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LL971 Neo-Classic Space MOC


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Now for something a little different from my normal Bionicle stuff!

One of my main goals in building this was to incorporate Bionicle parts into the build in some way.  Partly because I had a shortage of system parts but mostly cause Bionicle is awesome.







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That's a really nice lookin' space ship you've got there. The use of some CCBS pieces helped with the smoothness. Though the middle part looks slightly rough, but that doesn't matter because the wings are the main parts that you want to be aerodynamic. 


This is something original on the table of fan creations. Great job, Gamma-Ray.

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I love Classic Space so much...and the neo classic space look with all the greeble and bulk and suchlike just works perfectly. Everything fits into place without any awkward gaps. Everything looks so...real. I absolutely love it.


The only thing that looks odd to me is how thin the cockpit and fuselage is. This kind of clashes with the flat look of CS, and, IMO, looks like you made a more natural looking model, then did a mirror image of slightly less than half of it. But that's a matter of personal style rather than any objective issue.



"Baby, in the final analyses, love is power. That's where the power's at."






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Simon clearly corrupted you in the short time you spent together. ;)


I think it's a pretty great build, with a lot of interesting shapes and angles. The integration of CCBS pieces in subtle (I can only spot two) but it certainly compliments the overall flow.



Actually he already had this by the time I figured out he was /the/ Gamma-Raay.

But i actually think it was the other way around, after seeing this and some of the interior structure and stuff, I've been setting aside some choice ball joints and some space-friendly bionicle parts as I see them :D

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