soon as I can.

Useful Topics: The Q&A Compendium | The Official RPG Planning Topic
Stories: Fractures | An Aftermath | Three Stories | LSO 2012 Epics: Team Three | The Shadow and the Sea | The Days They Were Needed | Glitches | Transformations | Echoes | The Kaita and the Storyteller | Nui

BZPRPG: Komae · Soraya · Bohrei

Blog: Defendant Lobby no. 42

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Okay be honest how many of you guys looked for my posts just to see my post rank image?

I shared it on my blog, along with a complete list of member titles from 2001-2003, but Takuma Nuva deleted it. :(

If you like Pingu & want to support a good project, click here. Also, I've rejoined the BZPRPG & I have a new profile for a new game. Click here to see it.

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Wow, I hadn't realized it was so long ago. Seems like so long ago that Dimensioneer, Bionicle Rex, Mike from Kanohi Power, and I got together to discuss creating a BIONICLE mega-site. I had no idea it would last this long, that makes me feel good - when basically everything I did while at LEGO is no longer on LEGO.com.


BZPower is much more my legacy than working at LEGO ever was. :)


P.S. I see even B.Rex logged on. Long time no chat...

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Buy a Hero. Crush some Creeps. January 2011.

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