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Looking for a few 03 Jala sets and a light blue Pakari

Toa Komali

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Hello everyone,

I am searching for the components for a project I'm currently working on and I am in the Market for a  few Jala McDonald's sets as well as a light blue Pakari. If you you couldn't guess I'm recreating MNO Jala and Takua for my project. 


Now at this moment I'm kind of on a budget and I can't afford any high prices. Otherwise I'd just go to amazon and not bother you guys. But it is what it is.


here are the parts I'm looking for


1 yellow Kanohi Hau

1 Light blue (is that the correct color for Takua?) Kanohi Pakari

2 McDonald's Matoran heads

3 red McDonald's Matoran bodies

3 red McDonald's Matoran arms non-throwing

3 red McDonald's Matoran arms throwing

6 yellow McDonald's Matoran feet


If you have these parts and would be willing to sell them let me know and we will work out a price.


Tank you 

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Bionicle is amazing.

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