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Sand Tarakava replica for sale and masks for trade

Mask Hunter Lewa

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Sand Tarakava replica



Description: The only part which is different than in PurpleDave's prototype Sand Tarakava is mask. I wasn't 100% sure about head behind jaws (6th photo), so I made two versions and I will include parts for both of them. Instruction in form of photos on CD.

Price: £50

Shipping costs:

Poland: £1.45

Europe and Russia: £3.55

North America, Africa: £4.25

South and Central America, Asia: £5.05

South America: £6.85

Payment: Paypal



FOR TRADE (masks for masks)


I have:



*I have to mention that Blue Ruru has small white line on mouth.


Other masks:



I can also look for Krana if you are looking for them since few left from completing my Krana collection.


I want:


Flat Dark Gold Vahi


Pearl Gold Ignika



Feel free to ask me with any offer. All items are in Poland (Europe).

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Which masks are you looking for?


Those which I mentioned in first post ;):

Flat Dark Gold Vahi

Pearl Gold Ignika



I have a flat gold Vahi and paypal, I am interested in the light blue kaukau along with the green kakama, the red pakari, and the black miru!  :)


I sent you PM.


I have a Toa Mata Nui including the gold Ignika. It is slightly bent though. I can send you a picture if you're interested.



Send me photos of this Ignika, please. Maybe it will be ok for me :).

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Ahhh, of course somebody beat me to the red Pakari :(


I'm interested in all the silver Hau's and Miru's.



Is the gold Pakari still up for grabs? How much would you charge for just the one mask plus shipping to Bulgaria? :)

Sorry, guys, but I'm not selling those masks at the moment - I want to trade them for Flat Dark Gold Vahi (I'm talking with JohnT about Vahi atm) and Pearl Gold Ignika. But when I will get Vahi and Ignika, then I will probably sell rest of the masks, so I will let you know then :).

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